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pResidential sElection still contested; Protests called nationally and in Salem for electoral college vote

Whew, lots goin' on soon, what with the Electoral College about to cast its votes for pResident. This ain't over yet, and lots of people are hoping that justice can still prevail. Here's some recent stories and upcoming events, collected together to help folks make sense of everything.
As reported here on portland indymedia and throughout the alternative press, the 2004 pResidential sElection was not "free and fair". Across the nation, voters were illegally disenfranchised before sElection Day, intimidated at the polls, had their registrations lost, or dealt with long lines and faulty equipment. Additionally, evidence has been piling up that hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes were discarded, miscounted, or electronically manipulated. People of color were disproportionally targeted. "Third party" candidates Ralph Nader (independent), David Cobb (Green), and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) have been pursuing legal means to demand recounts in various states, while independent researchers like Bev Harris of Black Box Voting have continued to uncover criminal shenanigans by election officials. Despite this critical mass of energy working toward justice, John Kerry has been nearly silent despite the resources allegedly collected for this very eventuality; either he and the Democratic Party leadership have no backbone (true in any case), or don't intend to win anyway.

Meanwhile, activists have been taking matters into their own hands, staging demonstrations both locally and elsewhere, and plan to rally on and before Dec. 13, when electors will sit to certify their states' results.

LOCAL EVENTS: Two events at State Capitol Building, Salem:
Sun., Dec. 12, Noon - Protest & Rally
Mon., Dec. 13, 11am-2pm - Protest while Oregon's electors vote
more info: [ newswire post | TruthInVoting.org ]

Capitol Building in Olympia:
Sat., Dec. 11, Noon-2pm - 'Let Every Vote Count' Rally
details: [ newswire post ]

NATIONALLY: [ 51CapitalMarch.com ]

recent local efforts: [ ActionSpeaks meeting notes | Report-back from Democracy Is Dying gathering ]

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