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On the importance of compost

Thank goodness for pdx imc compost!
Our community is preparing to challenge the development of a liquified natural gas receiving facility, to be installed in Warrenton, and/or three other sites along the Columbia River, brought to us by Calpine Corporation and other interlocking transnational corporations. We're thinking about presenting the details of this massive industrial project in terms of cost-benefit ratio, as the corporations do. One of the costs of such projects is the disposal of disposable people, as the public relations representative alluded to when he said that one of the reasons that Warrenton was selected as a site for an LNG receiving plant was its lack of population. So Bhopal immediately came to mind, especially given that it's the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal Dow-Union Carbide disaster. To give a riveting example of what's really important to the corporate mind, I wanted to know if Dow's stocks really dropped upon the announcement of the apology by Dow (later declared a hoax). I hadn't been able to find the article until I checked the pdx imc compost--and there it was, per CNN! Thanks, and keep the compost coming. I use your site for research, and these articles are important.