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election fraud post-selection actions

Election Fraud Protest Dec. 12th & Rally Dec. 13

This coming Sunday and Monday there will be a Statewide protest and rally in Salem, concerning the election fraud.
People from around the Nation, including Oregon voters are joining together to protest the extensive
fraud within the United States elections. A protest and rally is planned for Sunday December 12th, at noon, in Salem at the State Capitol. Marches will be happening simultaneously in at least 25 other States including Ohio and Florida. For more information go to www.51capitalmarch.com

Also, another rally will take place on Monday the 13th in response to Bill Bradbury's invitation to observe the electoral process (see copy of letter below). The organization, Truth In Voting has confirmed several speakers such as Mike Swain, Nancy Smart and performers Enemy Combatants to join
the rally. There will also be time for protesters to express themselves on the open mic. Monday's event is from 11 - 2pm. We will enter into the Capitol from 12 - 1pm. For more information on the 13th rally please visit www.truthinvoting.org

(Following is a copy of Bradbury's invitation:)

"Secretary of State Bill Bradbury would like to invite
you, your colleagues, students and friends to attend
the vote of Oregon's Electoral College members. After
a contentious election and controversy about the
proper role and future of the Electoral College, this
is an opportunity to see the process first hand as
Oregon's electors cast their votes for President.
Secretary of State Bill Bradbury will give opening
remarks explaining the process, and Supreme Court
Chief Justice Wallace Carson will swear in the members
of the Electoral College.

Oregon's electors will meet on Monday, December 13,
from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm at the State Capitol in
Salem. Depending on response, we will meet either in
Room 50 in the Capitol basement, or in the Senate

Thank you,

Anne M. Martens
Chief of Communications
Oregon Secretary of State

homepage: homepage: http://www.truthinvoting.org

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