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Pale Male evicted!

Today, some hard hearted Fifth Avenue landlords (wait-that is redundant) ordered the removal of Pale Male's nest from the site where he has been the star of documentaries, and the inspiration of many New Yorker's. The following is the cache of the last page of his homepage, which was removed from there because of the fear of being sued for publishing the information. Use your own judgement Indy types!
Pale Male's nest was removed today at about 3PM by a contractor:
Basonacs Construction
157 21st Street
Brooklyn NY 11232
Commercial Vehicle Plate # 25510 JK

Brown Harris Stephens, the building owner & manager ( http://www.brownharrisstevens.com), got permission from The US Fish & Wildlife Service because they told them the nest was inactive. I have all the proof they need that this nest was very active.

Please call or send e-mail to Lee A. Schneckenberger at the Fish & Wildlife Service.
Tell him that you know that Pale Male & Lola's nest was very active up until they took it down. If you are not a witness please tell him how you feel about the nest.

Phone: (516) 825-3950 x234
Fax: (516) 825-3597
Email:  lee_schneckenberger@fws.gov

Lee A. Schneckenberger
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Office of Law Enforcement
70 Sunrise Highway, Suite 419
Valley Stream, NY 11581

The nest must be put back! I'm hearing some of the most loyal Pale Male lovers saying very discouraging things and too willing to accept this injustice. The building lied and this must be corrected!

Thanks, Lincoln

December 7, 04
foxnews.com has this as their lead story! 08.Dec.2004 21:37


Its interesting that foxnews.com has this as their lead story. normally they are considered pretty right wing. maybe they like birds too.

Rush Limbaugh mad about this too! 09.Dec.2004 20:19


Rush must be a bird lover too. Believe it or not...

Audio file:

PALE MALE AND LOLA 11.Dec.2004 18:34

Kristin Flora

Thanks for the help in who to contact. I'm outraged.