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N.A. Animal Liberation Press Office Opens

December 7, 2004
Press Office Opening Announced

On Dec 3, 2004 the new North American Animal Liberation Press Office was launched at a press conference held in Van Nuys, CA. Steven Best, PhD and Jerry Vlasak, MD spoke to assembled press representatives and announced the office would be available around the clock to communicate information and ideology from the animal liberation movement to the press.
Capitalizing on recent liberation raids, the Press
Office was able to immediately reach millions of
people via local and national media, and the press is
now aware that they have a constant and reliable
source for stories on the struggle for animal

Why the Animal Liberation Press Office is Needed

"No one [from the Animal Liberation movement] could be
reached Wednesday." - LA Times article on McDonalds
attack, Nov 25, 2004

"Members are told to remain anonymous, and could not
be located for comment." - Monterey Herald article on
multiple raids, Nov 26, 2004

In recent weeks, it has been made explicitly clear by
the media that a press office for the Animal
Liberation movement is necessary. In dozens of news
articles detailing numerous underground actions in the
past few weeks, comment has been unavailable to
counter the interests of the animal abusers, who have
spoken largely unopposed. In one article, the reporter
finally found Robin Webb, the spokesperson for the ALF
in the United Kingdom.

The new Animal Liberation Press Office is not a
"spokesperson" for the liberation movement, but rather
a growing group of tested, well-spoken above ground
activists who will provide the media with information
regarding actions by the underground, along with
explanations of their ideology and philosophy. Not
limited to the ALF, the press office will speak out on
behalf of any act aimed at animal liberation. The
Press Office is not about people or personalities, its
about the animals, striving to communicate their
plight at the hands of the abusers and the exploits of
those who will free them from oppression.

For more information on the North American Animal
Liberation Press Office, email
 press@animalliberationpressoffice.org, or call (818)

North American Animal Liberation Press Office
21044 Sherman Way #211
Canoga Park, CA 91302
ph: 818.932.9997
fax: 818.932.9998

Press Officers

Steve Best, PhD
Texas & New Mexico

Camille Hankins
New York

Angie Metler
New Jersey

Jerry Vlasak, MD
Los Angeles
Just What Was Needed 08.Dec.2004 09:19


NAAL Press Office - WELCOME and may the animal spirits be with you always.Thanks.

more information 08.Dec.2004 16:36


Thrilled that we will have a new press office for ALF and liberation activities. However, I am unfamiliar with these people and their backgrounds. Would like a little more information on them.

good news 09.Dec.2004 15:47


Good enws to hear. These people are all long time respected animal liberation supporters who have worked for many years for the animals