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Willamette Week

Willamette Week's reaction to the Anti-fur rally
I was disgusted with the columnist known as "The Nose" and his take on the anti-fur rally last week in Portland. I wrote a letter to the editor saying that others who disagree with him should have some space to voice their views. Of course, they didn't print it.

The Willamette Week hires snotty, writers with snotty attitudes. They have a chance to make a difference but instead simply spout snotty reactions and judgements with regards to the protesters.

Anyone out there who is an animal lover should let the WW know that that paper sucks and that any newspaper with any merit would not have to sell escort services to support themselves.

Susan Stelljes
I agree 08.Dec.2004 13:21


The Nose wrote a horrible article on the fur topic. He was very rude and I wrote a letter to the editor about it.


Living Foods in the Northwest-

WillyWantABe 08.Dec.2004 13:42

Ex Reader

It was the WW who sent a cub reporter out to investigate the veterinarian,Daniel Koller of Companion Pet Clinic, on NE 82 Avenue. The kid was so inept he ended up blowing not only his own cover but the entire story as well.
Years ago, and I mean many years ago, the WW was a decent alternative paper but now it seems like just another clueless rag. Portland is in desperate need of a good underground paper.

Weak Willy Week 08.Dec.2004 13:58


Willamette Week says they offer "news with an edge". Yeah sure. They are about as edgy as a dull blade. They simply don't cut it under any definition of alternative. The paper supports the Democratic Party and its candidates and the usual power brokers in Portland and around the country. After reading the paper for the last few years, I can predict exactly how they will report any story. To distinguish themselves, they should just call themselves the free mainstream paper. Hell, the Tribune is more alternative.

The Nose did it again... 08.Dec.2004 14:12


Last week he wrote another disgusting, unethical, ##$$%% article re: our (IDAs) Fois Gras Campaign in PDX too!! Screw that paper!! How would people like to be force fed with a metal pipe until their livers were so engorged they...I will never understand how people cannot see that the 4-leggeds are such better beings as a whole. Its attitudes like his, and obviously supported by "that" RAG, which keep us from transforming our World folks!!

WW writers are arrogant condescending elitist losers! 08.Dec.2004 14:31


I have more respect for the right wing papers than I do this local rag that trys to pass itself off as independent or edgy.

Their writers are democrat lap dogs who are nothing more than psuedo intellectual supporters of the status quo.

Mercury Too 08.Dec.2004 15:04

DJ Shadow

I actually find the Mercury to be slightly worse. Like the WW, it's supposed to be "alternative", and occasionally, it is. I think that rare informative piece in the Mercury, plus it's more consistent appeal to Portland's numerous (and mostly apolitical) hipsters, make it's fairly regular attacks on our movement building efforts more potentially damaging. It's also hard to stomach their endorsements--they endorsed Kerry in the primary (not Kucinich), while talking about how important it was to shake the establishment--thus the endorsement of their own Phil Busse. Then they go and endorse Francesconi.

I have to agree with the above poster--I have more respect for well-written stuff from the Wall Street Journal--at least you know where they're coming from.

And don't get me started on Air America--the worst "alternative" of all.

Yeah, What Crap 08.Dec.2004 15:31

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

I remember the Nose's patronizing take on Cobb's campaign as well. Not that I'm Cobb's biggest cheerleader, but what a crock of hipper/holier-than-thou shit.

Not that the Mercury is much better most of the time... [scowl]. Of course, both papers are headquartered outside the state, which makes them both more akin to the Big O than either would care to admit, I'm sure.

to you whiners with the memories of fleas 08.Dec.2004 16:25


unless I'm wrong, WillyWeek broke the Neill Goldschmidt child rape story. so I strongly disagree with the nuts above who write "The paper supports the Democratic Party and its candidates and the usual power brokers in Portland and around the country" and "Their writers are democrat lap dogs who are nothing more than psuedo intellectual supporters of the status quo."

these blanket statements are obviously a load of shit. got it. nothing but a pantload.

Neill G. ran the state's Dem party and called the shots in regards to much of the state's business power structure, in concert with and protected by The Oregonian, right until his political end this year. yeah, the Willamette Week really supported the "state Dems and the usual power brokers in Portland."

some of you people are idiots, and nothing but knee-jerk reaction wannabee alternative posers with the memories of fleas.

do the people who post to this thing possess any recognition of reality whatsoever beyond their favorite issue of the moment?

yes, I too think WW is mostly too full of itself. it's rather easy to get that way when the main media competition is that lazy fortress of the establishment on Broadway. and the Mercury? it hardly deserves a mention in any serious discussion of real news.

yes, the WillyWeek has burned the Stumptown progressive and especially antiwar movement way too often in recent months, especially The Nose. he/she would be better off in the pages of the War-agonian's A&E section. but give the WillyWeek its bleepin' due.

if they've done nothing else in 20 years, it's been worth it to have them here to run the Goldschmidt expose. so I -- for one -- am very, very glad we have WillyWeek to kick around.

plus, it gives you fuckin' whiners something to complain about. very entertaining.

one more recent example: wasn't WW the paper that exposed the Lewis & Clark president with unathorized investment of millions of the university's assets, all of which disappeared into thin air? just another recent puff piece, I suppose.

these WW guys & gals do very good work sometimes. that's pretty much all you can expect of any Amerikan newspaper. disappointing but true.

you whiners don't realize how decent a situation we actually have in Portland. like Boston has its Phoenix and Chicago its Reader, Portland has the WillyWeek.

for right here in Amerikan Cascadia, it could be much, much worse.

and if you don't like it, trying writing a real story yourself.

Screw the Willamette Week 08.Dec.2004 17:02

a shill for corporations

They rely on ads from alcohol and tobacco companies (and Portland's level of alcholism per capita and lack of A&D treatment programs is one of the worst in the country). The back pages of WW are full of sexist, provocatively posed photos and ads to meet women (men, too) but the paper's too chicken to print real erotica, and the articles are the worst kind of journalism, mostly sensationalistic or posing as alternative, but never going after anything deep. How about covering more about Nike, or Microsoft, or Boeing, or any other big NW companies?
WW exists to pass along information about nightclubs, restaurants and movies for hip culture consumers. And they are not honest enough to deliver even that much without sucking up to the corporations that keep their paper afloat.
Read it to get movie times, then forget about it.

contact them 08.Dec.2004 17:09


i've disagreed with animal rights activists before, but they you all are clearly in the right here. that dude is a fuckin asshole and you all are awesome.

here is their address; maybe some of us can pay them a visit?

822 SW 10th Ave. Portland, OR 97205

Main Desk:
phone: 503 243-2122
fax: 503 243-1115
phone: 503 223-1500
fax: 503 223-0388

I think they endorsed Nader in '00 08.Dec.2004 17:15



Seattle PETA 08.Dec.2004 18:18


Group Says Only the Truly Needy Have Any Excuse to Wear Fur

For Immediate Release:
December 6, 2004

Lisa Franzetta 757-622-7382

Seattle ? Under a banner reading, "Free Fur Coats," PETA will hand out dozens of fur coats?donated by those who have moved on to kinder, gentler garments?to some of Seattle?s neediest people at a local homeless shelter:

Uhhh... Yeah... 08.Dec.2004 18:23

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

How many years did WW sit on the Goldschmidt story itself ? Yeah, I read its "official" explanation about not having enough evidence. Funny, that didn't stop them from pillorying plenty of lesser lights in the region over far less than raping a minor.

But, no, I see the error of my ways. One should savor those morsels of substance and not complain if morsels by themselves don't amount to a meal. Riiiight. Plus, if you're not a journalist yourself, you have no right to complain. Following this logic, a person who can't drive a car shouldn't try to bear witness to a car accident. After all, if you don't have the "official" cred, you don't know anything about anything and you're just a "whiner." Simple.

Thank You. Pus-- I mean "Puh." I feel so enlightened now. Can I borrow your *Collected Works of Norman Vincent Peale* ? Can I ??!!

hey, alsis 08.Dec.2004 21:14


no, I'm not very enlightened. just been in the town for more than 5 minutes, and appreciate an important story when I see it. don't have to be a journalist to do that.

yes, the WillyWeek probably did drag its heals, but it did finally get the Goldschmidt story--hardly a morsel.

collected works of N.V. Peale? try reading something by John Reed, Vincent Sheean, Hunter Thompson, or Wallace Terry.

my whole point is too many of you malcontents are overly ragging on WW without noting its positive side.

things aren't all black or white. lots of grey, folks

"Malcontent ?" 08.Dec.2004 22:13

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

I'd consider that a complement. And WW spends plenty of time patting itself on the back. It doesn't need anyone here to jump on the complement bandwagon. The only things in it I enjoy on occasion are David Walker and Steven Silvis. Even when their language is harsh and when I think their aesthetics leave something to be desired. At least they seem to have some life in them, and they seem capable of doing more that cut-and-paste publicity jobs for the flavor of the week.

Next time WW publishes some piece of tripe that rags on Indymedia, I encourage you to call them a bunch of "whiners" who haven't "been in town for more than five minutes" and to remind them to "think positive." See if that tone gets you any more props there than it does here.

. 08.Dec.2004 22:56


Pul leeze - you are missing the point. Rather than calling everyone here blanket names that does nothing more than show your own blindspot, just post your thoughts as other people are. It is not necessary to tear down everyone who does not agree with you.

If someone thinks WW is crap and worthless, then that is their opinion. Let them express it and you express yours. Then there is a diversity of opinion expressed

WW is just disappointing 08.Dec.2004 23:39


I do give credit to the WW for going through Vera Katz garbage, giving Bob Whitsitt shit, and breaking the Goldschmidt story; but I really think they let the city down by not doing more. Why isn't the Ohio/Florida election scandal front page news? Why didn't they give press to other candidates in city elections than just Potter, Francesconi, Adams, etc? In such a liberal city, they have an amazing opportunity to put pressure on The Oregonian by going beyond the mainstream, but WW rarely does. I measure it against the Village Voice or SF Gate, and WW is really shameful boot rag by comparison.

y'all get so excited 09.Dec.2004 00:20


By the very tone in which it is consistently written "The Nose" is presented as a satirical, one viewpoint perspective on an item of the week, rather than a stake your life on it piece of investigative journalism. It's supposed to be funny, derived from one persons opinion, and not neccessarily accurate when stood up against the facts.
WW does not pretend to be a vehicle for revolutionary change. It's a shameless whore for ratings that attract advertising insuring its continued survival year after year. If that isn't honorable, it's at least practical. It allows independence. They don't have to kow-tow to anyone if they so choose.
The paper has one story each week that tries to be substantial journalism. They seem to try and research it well. I could be wrong, but the articles always seem to be taking cracks at the establishment or consist of some kind of muckraking, investigative journalism.
This paper may delight in taking potshots at various local darlings such as goldschmidt, but I doubt they have any intention of risking their survival by placing vigilance and the public's right to know above that survival.
They scooped the big 0, and it's kind of sweet to see egg on the face of that newspaper and the rather pompous piffle excreted by its editorial writers.
WW got the goods on goldschmidt and rightly turned this great Oregon hero out into the cold as he well deserved. It was long overdue. Even though they take delight in spearing sacred cows, WW may be smart enough not to completely dismiss friends in high places.
Goldschmidt still retains his brick amongst those of other prominent oregonians in the Willamette Week honor roll that can be found on the southwest corner of Pioneer square between the columns. 2nd and 3rd comumns I think.

to alsis, et al. 09.Dec.2004 09:01


I could care less about "props" and "cred" and whatever else your little post-gen x-y-z TV-trained mind gives faux hip-hop labels to.

if you can dish the dirt, be able to take it too. like I mentioned, this is all very entertaining. and a few relevant points do get made in the process. it's all good -- for nothing, don't cha know.

and I did not write that anyone should "think positive" about WW. try to read and think and write, in that order.

sod off, tater-heads.

Alliance 09.Dec.2004 09:22

consumer of news

"Portland is in desperate need of a good underground paper. "

Check out the Portland Alliance. It's free, but unfortunately it's only monthly

the string 09.Dec.2004 10:19

Susan Stelljes

This is the most reponse I have had to any of my comments. Yes, I called the writers at WW snotty. Beause that is MY perspective. Yes, they have uncovered some real stories but that doesn't mean I have to agree with one of their hipster writers who have to in the name of "satire" make fun of those who promote compassion towards animals. I love satire, I love to see people brought down by satire. But because there is so much cruelty in this world and because I do care about animals, that I don't appreciate that another WW snotty writer can have a whole page to voice his questionble wit when it borders on ridiculing a just cause. (in my viewpoint) If they even printed some of the letters from their readers responding to "The Nose" article, I would have been satisfied but they don't even do that.

If those protesters had been stopping the traffic for child abuse, I doubt very much that the Nose would have found that worth lambasting. It seems to me that it has become hip again to make fun of the animal lovers and tree huggers and war protestors. Maybe I am too old. I lived through the sixties when love, peace and compassion were ideals to work towards.

Wrap yourself around fur, not in it.


WW is like the friend from jr. high who... 09.Dec.2004 13:25


WW is like the friend from jr. high who you got along with most of the time, who was on your "wavelength" but that you also had to keep at arms length, and that sometimes you just couldn't stand. I've been reading for a lengthy period of time, and:

1)sometimes they find good scoops that the Oregonian is slow to pick up on, like that one about the guy at Lewis & Clark, the ex-president who made the risky ventures with college capital. The Goldschimdt story was a "scoop" I guess, but its the kind of thing where the only glory in that would be to be the first to report it. I think it was really a depressing story, in many respects, and there's no winners involved--its hard to claim that as a victory, but maybe it is a small victory. It did show some genuine journalistic instincts on the part of the paper, but I was (and still am): a)suspicious of the timing of the story, both in the sense of national politics and looking at the age of both Goldschmidt and his victim, and b)concerned about what it meant for Portland, although on the last point, I think the city is big enough to overcome the dragging through the mud of its most esteemed political persona.

In conclusion, I will say that the Village Voice has an escort section that must be about 15 pages or so. I was shocked, shocked to see that the first time I read that paper, and then I was shocked by....

"your little post-gen x-y-z TV-trained mind" 09.Dec.2004 13:42

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Never met a stereotype you didn't like, eh, Pus ?

How nice. Maybe you should be ghosting for The Nose, if you aren't already.

to alsis 09.Dec.2004 16:35


Ha ha ha ha ha ha !!

stop it, you're killing me.

Pul-leeze 09.Dec.2004 22:41


The Willy Week is usually a litle bit better than the Oregonian as a news and information resource, but I think many would agree- that is a pretty low bar.

You saw the exclusive report entitled: "Goldschmidts Team Up To Fuck Oregon" right here @ portland.indemedia nearly a year ago.


Not only was Williamette Week severely scooped on this important story, but the staff of Willy Week would never have the integrity to challenge such a well connected con-man as Neil, or his accomplices.

Snotty 09.Dec.2004 23:57


He can't help it. He's a NOSE.

to Thaaaank-you 10.Dec.2004 08:49


"the staff of Willy Week would never have the integrity to challenge such a well connected con-man as Neil"

huh? sorry, but WillyWeek's staff did in fact challenge and cause the political downfall of Goldschmidt over his sex with a minor activities.

what planet are you on?

Sorry Pul-leeze 10.Dec.2004 11:44


Kicking someone when they are already down is not causing the "political downfall" of anybody. The real story was broken here in the indymedia story that I mentioned above, months before anyone at WW had a clue (assuming they have since found one), the lack of journalistic courage displayed by our local corporate 'journalists', is largely to credited with letting Child Rapist Goldschmidt off the hook, by allowing the statute of limitations run out before exposing this very old story.

Our clown-Sheriff Bernie Giusto admitted to hearing rumors about the rapes way back when. Don't our local 'reporters' hear rumors?

The weak and yellow journalism of Willamette Week and other local rags is probably why you are visiting a far more valuable news source like indymedia. The inadequacies of publications like the Willamete Week are the reason that you are reduced to defending such a putrid rag here on indy, in an effort to gain some credibility and standing.

WW is significant because 10.Dec.2004 12:47


Indymedia's coverage of the goldschmidt crime doesn't have sources who were willing to comment for publication. WW managed to do that. That still doesn't make WW much of a investigative journalistic champion. Making WW a significant paper in the area, is it's circulation. Even if it stinks as alternative news publication, it has extraordinary exposure...lots and lots of average joes and janes read it, and that is a goal that Indymedia would be wise to note and learn from.

Thaaank-you --- for nothing 10.Dec.2004 13:10


Thaaank-you---you're crazy, or worse.

the Jan. 2004 indymedia story mentions nothing about the minor rape issue. and more importantly it's filled with by-then old news. I easily found stuff in the Mercury and Brainstorm magazine with stories earlier than your Jan. 2004 "article":



and I'm sure there was lots more out there by Jan. 2004. hell, your post even outright makes reference to earlier information from The Oregonian.

please tell us ONE THING in your Jan. 2004 article that was new and not already known. what, a couple of your snide remarks?

go ahead. do it. what news did that article break?

the former Gov had weathered political storms before and the stuff coming out prior to WillyWeek's rape expose may have made it a bit easier for them to do their rape story. but that had nothing to do with your parasitic "article"

in fact, that female state rep. who was pushing a lot of buttons, getting out the dirt on Goldschmidt -- remember? -- she probably had the most influence on pushing things along. so you're telling me she was significantly affected by the indymedia story, or that the WW reporter was? lordy.

hey, I love indymedia. but you have an obscenely inflated and deformed sense of journalistic self in regards to this matter.

and you have absolutely no credibility -- zip -- on your claims to helping pave the way to dethroning Goldschmidt.

what else you think you got, pilgrim?

re: please tell us ONE THING in your Jan. 2004 article that was new 10.Dec.2004 18:37


Here's one:

"The campaign to defeat the PUD featured unsubstantiated scare tactic claims of PGE reliability suffering under a PUD, and huge increases in property taxes resulting from the takeover. False claims about tax impacts also appeared in the language of the actual ballot." (This was well known here on Indy, yet a mystery to hack job shill rags like WW).

Here's another:

"Just after pResident George W. Bush visited Portland last August, Diana Goldschmidt donated $2,000 to the Bush/Cheney in 2004 election campaign"


It seems odd that you are citing a Mercury article and a BRAINSTORMNW piece in defense of the poor journalistic offerings of the Williamette Week. The Busse article is good. I like Busse, and I even voted for him. In his article, however, he neglected to highlight the criminal collusion between Neil's second wife, Diana, and himself, and he did not mention the false tax claims made by Neil's group in their fraudulent smear campaign of the PUD. Still, worlds better than Williamette Week coverage.

The BRAINSTORMNW is more similar to the lazy rationalizing tripe that we might see in Willamette Week. For example: "While it wasn't corrupt, it didn't sit well with some Oregonians when Goldschmidt served as consultant to Weyerhaeuser in their successful hostile takeover of Willamette Industries."

Of course it was corrupt. Everything this guy has been doing for decades has been corrupt. This type of inept framing of the issue is typical of the unreliable information found in WW.

Also in the BRAINSTORMNW article, the writer blurs the completely seperate issues of the PUD formation, and the City of Porland's attempt to purchase PGE, further confusing these mutually exclusive proposals rather than boosting the reader's understanding of them. I did like this bit though: "Goldschmidt's line of credibility is as thin as a G-string on a Brazilian beach."

Here's the story, Pul-leeze- "Goldschmidts Team Up To Fuck Oregon". The rape story is simply a distraction. If Willamette Week and other Portland "news" sources hadn't done such a miserable job covering the PUD campaign prior to the election, pirates like the Goldschmidts might not have had such an easy time fooling the public into voting against their interests, and would not have had the opportunity to play their confidence-game on the public.

The best coverage and analysis of the PUD campaign, BY FAR, was here on Indy. Indymedia is 'helping pave the way to dethroning' all of the pirates in the world. You know that, and that's why you are here rather than reading some sell-out-hack-fluff-rag like Willamette Week.

Willamette Week 15.Dec.2004 12:42

Susan Stelljes

Well, the Willamette Week finally printed some letters in response to the Nose drip's article on the anti-fur rally two weeks ago. Thank you Matt Rossell of In Defense of Animals for making a very strong and clear point about the rally.

I appreciated you making the point that those who rally in support of animal rights don't necessarily ignore the rights of human beings. That is just one of the remarks you hear from people on the street when they make fun of the protestors. In addition, those on the side-lines could only point out that some of the protestors were wearing leather shoes. As if that is the only argument they have against the protestors. As if the protestors must be hypocrites because they don't wear plastic or cloth shoes. A pretty weak argument at best.

Thanks to all who wrote the Willamette Week to point out that the Nose was way out of joint.