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On tactics, or, how to piss off your friends

what follows is a piece of a thread from a listserv i belong to. i am exhausted trying to explain myself. thought it might get a response here. have fun.
> i'll say it again - do
> what you are comfortable with. if you are not
> comfortable blocking traffic then dont do it. you can
> sit in it or you can walk past it, its up to you. in
> the same way that i'm not going to argue myself blue
> in the face convincing you of its validity, you should
> be able to accept that this will happen, even if it
> alienates some folks.

> things are not always so cut and dry
> that you can refuse to associate with people who you
> disagree with. mumia is a great example. mumia people
> show up everywhere, so does that prevent one from
> getting involved with anything? it shouldn't.

not that it prevents me from getting involved with anything, it
prevents me
from getting involved in things mumia people are involved with. if you
really believed abortion was wrong, would you goto a pro choice rally
try to get them involved in your political party ? people who support
think it's ok to murder cops in cold blood, for no valid reason. maybe
could even at least comprehend the rationale if the cop was beating his
brother without provocation, but he was just standing there bending
over his
car giving mumia's brother a traffic ticket. that's an excuse to murder
someone ? honestly I just can't get past the fact that it's kewl to say
"these people are with me in the struggle" when they think irrational
is ok.

what the mumia folks really object to is how black men are the highest
percentage of incarcerated people, and they latch onto something like
as a form of protest. could they pick a worse model for their cause ?
not even a model for the social injustice of the ghetto, he's just a
who turned killing a cop into a mockery of the justice system. it's
going to
be wrong to murder in any kind of social system I would want to
in. why should I want to include those people in a political party when
they're values appear totally messed up to me ?

it's the same thing with peta, I agree with some of the issues at the
of what they're saying (overfishing, etc), but their agenda is fucked
(least to me). I really don't see what splashing red paint on women
furs accomplishes. If anything, it turns people *off* to considering
ideas because they seem so alien. Which is just what you said, that you
don't care if your actions alienates people.
mumia is innocent! 07.Dec.2004 23:07


You got the case wrong. Mumia is innocent. The crime is that he is in prison, and the guilty person is free. Give Mumia freedom and justice!

love me, love me, love me 08.Dec.2004 02:07

Phil Ochs

i'm a liberal

innocent? 08.Dec.2004 09:09


i guess that depends on which side your on.

Most biased post... EVER 08.Dec.2004 13:55


I'm sorry, but your post makes so many assumptions. You should do a bit more research into all sides of any issue before you state your misguided opinion. Not that I agree with peta's tactics, but they not really doing anything as radical as throwing paint on fur anymore. They're reduced themselves to writing letters and pointless protests mostly. If that's how they like their activism then it's great, it still means people are working towards what they care about. Next time before you post, please do a bit of research.

to someone 08.Dec.2004 15:10


ahhh...that was the point. glad to see your paying attention.