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Report back from Portland's new J20 Anti-Inauguration spokescouncil

The meeting was attended by 2 dozen people, ranging in age from high-school students to seniors and everything in between. There was numerous unaffiliated people, as well as representatives from local high schools, Students for Unity at PSU, the Industrial Workers of the World, Code Pink, forest activist groups, Radical Women, Reclaming Pagan Cluster, Jobs with Justice, United for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace, Peace and Justice Works.

Motivated by our strong affinities (detesting Bush) everyone from labor to environmentalists, students to elders, and Dean enthusiasts to anarchists worked admirably together!

At the meeting we set up something of a "spokescouncil" model (like the spokes on a wheel), with two primary planning groups, and a of variety of satellite groups and projects.

An initial flyer [pdf] [jpg] is now available!
Next meeting big planning meeting is on Wednesday December 15 (location TBA soon).

J20 Graphic
J20 Graphic
We created one group for working on organizing a permitted protest rally and quite possibly a mass civil disobedience action as well as a second group that's would work on coordinating people interested in doing autonomous direct actions as well as projects of various sorts around the city. The two groups plan to work together to make the day as best as possible through the use of a variety of tactics!

Most of the work will be done by the two committees, with coordinating meetings for all involved parties happening on a regular basis as well.

"Satellite" spokes were named too, including coordinating with people doing workshops and parties on J20 (let us know if you're organizing one!) and a joint college and high school student walk-out planning spoke (which even had it's first meeting after the main group met!)

Many people thought that there should be many feeder marches. That we should saturate the city with feeder marches that all head toward the core of the city.

We talked a bit about setting up groups (more "spokes") for things like outreach and media and will be flushing out these structures soon.

Lastly, there is already some things in the works for J20 besides the stuff that this new spokescouncil is planning, which we will be coordinating with:

1. A rally of sorts in the works being planned by United For Peace and Justice, Peace and Justice Works, Casualties and Victims of War and Military Families Speak out. This rally will take place in the Federal park across from the Terry Shrunk Plaza in the downtown Portland on January 20th. The event will be held from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

2. There is a group planning an anti-inagural ball.

3. Students for Unity at PSU will be organizing a rally and feeder march from the South Park Blocks and head toward the main contingent of the march. The theme is "Building Unity, organizing a new community of resistance"

4. There are protest activities planned in other cities on the left coast.

That's all for now.

We invite you all to our next public meeting, Wednesday the 15th of December at 6pm. Talking to a friend that was there, or emailing contact(at) j20pdx.net before hand is strongly recommend so you can be up to speed and more fully participate!! Check out www.j20pdx.net and tell everybody you know to do the same. Please help spread the word!

Memorable quotes from the meeting

"I am coming out of my house looking for the front lines, it's time. I have been quiet too long"

"I'm a pissed off human being"

"I'm your ordinary human being, and I've snapped. I'm looking for a way to get involved because this fascism has got to be stopped"

"We are approaching Fascism. Everyone who has ever studied the Third Reich can see we are headed toward fascism. All the signs are here"

"It's time this country gets really radical. We do have more power than we think"

"These activities will be about raising a huge, resounding "NO""

"We are building a new culture within this fight"

"There is no safe zone now, we are not safe anymore. All we can do is unite and building a strong resistance community".

homepage: homepage: http://www.j20pdx.net

pdf not up yet? 08.Dec.2004 11:53


i got a file not found error on the PDF of the poster...

me too 08.Dec.2004 12:56

buzy bee

I got a file error too! I would love to start flyering soon:-)

ok here's the flyer 08.Dec.2004 13:06

webperson for j20

Ok not sure why that's not working and no time to fix it now but I'll post it here 4 now....

you can actually still get it there, but you must "save the link to disk" -- won't open by itself for some reason....sorry!
J20 Flyer #1 (jpg)
J20 Flyer #1 (jpg)
J20 Flyer #1 (pdf)
J20 Flyer #1 (pdf)

Another poster 08.Dec.2004 15:37

poster maker

here is another poster in pdf format

there is an 11x17 version
an 8.5x11 version
and a 8.5x11 4 up version (quartersheets)
11x17 pdf
11x17 pdf
8.5x11 pdf
8.5x11 pdf
8.5x11 4up pdf (quartersheets)
8.5x11 4up pdf (quartersheets)

jpg of flyer 08.Dec.2004 15:39


here is a jpg from the pdf for online viewing. do not use this one for printing, use the pdf's just above

thanks!!!! 08.Dec.2004 21:23

a j20 organizer

anoynmous poster makers, whoever you are, you all made my night! HUGE THANKS!!!!!

updates on this post 10.Dec.2004 13:34

j20pdx.net webperson

We've got the location for the upcoming meeting nailed down.

It will be at 6pm this coming Wednesday the 15th
at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop, 1540 SE Clinton

We'll be having report backs from the protest planning and action planning commitees, flagging area of collaboration that are needing, and helping get new people plugged in.
The idea is not so much to make decisions about what J20 looks like at these larger meeting (that happens at the various committee meetings) just to talk about what we need to collaborate on.

At the next spokesmeeting we'll also most likely be trying to hammer out our outreach and strategy in a little more detail, and looking at other areas that everyone will be working on collaboratively.

If you haven't attending a meeting before and have any questions, please write contact__at__j20pdx.net and I'll try to answer them....

1. There is now flyer designs for J20 online at www.j20pdx.net - grab 'em and post 'em! If you have copy connections, please bring some extras to the meeting.
2. There is now contact emails explicitly for some of the groups working on J20.
-- Public protest and marches group protest__at__j20pdx.net
-- Decentralized direct action coordination actionspoke__at__j20pdx.net
-- Students organizing walkouts students__at__j20pdx.net

The next meeting after this has already been scheduled, for Sunday the 19th at Noon at Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy, 1 block south of Fremont, 2 blocks west of Vancouver Ave)