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JTTF monitoring first-aid listserv

The ACLU of Colorado has uncovered a JTTF document that originated as an email to an "action-medic" listserv. Gotta keep an eye on those tricky medics!
For the folks who are organizing against the re-authorization of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force, you may find this information useful.

A document uncovered by the Colorado ACLU proves JTTF monitoring of a list-serv for protest-related First Aid. Yep, they're watching the medics.

From the person who sent the intercepted email:

"One of the documents that have been uncovered is an e-mail that I posted to
this list in August 2002 calling for folks to come to the Transform Columbus
Day actions planned in Denver for October (Columbus Day in particular and
Indigenous issues organizations in general have been by far the largest area
of interest of intelligence gathering agencies in Colorado). This e-mail
(message 3922 in the archives, see
 http://www.aclu-co.org/spyfiles/Documents/email_ahmad_81302_23571.pdf ) is
intercepted by Scott Matthewson, a Special Agent with Federal Protective
Services in Atlanta GA and is forwarded to Ahmad Taha (I believe also of FPS
but in Denver) and to other law enforcement officers in Colorado as well as
someone at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the FBI."

"This is but one example, but a concrete example we have from this list. It
is possible that other evidence of monitoring of this lists exists with
other ACLU chapters and similar organizations. If others are aware of any I
think that it is important that we share them."

The Oregon ACLU is also involved in agitating against the PJTTF - see their web site for lots of details:  http://www.aclu-or.org

I wonder if Portland's own Black Cross Health Collective  http://blackcrosscollective.org appears in the PJTTF's files?
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