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Escape from America

A trailer of an upcoming movie. Just the footage in the trailer is worth viewing. The trailer highlights some differences between Canada and the US.
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Escape from America: The Movie!

Check out the upcoming doc Escape from America. ROCKS!


It's actually about Canada.


They Call It The Land of the Free

Although there's been a recent explosion of press about Americans looking to move to Canada, Americans have been fleeing the US ever since the previous election.

Canada, normally a quiet, out of the way place, has suddenly become cool. Hundreds of "reefer refugees", gay couples and AWOL soldiers have been arriving in different cities around Canada. At the same time, a profound change is taking place in Canada.

Canada now has marijuana cafes in every major city; gay marriage is legal in almost the entire country; topless women are not the issue they are in the US. The government is on the verge of decriminalizing pot.

The idea that Canada is the real freedom-loving country in North America has re-ignited and the double combo of gay marriage and relaxed marijuana laws is changing Canadian attitudes. Escape from America, the documentary, is about North America's battle for freedom. As the United States Administration is increasingly the enemy of freedom in the world, Canada is becoming the focal point personl freedom conflicts - over the right to gay marriage, the war on drugs, even the freedom for women to go topless. Canada is on the verge of massive change that will resonate around the world.

From the creators of the hit documentary Stupidity, Escape from America is the chronicle of the new millenium's battle for hope and freedom.

Escape from America
80 Minutes
Canal D, Documentary Channel, National Film Board, Movie Central

Release date: Summer 2005

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Canada and the New American Empire.
This is a four part documentary broadcast on CBC.
Part 3 is on tonight @ 8 PM on CBC Channel 26.

Or you can view the documentary at:  http://www.cbc.ca/empire

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