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NY Attorney General Eliott Spitzer: "I?m Running for Governor"

NY AG has announced his run for Governor of NY in 2006. Below you will find a statement from his blog. Eliot Spitzer is known for his march against corporate crime. He helped forge a settlement agreement with wall street banks to the tune of $1.8 Billion for ripping off investors with mutual fund scams. This cost investors hundreds of millions of dollars.
I?m Running for Governor

Almost a year ago, I said I would consider running for Governor of New York and that I would make a decision before the end of the year. I've thought about it carefully. I've consulted many people across New York. I've talked to my wife and family, and I've reached a conclusion.

I will run for Governor of New York in 2006. I believe I can be a very good governor and I think the people of this state will be pleased by the job I do as governor.

I start with the proposition that I'm going to fight for all New Yorkers and do my best for all the people of this state, regardless of their position or party, or color or creed.

One of the keys to solving the problems of New York is to make state government more responsive and accountable. Right now, New York government is all about partisanship and gridlock. We're not doing the things we need to do to generate good paying jobs, safe neighborhoods and excellent schools. The system is broken. The state is facing a crisis.

I want to fix what's broken. It's what I do best. I bring people together whether they like it or not and we tackle complex problems ? not with band-aid solutions, but with major reform and real change. We did it in the financial industry and other sectors and we can do it in government. I'll bring new energy and resolve to the task of transforming state government and turning around the state economy.

Today, I am confirming that I intend to run for governor and I have authorized my supporters outside the government to begin preparations for a campaign.

The people of New York have been wonderfully supportive of my work so far ? and I will be asking for your continued support as we move forward to 2006. The most important thing I can do during the next year is to listen. I ask for your continued feed-back through www.spitzer2006.com and as I travel around New York. Let's discuss the direction of our state and the things we can do to strengthen it.

I believe that people who want change are a very positive and powerful force. I am depending on you and millions of New Yorkers who understand New York's history and tradition as a place of unparalleled opportunity. We believe that New York can be great. We believe that we can change things. That's what my candidacy for governor will be all about.


 link to www.spitzer2006.com

Great news! 08.Dec.2004 13:24


Awesome!! I love Eliot, he will make a great governor. I wish we had someone like him in Portland.

Webmaster- Living Foods in Portland

spitzer2006 mailing list? 08.Dec.2004 16:44


Does the spitzer2006 mailing list work at  http://spitzer2006.com/main.cfm ? Maybe due to his gubernatorial announcment it's getting slammed -- I keep signing up and get no reply.

Why won't you help us, Mr. Spitzer? 01.Dec.2005 08:34

The coalition for 2800 Coyle Street Owners Corp. dtnova1@aol.com

Some time ago we visited your office and left a folder with evidence pertaining to our building being scamed by our Board of Directors which consisist of all Russians. We wrote too you, called your office it was like reaching out to deaf ears. As of today one shareholder has been defrauded by the Board by going to her bank where she has her mortgage and told them she didn't pay her mortgage in almost a year. That was a lie, the bank paid her alledged debt now she is liable for this amount. She is a senior citizen with a limited income, she is now bankrupt from all her legal expenses, and is debt to friends and family so that she does not lose her apartment. What did you do? NOTHING.

Now the Board wants to make our building condominimum and they are warehousing the availabe apartments for themselfs, family and friends. That's a conflict of interest. They appove only Russians, friends and family. Only Russian's can be on the Board. One Board Member Igor Galust is the head of this Mafia scam. He is a Real Estate agent, he goes around telling people who want to sell their apartments if they don't let him sell to his clients(friends) he won't approve their sale. He is buying up apartments, the President of the Board Yaaron Wartzman, and Igor's sister in apartment 716 are buying apartments under different names. Igor Golust a.k.a. Galustova, galusti. This building may not be a fortune 5oo organization, but it is an organization. We shareholders are victims. The Russian's in this building won't confront the Board because they are afraid of trouble with them. I as an american, as well as other American's are not afraid. Are the American constituents afraid to stand up to these criminals? It seems so.

My question to you is how do you expect our vote for Governor, when at a city level you refuse to help us. We are senior citizens, disabled individuals with limited income, they are trying to force us out of our apartments so that they can buy it at undermarket and sell it for market value and pocket the profit, as they have been doing all along. That is what they are trying to do with the woman whom they defrauded her bank out of funds. That is a felony, a crime which Igor Galust commited and is allowed to sell Real Estate.

2800 Coyle Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11235 Apartment 621, 722,616

Correction 18.Mar.2006 12:06

2800 Coalition

Please correct pay her mortgage to pay her maintenance in this article. Mr. Spitzer has done nothing to help our building. He is only interested in large corporations. We are a corporation, maybe not a fortune 500, but still a corporation. He only represents profile cases and obviously does not care about middle class America. Another self serving politician looking out for the benefit of his own. Will we vote for him? Only if he supports our cause. We have a serious cause that needs to be addressed.