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Christmas Peace Vigil

Some of us think the best way to celebrate the birth of a radical peacemaker is to bring politics back to the churches this year during Christmas services.
Christmas petition
Christmas petition
Imagine coming out of a Christmas Eve church service, giddy with candles and starlight and 'peace on earth', to find a crowd of people outside the church holding candles in a silent peace vigil. And also holding a petition for you to sign that actually Is a big first step to peace on earth.

Please think of joining with others in the next few weeks to go caroling (there are plenty of christmas songs with peace themes)and attend or be vigil to christmas services and bring the attached petition along.

(If right-wing folks are going to bring religion into our politics, then we can sure bring the politics of peace into their religious space!)
As you sow, so shall you reap 07.Dec.2004 23:47


You guys really do hate Christmas don't you? What about the freedom to worship (in peace, free from harassment) civil rights? Where do you get your values? Is it just Christians you're gunning for or are Jews and Muslims also on your list? The thought of those folks coming out from an evening service of worship with their friends and families in a festive mood only to face a group of mean-spirited and angry petitioners paints a very sad picture. Please reconsider your efforts and put your energy into something more positive. Maybe you can donate something to the food bank, eh?
Peace be with you.

to anonymous 08.Dec.2004 10:52


Hate Christmas? How does this article imply that??? Do you even READ the Bible? Or do you just thump on it? As it happens, I think Jesus would have signed such a petition. But anyway, here's an article by Catwoman that appeared last Christmas. You might find it illuminating.