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Call Out For Anti-Racist Groups/People!!!! ACTION NEEDED!!!!

An Aryan group called the Tualatin Valley Skins will be distributing racist literature in Portland on Jan.8, 2005. They will be meeting at Gabriel Park SW 45 & Vermont at 1:00pm and their goal is to distribute 10,000 flyers.

Are there any Anti-Racist groups/people that are or would be intersted in organizing to counter this event????? If anyone has any suggestions, group contacts, or info, email me.
A racist group, the Tualatin Valley Skins, will be trying to distribute 10,000 flyers of racist material for their "Flyer Outreach Contest." This group has flyered Portland, Eugene, Tualatin, Sherwood, Tigard and Beaverton. It has been reported that they have also disrtibuted bags of candy with their hate literature outside people's doorsteps to try and attract young people.

We Need To Stand Up Against These Racist Scum!!!!! We Kicked These Hate Groups Out Of Portland Before, It Is Time To Do It AGAIN!!!!!!

What Anti-Racist Organizations Would Want To Do Something About This Event????

Here is the info I got off of the Tualatin Valley Skins Website:  http://www.nukeisrael.com

Gabriel Park SW 45 & Vermont, Portland Oregon.Jan 8, 2005 -1:00PM
distribute 10,000 flyers in Portland.
Groups of three will work prearranged areas.
The winners will each receive 1000 white power tunes,
two racist DVD's and a 17" Swastika.
Shinhead Party later for GhostSkin attendees.

Hey Whitey:
Tired of racial filth contaminating the of city Portland?
Want to do something legal to even?

Our actions will remind all that This is White Man's country and we will no longer tolerate gangs of unclean inferiors polluting our land.

White power flyers can do much to injure the mental health of these subhuman invaders. It is our job to spread the message. It's a message of White purity, White pride and the hope of assuring our genetic future.

Join us Saturday and just say "NO" to the Oregon cesspool of Niggers, Spics, Kikes, Faggots, Ragheads, Chinks, Gooks, Roaches & lefist communist swine.

Media/Members/Supporters/Contestants please RSVP:
 Mindfelon@yahoo.com to confirm your free reservations.
Report to one of the four marked meeting area's.
You will be assigned flyer targets.

Judges will monitor the police scanner and award points to teams based upon complaints the Pigs receive from your target area.

Don't flyer the park! Only hit your Pre-assigned targets.

UNCLE SAM'S goons are most efficent killers.
No Cop will ever go to prison for executing Skinheads.
Use ghost Skin stealth flyer distribution techniques.
Avoid being seen when delivering your political tracts!

Confront hate in community; don't ignore it
Rick Bella
May 24, 2004
PORTLAND, OR -- ...Several times this year, racist fliers and CDs have been distributed in Tigard in an apparent effort to recruit young people to the cause. Other efforts have hit Tualatin, Sherwood and Beaverton. Meanwhile, the Tualatin Valley Skins have been pumping out their local-access shows to 121,000 cable subscribers spanning Washington County, part of Clackamas County and 12 cities.
At least six times a week, "Resistance Rock Radio" airs a potentially deadly brew of high-energy heavy metal tunes and "white pride" lyrics. The effect could be intoxicating to young people desperate to belong to something and looking for convenient scapegoats.
Another six or eight times a week, "Freedom of Thought" runs on cable-access channels, serving up neo-Nazi lectures over clips of lovable puppies, kittens and zoo denizens. It would be easy for the unaware to miss the attempt to link the ugly with the beautiful in the viewers' subconscious.
I think you should watch the shows so you can appreciate exactly what we're up against. In fact, I think you should tune in with your kids and then discuss the shows with them.
I think you should go to the Tualatin Valley Skins' own Web site -- www.nukeisrael.com. Count how many times you see Hitler's face, how many times you see minorities blamed for everything. Count how many times "white pride" is used as an excuse for resenting everyone else.
I'm not sure what may turn the tide, but I know nothing will change if we pretend this isn't happening right here.

Geeze, 07.Dec.2004 23:14


Don't those skinheads know, if you just jump on the neo-colonial bandwagen, if you just become accesible to everyone, you can do much more damage, and make more money! Just look at the neo-cons in office now, they've got Afrikan Amerikkkans in high-up positions, they're slaughtering and succesfuly oppressing more people than any old skin could ever dream! The whole Aryan thing, it's just so outdated, it's sad.

But in all seriousness, yes, lets confront them with all the fury- and caution- that is necisary to get them out.

ahh 08.Dec.2004 09:18

dirty sue

this is sick! anyone who lives in that area should activly fight this. when they come to eugene im not just going to sit around and talk about how fucked it is.

This has happened before 08.Dec.2004 09:45

Working Class Mama

In the early 90s a nationally well-known skinhead organization waged a very strong and successful campaign here in Portland and the rest of Oregon(complete with military training and brainwashing camps). Metzger himself came to recruit people. People were murdered, raped, and beaten. The effects of this invasion are still felt today. Many things were tried to get rid of them. The only thing that was able to get rid of them was finally a coalition of militias made up of anarchists, homeless people, and people of color. The coalition cracked down so hard on them that they literally left town and have not successfully been able to come back until now. Nonviolent tactics DID NOT WORK and only gave them time to get stronger and more difficult to defeat. They are heavily funded by a multi-million dollar skinhead music industry and their connections go quite high up in government(don't believe me? Check NPR's archive for a report/promotion of the skinhead music industry, just 2 days ago). This group, Tualitin Valley Skins, may not personnally have these connections but undoubtedly if they prove to be making headway here the larger organizations would again take notice. That's how it happened before.
Get armed, get trained, get ready. Form strong affinity groups and read up on strategy. Know your enemy as well as you know yourself. This is dead serious.

counter 08.Dec.2004 10:40


welli live relativly close to gabriel park and i can tell you all that that neighborhood has a lot of jewish residents...and knowing skinheads they will definatly be harrassing the people at the mjcc. its sad really. as for a counter offesive to this, i would suggest be prepared for a fight, cause they like that kind of attention. i plan on at least picking up their fliers so some little kid doesnt have to see this =\.

Portland Skins 08.Dec.2004 13:43


It's true, violence is the only language that a facist understands.

The poster's comment about running these guys out of Portland with violence in the 90's was true. I was involved w/ a number of anti-racist skins, and witnessed homes being burned and legs being broken.

This is not a joke, do not fuck around with these guys. They will run after a good beating, but you gotta have resolve and you have to crack skulls. We've had this problem before in Portland, and this was the only way it got fixed.

For those of you who don't want to bust heads, go to their rallys and take LOTS OF PHOTOS. We need help identifying all these losers, for their later extermination.

I've attached a charming photo of Jim "Jimbo" Ramm, the "leader" of the TVS from their '04 Aryan tour in Idaho, to get the ball rolling.

Also, here's a link to their flyering "strategies", for those who wish to counter them:

Jimbo, leader of the Tualatin Valley Skins
Jimbo, leader of the Tualatin Valley Skins

more on Project Schoolyard 08.Dec.2004 14:18


Me again 08.Dec.2004 14:28

Working Class Mama

These groups are more organised than most anti-racists realize. It is intentionally so according to a quote they take from The Art of War by Sun Tzu on their websites:
"Aryan Art of War
When your group is competent and effective, appear incompetent and ineffective. When you are strong appear weak. This will leave the enemy misdirected, confused and ripe for attack."
This is part of why you don't see them doing massive publicity stunts. These are not very effective and much of the reasons for the failures of the left are because it is foolishly stuck in those tactics. Another reason they do this is because when we have discovered what they're up to we have risen to the occassion and kicked their asses out.
Instead they go directly to the people they wish to target. I have seen many people recruited that I would never have thought would fall for such tripe. They take a lot of our rhetoric and switch it around to be racist. So naturally a lot of it sounds good to poorer "white" people(I've even seen people of color fall for it).
We have a worse problem on our hands than we realize. You have some reading to do so get busy.

ARA 08.Dec.2004 14:36


This is an organisation which has waged many successful militant campaigns against racists in the past. I think they might have had something to do with organising the "boot party" that got rid of the skins before. But I'm not sure just exactly who it was. I was quite young at the time.

Jimbo's Photo 08.Dec.2004 14:49

PDX Native

Please don't delete this comment.

It's important that people know who this guy is.

You post photos of cops, why not local skinheads who are actively organizing hate groups?
Jimbo, leader of the Tualatin Valley Skins
Jimbo, leader of the Tualatin Valley Skins

More info 08.Dec.2004 16:12

adl reader

History of skinheads:

Project Schoolyard:

Also research and monitor these sites for their strategies and tactical announcements:
Racist News:
List of Racist Music Distributors:
Resistance Records -  http://www.resistance.com/
Micetrap Records -  http://www.whitepower.com/
Direhard Records -  http://www.diehardrecords.net/
Clawhammer Records -  http://members.odinsrage.com/clawhammer/
Panzerfaust Records -  http://www.panzerfaust.com/
R.A.C. Records -  http://www.racrecords.com/
Violently Racist Music -  http://home.att.net/~phosphor/index.html
Vinland Winds Records -  http://www.vinlandwinds.com/

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
Sun Tzu, The Art Of War

NPR Promotes Panzerfaust w/ little mention of opposition 08.Dec.2004 19:20

Working Class Mama

I did a search and found the link to the news story.

Listen to the broadcast or read the transcript at:

They legitimize this organisation by making them sound like just another up and coming trend, just another point of view. They even compliment the quality of the music several times throughout the broadcast. There is very little airing of opposition. The opposition that is aired only talks of how organised the neo-nazi movement is. Yet again, corporate media(even disguised as "public" media)has shown it is up to us to make sure that real opposition is shown!

FYI I don't know the size of the Tualatin Valley Skins, but according to the TVS website, the Cammas faction is around 140 people. It is implied that there are more in the TVS.

One more neo-fascist group seeking self-destruction 08.Dec.2004 23:47

Welcome wagoneer

The best account of the attempt by neo-fascist groups to organize in Portland is, of course, Elinor Langer's book One Hundred Little Hitlers.

Anyone who wishes to understand what happened in Portland from roughly 1988-1994 should read Langer's work. Then ask some questions of people who were here and organizing at the time. Many of us are still around. Langer doesn't write at any length about the resistance that arose to the nazi boneheads, but that doesn't mean that it didn't occur..

Some quick history: yes, homeless folks, queer kids (especially lesbians) and communities of color, particularly the African-American community, took drastic measures to attack the boneheads. Punk kids also played a major role in driving them from the clubs where they were organizing. Ultimately, the nazi boneheads were driven from the streets, their homes, their jobs and out of Portland. No open neo-nazi organizing has occurred in Portland for ten years.
The Anti-Racist Action that helped kick the nazi boneheads out does not exist in any form in Portland right now. Nor is there an organized presence of SHARP, the Coalition for Human Dignity or ACT-UP. All of these groups, along with the Lesbian Community Project and the Black United Front comprised the bulk of the organized opposition, backed by numerous neighborhood groups. There were no 'militias'.

Of course, there are still some nazis in Portland.

But no group has attempted to have an open presence since the local groups and the American Front destroyed themselves (with assist from Portland activists).

Yes, non-violent tactics were found to be of little use early on. Nazi punks did not disappear from Portland streets because they got tired of being chanted at.

We should welcome the appearance of Tualitin Valley Skins in Portland. And then we should make certain that they never return - to Portland or TV.

PS Of course TVS are intelligent enough to know that any action against the Mittleman Jewish Community Center would be met with force, they will not go near the Center. We should be intelligent enough to realize that their numbers are probably 1/10th of the alleged 'membership'. Don't believe their hype.

ARA Portland 08.Dec.2004 23:50

ARA Portland ARA_Portland@yahoo.com.

I'm trying to start an ARA ( link to www.aranet.org. Thank you.

stupidity of racism 09.Dec.2004 06:54

Karl Roenfanz k_rosey48@hotmail.com

with the slave tradfe that has been transporting people back and forth across the globe for centurarys, how can anyone considder themselves to be pure-bred? racism - a stupid idea by stupid people. then to maybe racists aren't human.

812 - 422 - 7765
1306 john, evansville indiana u.s.a.

Hm... 09.Dec.2004 10:40


I think that if we see any of these flyers in our neighborhoods we should go and tear them down ASAP.

Re: stupidity of racism 09.Dec.2004 12:30

a Cascadian

its more stupid than that. Race is a human construct. Race is determine by selecting out which physical characteristics make up a group. If we wanted to we could create a "racial group" purely based on blood type or some other physical feature that would be silly. One of my most favorite quotes is "Race does not exist. Racism does exist." (Charles Keyes, Anthropologist, University of Washington, 1996). No matter how we get rid of this new group of simple minded intolerant individuals eventually we need to address this issue with a major public education program as well as addressing the issues that lead to racism and other forms of chauvanism. This means we will need to re-evaluate (and in many cases for the first time examine) social injustice, institutional violence, poverty, ignorance, fear, low self esteem, alienation, and "our" valuing of hierarchical structures as well as many other perceptions and conditions.

The Idea of Race

 link to www.cartage.org.lb

Nazi Crap 10.Dec.2004 01:04

Fight Back!

This Is From The Tualatin Vally Skins website:

The Public access channel that shows our programs videotaped the "Tigard Unity Rally" and now has it scheduled to air 14 times in the next month.

Portland Oregon residents make no mistake: No matter how many failed rallies you hold, no matter how many crying niggers you show on TV, We will never embrace the death of our race. Our White power outreach efforts will only increase! The entire Portland Metro Area is now ground zero for our outreach efforts, as our group continues to grow.

Jewboy: you think it's bad now, Just give us about six more months and our new Ghost Skins will unleash a White Power media campaign that would have made Hitler proud!

Heil HItler!

Elerick Swissman,
Assistant Director Tualatin Valley Skins

Reply to Welcome Wagoneer 10.Dec.2004 12:37

Working Class Mama

I'm glad to see there are some of you still around and thank you for your service. Could you(and anyone else who was part of that) please write an article about what happened? For those who were here it is local legend, but largely many people are unaware. The response I'm getting from a lot of people is frighteningly unconcerned. I don't think people are understanding how bad it was and how bad it could get again. I was somewhat young at the time and not politically involved. I was just part of the communities that were targeted but didn't have a full understanding of what was happening to us. I still do not have all of the details of how they were overcome and would like to know more. Also it would be great if those who were involved could stand up once again and help a new generation get rid of the fascists.

History 10.Dec.2004 15:12


WCM, the story was basically this:

After escalating violence between the Skins and SHARPS (many of which switched sides periodically), and the Skins and other members of the PDX community, they started getting a very violent response.

Homes were burned.
Skins were singled out and severely beaten / stabbed / shot.
Businesses were trashed and harassed where Skins worked.

This is not hyperbole, this happened. It was the only way to get these fuckers out of our community, and out they went.

It's true now that the population of Portland has been replaced by spineless trustifarians from outside of this area, and few people now have the Pride and Resolve to maintain their adopted community.

Maybe it will take some more arson, rape, and murder on the part of the Skins to get folks' attention again, but I suspect the nutless recent immigrants will just turn tail and leave back to New York or California, declaring Portland "Too white trash" or "Too redneck" to stay and fight for her.

Proper response 10.Dec.2004 18:38

Don't give them what they want

There is a unity rally that will happen at the Multnomah Arts Center at the same time. This would be a more proper way to show unity against hate than protesting at Gabriel Park. Based on what they have done before, they won't actually be at the park for long, just to pick up their crappy literature and be off into the neighborhoods. These people are seeking attention. Don't give it to them. Go to the unity rally instead. If they get a confrontation at the park, the police will end up being there as well, and then the media, and then they get the attention they want.

Why not flyer the area with info about the unity rally and gather money for "Against Hate" yard signs so that when they show up, they'll already see that we are against them without having to provoke a confrontation?

Don't give them what they want....attention and media coverage.

ARA in Portland and new Portlanders 13.Dec.2004 04:13


I was involved in ARA sometime back, and I think that they can be pretty effective and yet flexible in their approach. I think it would be a good thing to form a chapter here, especially if there is a threat from boneheads (nazis).

As far as new Portlanders go, being a newer Portlander, I can definitely understand the trustafarian comment. I am not in love with many of the newcomers here lately, especially the trustafarian types. Perhaps you are right to say that they would probably leave, but ultimately people like that do not matter. Don't forget about people like myself who love this city very much and would fight for it and Cascadia.

I don't want any of you to forget that the reason people become Nazis has to do with the endemic problems in our society. If Nazis are organizing and/or committing violence, as a community we have to clean up. But on the other hand, I have noticed a tendency in groups like ARA to lean towards being against the absolute right to freedom of speech and thought. But regardless, I do think that an organization such as ARA has a vital role it can play.

What I don't understand....... 24.Dec.2004 12:45


I don't understand why Racist skinheads don't get into conflicts with black gangs. I don't understand why black gangsters aren't shooting them full of holes any chance they get.

Plan ahead 24.Dec.2004 18:54

Concerned protestor

Nazi scum like this wants media attention. Although we want too, we cannot make this into a huge event. If we do make this in a huge event then there message of hate will be released to the world and we will be helping them. If it is impossible not to get media attention than we must plan a counter protest. We all know are police system in Portland and we know what will happen if we interfeer. Portland Police are sick of us anti-racism anti-Bush protestors. I highly doubt they will be as harsh to them as they are harsh to us. What we need to do is to get the police and to get those nazi scum at the same time. One idea, build a human wall. The only thing Nazis are afraid of is not being able to get their message out. They will kick your ass if you stand in their way but they will not if they are being watched. Bring your video cameras there and build a wall. If they try to screw with us than we remain calm and turn in footage. One thing we have learned is that without violence the media doesnt love it. So dont piss off a cop, or a skinhead. Just sit there record everything and make sure they don't get past you. I will be there. They will know that we are smarter than them and not come back if we have a better stategy than them. Use your head not you strength. And don't let those skin head Hitler worshippers in OUR STREETS.

HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS 24.Dec.2004 19:11

Make them know our hate

After about an hour of researching i found those Tualtin Nazis email adress email em attach viruses if you can. Label it something like white power so they will open it and then inside the email describe your discomfort for them. I am against crime but if you are a hacker please attach a virus to make these Nazis pay. Never EVER title something like Go back to texas you nazis. Or else they wont read it. They are very careful on what is hatemail and what isnt. If we do it this way than we can bring them a world of pain. They also wont get any attention. Here is their email adress  mindfelon@yahoo.com

Anti Racist 27.Dec.2004 19:12

Andre The Skinhead

Theres going to be alot of anti-racist skinheads and punks at this thing

Anti-Racism Rally Planned for this Day 29.Dec.2004 12:43

Ronnda in Tigard rzezula@msn.com

There is an anti-racism rally planned for that day, please check this site for more details:  http://www.jewishreview.org/unityrally.htm

Personally, I implore people not to confront this group or give them any more fuel for their fires. Any excuse for more media attention is exactly what they are hoping for, plus experience has taught me how violent some of these people can be. Instead, please make yourselves available to potential young people who could easily get sucked-into this lifestyle in their desire to belong to something.

Instead of having a knee-jerk reaction to one event, try getting involved in your community with at-eisk youth who would otherwise be prey for these kinds of hate groups. Save our kids one at a time. Peace to all, Ronnda

Transform Messages of Hate into Symbols of Peace & Unity 04.Jan.2005 01:59

RW ideas

"Every act of hate should be met with an act of love and unity" (www.tolerance.org)

I favor direct response that can be effective without being confrontational.

Transform messages of hate with actions for peace and symbols of hope and unity.

Recycle the flyers into paper cranes.

Independently or collectively, at the end of the day string the cranes together as a displayed of community unity.

Without words of anger or sorrow, we can symbolize our unity with compassion for humanity and against racism.

Instruction for making origami paper cranes can be found at www.hiroshima-is.ac.jp/Hiroshima/foldcrai.htm

perhaps confrontation is neccesary 05.Jan.2005 20:37

skaters against fascist filth

a few months ago the Tualatin Valley Skins had another 'contest' to see who could hand out the most White Power CDs to kids using the Tualatin Skate park. now, i'm not sure how holding a unity rally away from something like this, on the grounds that 'we should not provoke any media attention,' helps the situation. the targetted kids, if bored/disenfranchised suburban white boys are to be exposed to nazi skin culture they need to be exposed to anti-fascist culture as well as. those kids need to know that there is strong opposition to racism and anti-racism needs to appear more appealing to them.

as long as it is the nazi skins that look like the idiots what's wrong with media attention?

out of respect for past efforts to confront the nazi skins, i think people should listen to those who lived here in portland when the skins were a force to be reckoned with, back in the late 80s/ early 90s. seems to me that those who have experienced it last time, think these recent racist propaganda actions need to be confronted DIRECTLY.

Nazi "Skinheads" Are Losers Who are Afraid of Living in the World 05.Jan.2005 20:48


As usual, when these so-called "white power" types show up;
they are always pushing a defeated an old idealogy to those
who are provincial in thought and action and behave as if the
world owes them something.

These groups are under the highest surveillance and there
are members who have penetrated the Tualitin Valley Skins -
who live in isolation because most of the members have no
life at all - and feel alone because they haven't found
any time and space to develop some human talent and
contribute to the world.

In promoting "white man's country" - the skins fail to
even realize that America was never a country for "white
men" - but a country full of immigrants and slaves from
all over the world. Yet, they won't open a history book
because it doesn't tell them what they want to hear - which
is of course - their bullshit.

I know: I am a part of this group and have been recording
them for some time. They actually believe their crap - and
their "tunes" - but are afraid of direct confrontation and
always run from a fight - what little girls they are!

They "think" they are "white" - but are not. Put your "white"
skin up against a white piece of paper and they ask yourself -
what color am I? The answer? Not white - that's for sure!

The reason for the flyers? To get more ignorant people to
join their small groups of "true" believers. What a joke these skins are! Even the so-called "leaders" of the group are actually
working for Uncle Sam. They know who they are, and soon, so will
the followers - who are going to be quite surprised at what news
is about to break.

The Ghost Skinhead Party, for one should be interesting since
the hidden camera and recorders there should reveal lots of
good info on the fooled and foolish. They have given your
name, address, telephone numbers, contacts, to Uncle Sam and
Portland Police Intelligence. Don't show up at the park or
you'll show up on film...

Find a new game - those of you who can think for themselves: and
a word of warning: Watch your "leaders" carefully - they ain't
who you think they are...

Forewarned is warned.

Project Boneyard - Counter-Campaign To Panzerfaust 07.Jan.2005 01:44

Urban Rebel

From the Canadian anti-fascist streetpunk label Insurgence Records:



News Flash: Apparently, normally mundane activities such as worshipping
Rudolph Hess can be made more appealing if supported by a few badly
played power chords.

In September 2004 a fascist record label in the United States claimed
to be producing 100,000 CD samplers of 'white power music' for
concentrated distribution throughout disaffected white communities across
America - from coast to coast, in every state. These CDs are to be handed out
in middle schools, high schools, university campuses, shopping malls,
sporting events, mainstream concerts, parties, and via direct-mail

Although the concept of grown men skulking around schoolyards is
disturbing enough on its own, the express aim of the propaganda drop is to
lure white youth 'between the ages of 13-19' into the fascist movement.
They have a name for their initiative: 'Project Schoolyard USA'.
According to their own estimate, 20,000 CDs have already been pressed and
shipped, while an additional 20,000 are reportedly on the way. As expected
(and eagerly anticipated by the fascists), the hysterical media and
liberal lobby machines have gone into overdrive hyping the situation,
inadvertently adding fuel to the fire. The negative yet newsworthy
representation of 'skinheads' is on the upswing again.

Fact is, these fascists aren't proper skinheads at all. They exhibit no
lineage to the traditional merits of true skinhead culture, one that is
rooted in working class pride and ethics that vehemently reject
prejudice. Anti-fascists commonly refer to the fascist variety of the shaven
crop as 'boneheads'. They've got nothing on real skinheads and hardcore
kids of the street. Ultimately, they are the enemy of anyone who cares
about the welfare of their scene and broader community.

To this effect, Insurgence has set up its own project to combat the
influence of their opportunistic bullshit: Project Boneyard USA. The aim
is to counter the cancerous quick-fix ideas and selfish motives of these
sideshow hucksters. We're motivated to take action here, not simply
because they sully the name of real skinheads in their bid for mainstream
acceptance, but because they push their empty-headed propaganda on
disenfranchised white kids. This social group is OUR natural constituency -
not theirs.

We call on real skinheads and anti-fascists everywhere to remind these
chumps where their place is. In the dustbin of history!

To help mount a counter-campaign in the same areas they are targeting
for manipulation, we are offering a free music sampler of 16 tracks,
available electronically (Preview the sampler on the Radio.Blog on our
front page). Download the relevant materials below and follow the quick
and easy instructions to run off copies, all from the convenience of your
home! We encourage fans of real street music, concerned individuals and
groups in the United States to produce stacks of our sampler to
disseminate across the country.

In order to make a serious impact, the project relies solely on
street-level promotion. That's where YOU come in! The success of this project
will depend on the sheer QUANTITY of CDs we can get into circulation.
We need your burning ambition to make this a significant campaign. We
need to top the output of the opposition and show them that the kids on
the street can think and act for themselves. Send the boneheads and
their low-rent racket packing with Project Boneyard USA!

Get everything you need at Project Boneyard