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Just say no! to "Stop Loss"

I often wonder how many young people concerned about a possible draft read this web site.

We have all heard the stories about soldiers who are not being allowed to come home from Iraq as a result of the military's Stop Loss provision. Is this really true?
No mater how we might feel about the War, I believe that all of want to support the troops. I'm not talking about the psycopaths that relish the torture and killing. I'm speaking of the thousands of young people, just like your kid or mine, who joined the military because they believed that serving the country was the right thing to do by golly!

With the current path of US foreign policy, these brave young Americans can now only hope to survive long enough to fufill their end of the bargin, until they are free to come home to their families. Unfortunately there's a catch. A Stop Loss Provision, states that in a time of War, military personell may be forced to serve "indefinately". Or words to that affect.

Now is this any way to support our troops I ask? I overheard the following discussion at the water cooler the other day.

It was suggested that thousands of you 18 - 26 year olds visit your local recruitment center and inquire about enlistment. You'll of course be offered handsome sign up bonuses worth thousands of dollars! (US currency) Plus, promises of a college education, and that's just for starters. After a few trips to the recruitors office, and perhaps even a few visit's to your home by these fine officers, you'll inform them you are ready to join. Ask them to have all the neccessary paper work ready for you to sign the next time you come in to the recruitment center.

Be sure to bring your parents (and maybe your attorney) to the recruitment office, as you'll need all the support you can get on the big day. After reading every single word on the contract (twice), tell the man you're ready to sign the enlistment papers and to start serving your country.

You'll take a deep breath just as he hands you his "military" pen, and then you will thoughtfully state, "Just one more request sir,"

"Sure, what is it?" the recruitor will cheerfully respond.

"I would like a "NO STOP LOSS" clause written into the agreement before I sign the enlistment papers sir..." you'll boldly respond.

"WTF??? I'm afraid that is not an option..." he will say sternly.

Your response may go something like..."Really, Not an option? Then, with all due respect sir, I'm sorry to inform you that I cannot in accept the terms of this agreement. (Or better yet, have your mom say it as she tears up the contract to boot!) "Thank you for your time sir and do have a nice day..."

Then, hand the fine officer back his "military" pen, shake his hand, hug you mom, turn, and walk out the door with your parents at your side (and your attorney watching your backside).

Can you just imagine for a moment if tens of thousands of young people played out this scenario at local recruitment centers all across America? Priceless!

Of course neither I, nor anyone else that frequents this website, would ever advocate that such behavior actually be carried out by tens of thousand of young Amercians. For this type of collective activism is exactly what occurred in the height of the Vietnam War. Remember the burning of draft cards? None of this would looked upon too favorably by the DHS and other government entities. For I should fear, it is entirely possible that such an action could bog down the entire military recruitment system. This could inturn could potentially slow the process of increasing the total number of troops in our military, which we are told is now vital to secure the homeland and fight the terrorist over there.

That could not possibly be a good thing for world peace, freedom and democracy, now could it?

Too close 07.Dec.2004 22:58


for comfort. whew!

Protesters need to be at military recruitment offices, though, handing out peace flyers.

Good luck 08.Dec.2004 16:54


Remember, the government always bats last. It won't matter one whit if there's a "no stop-loss" clause in the contract, because if you are over in Iraq or Iran or North Korea or wherever King George sends you, and he decides it's not the time for you to go, then you will stay, or suffer the consequences.

As for supporting the troops, I certainly don't wish horrific injury or death on anyone, but we need to remember that our military is a volunteer mercenary force. Nobody was drafted. Some may have felt forced by economic necessity, but by and large, everyone is in the military because they wanted to be, for whatever reason They signed up with full knowledge that they could well be sent overseas to kill people.