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It's Not Your Government.

Parallel strategy of Engagement. People who play chess, a martial game, know about trying to think like the enemy. It's almost essential to not be waxed on a consistant basis. All you need to know, is what the enemy's end game is.
The following rant, is of course, the ravings of a madman, in a dark night, against the crashing surf of a growing storm.

While we are given the candy show of an Ohio vote fraud hearing in which absolutely nothing will change except for the grand promises, Patriot Act two is now in the senate for passage.
Unread except for the designers of this last stop before a police state, It includes a national ID and carte blanch to the intelligence services who have served our interests so well for all these years.

During the coming train wreck of economy, food and power, even without the prospect of another attack by al CIAduh, the enemy must have the control in place to quell the outrage of the American population as the ruined infrastructure crumbles. In the game of chess, all the pieces, even the King is expendable to the player or the game would not be played. It's up now to the people who care, to record the times and tell the truth because the truth is, we are all brothers and sisters on this world fighting for our very lives adversaries who have thrown away the fellowship of humankind and turned against us. They would make us their slaves. We must look above the board to the hands that move us, showing the blade's edge for the reaching fingers.
If they fight all of us, they will lose, more than just their board pieces.
Indeed 08.Dec.2004 13:54

Tony Blair's dog


no 10.Dec.2004 00:46


if we all fight them, they will lose

we (fight them, they are too smart to fight us)

all (or nearly all)

fight (not just complain)

them (not each other)

they know they will lose