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Nader: Will the Real Michael Moore Ever Re-Emerge?

"Get off your self-demeaning 'Bill Maher Show knees' and once again confront the forces of corporate power and domination."
Will the Real Michael Moore Ever Re-Emerge?: Where Is Your Post-Election Confession?


Dear Michael,

Will the real Michael Moore ever re-emerge and shut the door on his theatre of the absurd? It was a wild and crazy run, was it not, Michael? Weeks of standing before large college audiences mixing a potion of book and movie promotions with a message that was more laughable than producing laughter. You told the young men and women that "George W. Bush and John Kerry both suck. Vote for Kerry." That is supposed to be "cool?" Here you were -- against the Iraq War occupation, pro-justice for the Palestinian people, against the Patriot Act, against the swollen military budget and you were telling the university students to vote for Kerry who is on the complete opposite side of these issues.

Now that you no longer have to pose as a "least-worster", with no more tactical excuses, what is your post-election confession? So far your website has dodged this question, unless that is you have no reflections on the merit of abandoning both your principles and your authentically progressive friends for candidates--Kerry and Edwards-who so often performed as crypto-Republicans during the campaign.

They were unable to stand for much of anything - not standing against the war or for an anti-poverty agenda, for corporate reform, for consumer justice, or for cracking down on the epidemic of corporate crime, fraud and abuse. They could not even stand up for the simple right of wrongfully injured and defrauded Americans to have their full day in court without tort deform handcuffing judges and juries by the Bushistas. Ah, remember your strong stands in 2000 on these and other such matters? Some excerpts are on our website votendader.org for your recollection. You had more moxy before the Academy Awards in 2003 than you had on your campaign trail this year.

Michael, you have to rehabilitate yourself and remove the stains of your political apostasy. Get off your self-demeaning "Bill Maher Show knees" and once again confront the forces of corporate power and domination. Jettison your image as the Court Jester for the Democratic Party and its serial, crude violations of other candidates' civil liberties to be on the ballot, to express their freedom of speech regarding a just society and world inside the electoral arena without being subjected to dirty tricks, hired corporate law firms, phony lawsuits, harassment and intimidation of signature gatherers.

Redeem yourself or forever be consigned to history's judgment of political turncoats, renegades and saboteurs.

You can start this redemption by contributing toward the expenses of those disillusioned young people on our campaign, who wondered throughout this year what was happening to their cinematic Captain Courageous, and urging your wondering email list to visit our website and do likewise.

Merry Christmas and a stand-up New Year!


Ralph Nader

homepage: homepage: http://www.counterpunch.org/nader12082004.html

The payoff pitch is in the last paragraph 08.Dec.2004 16:12

Mr. Groovy

Redeem yourself...by picking up the campaign expenses of my deluded followers!

At least he didn't call Moore a fatso this time.

Idiots 08.Dec.2004 18:12

George Bender

I notice you jerkoffs, as usual, made no attempt to deal with the substance of what Nader said. Is that because you don't have brains?

Oh, That's Cute 08.Dec.2004 18:16

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Slamming Moore For Weight = Bad

Slamming Nader For Being A Senior = Good

Thanks. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

I hope all of you sanctimonious twerps who are still upset with Nader remembered to turn in your Al Franken tomes (he called Limbaugh fat). I also hope you remembered to get huffy with Moore for calling Nader "crazy." (Oh, wait. You probably got the idea of making jokes about senility from that, right, KF ?) Also, don't forget to chide Kerry for all that corporate money he took from the Democratic end of the campaign trough, even while he and his various and sundry 527/blog shills were hitting you up for your hard-earned bucks as well... and planning to break his promise about using it to contest Bush's dirty tricks. Oh, and get in a good word at Bill "A Wedding Ring Can't Make Me Keep It In My Pants" Clinton, since he has airily informed Kerry that he lost by not being anti-gay-marriage enough.


question is: has the "real" Moore EVER emerged . . . 08.Dec.2004 18:45

went to rally

here at PSU plaza downtown, appreciatively listened to Moore's "Kerry's gonna win" speech - with attendant Nader-bashing and "Nader-don't-run" "Nader-candidacy-is-Karl-Rove-talking-to-you" plattitudes - and now see Moore keeping a _ L _ O _ W _ profile . . .

while I respect both Moore and Nader for what each of them do, and are trying to do, Moore is most definitely the one with egg on his face after Nov. 2, 2004.

he cast his lot with the corporate Democrats, and now has to eat the leftovers.

KF comment composted 08.Dec.2004 18:51

George Bender

I see a comment by King Friday has been composted, which is good, but that is part of what we were responding to.

right on ralph! 08.Dec.2004 19:57

i voted nader

i use to think moore was doing some good work, but that was before, not now.

thanks for 'composting' 08.Dec.2004 20:31


it is clear that someone is pulling comments of this page. where are they? i am mature enough to read anything anyone wants to say on this website.

i would rather comment on the original post than the obvious hiding.

regarding the open letter from nader, i strongly agree. i like michael moore and i hate to see him become a joke. he has done some good work, but when it came down to it, moore first supported general wesley clark (who knowingly massacred civilians in the kosovo war in the late 90s) and then john kerry (who shamelessly faked a 'liberal' campaign while trying to mimic george bush and couldn't even unseat the worst president in modern memory).

i for one salute ralph nader, though, like many others, i voted 'FOR' kerry (read 'AGAINST' bush) after the democrats sunk to the basest forms of intimidation and disenfranchisement to keep ralph off the oregon ballot.

this was very convincing to me. i will never vote for a democrat again, unless real people rebuild the party into something it hasn't been for a good 30 years. sadly, i think it may be far too late for that, considering the alleged massive swing to the right our nation has taken and the bush regime's eagerness to capitalize on that illusion.

does anybody else remember this? 08.Dec.2004 20:34


Does anybody else remember Moore getting on stage with Ralph in 2000 and basically saying the democratic party and Al Gore can go fuck themselves, and he is voting for Nader?

I remember seeing this on TV one night, but in 2004 Moore acted like he has always been a Democrat loyalist.

Just wondering if anybody else saw that... (I think it was in florida, but I could be wrong).

Hey Nader, he has emerged! 08.Dec.2004 21:03

minister of propaganda

Didn't you receive the memo?

Oh yeah, moore's got a nomination from the people's choice award, he told me. He explains it's important because the "people" choose it. So now he's vindicated? While the democrats use him as the scapegoat this time out. Divide and conquer. Some will trash moore, some will swing to the "moral values" side, and then some will just play "sensible liberal"(like usual).

He's right to call him out, we all are, but not necessarily to vote for him. If any one of these third party candidates weren't being blacked out by the media, we might have some more educated voters who know something about the constitution. Then all would have their eyes wide open.

It's Okay, Indy... 08.Dec.2004 21:55

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...You don't have to compost KF. We're all big boys and girls here, chronologically, at any rate. Besides, if you give him enough rope, maybe eventually he'll hang his point-- if he finds one-- on something other than stupid ha-has about "cults," "senility," and what not.

I was also sad in October when you composted some Kerry fan's comment that I was clearly a Republican mole. I love that stuff, because it's clear testimony that the acuser's argument doesn't have a leg to stand on. Yeah, I wouldn't vote Kerry, so I simply MUST be Republican. Tell me again, somebody, about how the Christian Right has the market cornered on extreme dualistic thinking. :p

I wonder how Moore feels now that the Democrat bigwigs are saying that people like him are Part of the Problem[tm]. All his blind loyalty to Kerry was for naught. He got no one he wanted in office and no appreciation from the muckety-mucks for selling out his beliefs of old. He was driven out of his mind by fear, like most of the professional Liberal-Left. He feels slapped in the face, I should think.

Well, Mike, there's plenty of that feeling to go around. Welcome to my world. :/

Dems should apologize to Nader 09.Dec.2004 15:35


The Democrats and ABBers should apologize publically to Ralph Nader for their slavish acceptance of the lesser evil philosophy. On another post, John Lennon's song Imagine is honored. Well, what if we were to really imagine that the candidate of our choice were to be elected instead of saying election after election that only the "electable" candidate can win. Of course we all know now that our vote may not even be counted the way we intend anyway, so a better focus is on unrigging the voting system.

None dare whisper his name... 09.Dec.2004 18:30

Paladin paladin@dmci.net

I've read countless post-election analyses by experts and pundits who have tried to pinpoint where the Democrats and progressives went wrong. Most of them still don't have a clue, but some of them are surprisingly insightful. And many of the latter reiterate points (now) that Ralph Nader was making months ago, without the benefit of hindsight. But I've yet to see or hear a single one of them make any mention of Ralph at all.

It's as if they can't bring themselves to utter those three words: "Nader was right." Even in the election's aftermath, it's apparently still blasphemy to give Nader any credit at all for being right all along. Yes, he made his share of mistakes, but I'd say his batting average still makes most of the political "experts" look like bumbling minor-leaguers.

Certainly, there are those stalwart few in the independent media who supported Nader all along who still recognize and acknowledge his insight, but it would be nice to see some of the Michael Moores of the world admit it, just once.

Moore is an artist 10.Dec.2004 11:15


Michael Moore is a film artist. He doesn't have to say or respond to anything. He just does his art Ralph.

NO, 10.Dec.2004 16:45


Michael Moore is a war profiteer. Did you see the table stacked with MM books, MM tapes, MM brand pot holders, MM brand tea cozys, MM brand toilet wipes?

I asked the merchant there if the display was just the PSU bookstore making a buck and he said that this was an officially sanctioned MM retail setup. I asked if that meant that he made more money than just the royalties normally acquired off such sales. He said that YES, he did get moooore of a cut.

He has made huge profits off of this election, selling his swag and his ethics.

Moore should stay out of electoral politics 10.Dec.2004 19:54

George Bender

I believe Moore is talented and has performed a service for the left with his movies. When it comes to electoral politics, however, the man is a total klutz, and I resent his stupid attacks on Nader, which were destructive to the American left. Moore has voluntarily become a prisoner of the Democratic party. He just doesn't get it.

Let's Destroy This Young Demagogue 11.Dec.2004 01:12

another nader

"...because how do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

We are here to ask, and we are here to ask vehemently, where are the leaders of our country?"

John Kerry
House Foreign Relations Committee,
Washington, D.C., April 22, 1971.


Bob Halderman. "He did a superb job on that Foreign Relations Committee. He looks like a Kennedy, and he talks exactly like a Kennedy"

Richard Nixon. "Where did he serve?"

Halderman: He was a Navy Lieutenant on a gunboat.
Haldeman: He was only over there for, I thinks it's four months or five months.
President: Bob, the Navy didn't have any casualties in Vietnam except in the air.
Haldeman: Well, this guy got a Purple Heart with two clusters and the Navy Star. He's got a hell of a bundle of lettuce up here.

Nixon aide, Charles Colson, 1971 White House Memo:

"I think we have Kerry on the run - but let's not let up. Let's destroy this young demagogue before he becomes another Ralph Nader."


Heh. Don't Wait Up, Paladin 11.Dec.2004 08:26

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

I'm pretty sure that the first "apology" will be fielded by Democrats and/or The Nation crowd no sooner than fifty or sixty years after Nader's death. Assuming we all aren't drowned under melted polar icecaps by then. :p

I could care less if Moore wants to sell "swag." Hell, I've bought some. I've bought some of the "swag" on Nader's site. I don't fault Moore for wanting to earn a living and move product. I do fault him for willing himself to forget everything that he learned in the years between 1992 and 2000. Of course, nearly every "Progressive" in the U.S. engaged in this willful amnesia, and I don't understand it from any of them from the most obscure to the most prominent. I don't think that I will ever understand it. My own partner was thrilled that Nader didn't get 7% in Portland this time. I don't think that's anything to brag about. Why would I want to brag about living in a city of people driven mad by fear ? :(