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United States of Insanity

I have copied the various definitions of INSANITY from different dictionaries. I will leave it to you whether you think Bush supporters are insane. I think they are...
In the election one month ago, various polls found between sixty and seventy percent of the people who voted for Bush believed in things that are 100% factually untrue and did not happen (such things like: there WERE wmds in Iraq, the US FOUND wmds in Iraq, Hussein was involved in 9/11, no torture occurred in Abu Gharib--it was all media spin, etc). These beliefs are probably in even higher percentiles with the evangelicals who voted for Bush. The belief in, and of, untrue and non-real things, in my opinion, falls directly into the definition of insanity.

Definitions such as:

Insanity--extreme folly or unreasonableness; something utterly foolish or unreasonable. (Merriam-Webster)

Insanity--when something is not sensible and is likely to have extremely bad results (Cambridge Int. Dictionary of English)

Insanity--is the condition of being in some way mentally "out of touch" with the real world or with "normal" human functioning...Historically, the behaviour of people who would now be regarded as mentally ill has often been interpreted in a religious way...Some people disagree with common modern ideas about insanity, thinking that some who are deemed insane by society are truly gifted by God, and misunderstood among the unbelieving masses. (Wikipedia)

Insanity--(Law) Such a mental condition, as, either from the existence of delusions, or from incapacity to distinguish between right and wrong, with regard to any matter under action, does away with individual responsibility. (Webster's Revised Unabridged, 1913 Edition)

Insanity-- irrationality, unreason (WorldNet 1.7)

So if these people continually believe in unreal and untrue things, and it becomes a daily pattern reinforced by the shrill propaganda of Fox News and the right wing radio talkers, it is pretty much a done deal that the majority of our country is a bunch of insane people. We are surrounded by them.

The charasmatic evangelical leaders, like the Falwells, the Robertsons, the Dodsons, only make the situation worse. By brainwashing their complacent followers into Robots for Christ who are totally incabable of free thinking or free will to discern the unreality of their beliefs, making our country: The United States of Insanity.
Yes you are right I checked 08.Dec.2004 18:37

West Woman

Don't know what it will take to wake the rest of America up to this sad fact!!! WHAT WILL IT TAKE PEOPLE????

they disagree, of course 08.Dec.2004 19:33


These folks are crazy, one can't even hold a conversation with them without getting the full frontal religious assault. Speaking with a co-worker once, he blamed the current teenage fashion trends of bare mid section t-shirts on those "damn liberals"! There is a total melding of politics and religion in them as every other part of their lives. They have absolutley no life other than religion and their churches. They have no friends outside of their congregations and do not go to social events with others that are not of the same belief system as they are. They are isolated and insulated from reality both physically and mentally. We cannot reach them, not a chance.

It is a chosen form of "insanity" 08.Dec.2004 19:59

Free will

DO unto others what you want others do unto you...and vice versa. This old "religious" saying says it all. It is at the basis of all morality.

Americans who voted Bush, the evangilicals are not insane, they choose to believe the Powerful because they do not have the courage to defend what they know is right and moral. They consciously choose hypocrisy. Sure, the media helps a lot here, but the freedom to choose is always there. If people do not question authority it is because they choose to follow authority rather than act responsibly and courageously.

You don't invade another country and slaughter its innocent women and children and destroy its infrastructure because you do not want it done to your own country and to your own innocent women and children. Period.