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Friday Food Not Bombs on the Eastside (last reminder)

Sorry to harp on the same refrain, but I just wanted to put it out there one more time that Friday FNB a month ago pulled up roots and moved all the way across the river. The turnout last week was great, if you didn't know that we serve on the Eastside now, please check us out...
Who: All anarchists, activists, house-less, or just plain hungry people
What: Food Not Bombs - great vegan food
When: 5:30pm
Where: Colonel Summers Park at SE 20th and Belmont. Where we serve is actually in the opposite corner of the Park, at 17th and Taylor, under the building/shelter.
Why: We're bike-ful, and it's a lot more practical for us to serve on the East Side, where our food sources and kitchen are located.

If you want to help cook, you can meet up with us around 1 or 2 in the afternoon at 3535 SE Salmon St., a few blocks south of Belmont. If we end up with more servers and/or another bike cart, we might be able to serve at multiple locations. Check in to see what that might mean.

PS - I just found out the story on Odwalla - their delivery drivers can't give out unsold product, they have to return it all to the warehouse where it gets trashed. That really sucks, but praise be to the driver who gave me a fresh drink coming out of his own pocket when I asked about this.