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Big Victory for Blue River Face Tree-Sitters

Combination of tree-sit and public campaign results in cancellation of units in Blue River Face Timber Sale.
Activists working to protect ancient forests within the Blue River Face Timber Sale in the Mckenzie Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest have been informed the US Forest Service and Rosboro Lumber have reached an agreement to drop units 5d and 3d from the sale. Unit 5d is where tree-sitters have been occupying a stand of massive old-growth trees in an effort to call attention to Forest Service policys in the district. Unit 3a is at this point the only unit remaining in the sale.

The offical reason the Forest Service is giving for the dropped units is unit 5d would not be cost effective to log because helicopters would have been required for yarding and it was deemed not profitable. They are saying unit 3d was dropped because steep slope skyline yarding would have caused adverse impacts.

Mckenzie Watershed Guardians must ask the question: Why is the Forest Service suddenly concerned about steep slopes and erosion when we have been telling them for the last 3 years that Blue River Face Timber Sale is an environmental nightmare? Why did they choose to ignore our environmental data turned into them 3 years ago proving the presence of Northern Spotted Owls, rare lichen species and Red Tree Voles within the sale and backed by more data turned in in the last year? Why are they ignoring the recent federal court ruling concerning Critical Habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl in the Mckenzie Watershed? Why are they continuing to log within native forests like the Bullit Timber Sale in the Mckenzie District?

Anyone who is concerned about the continued logging of ancient and native forests in the Mckenzie District, please call the district office at (541)822-3381, tell them the cancellation of parts of the Blue River Face Timber Sale was an excellent idea. Also tell them all plans to log within old-growth and native forests in the future should be cancelled as well.

It should be noted one tree-sitter at Blue River Face stayed aloft for 100 days straight without touching the ground. Tree-sitters will continue to occupy the tree-village in unit 5d until paperwork has been delivered confirming what Forest Service officals have stated to us.

We would like to thank those who have donated time, food, gear, transportation and energy to help us achieve our goal of saving unit 5d, which is a magnificent stand of massive ancient trees.
YYYYEEEEAAAA!!!!!! 07.Dec.2004 20:20


After the election, I was depressed and thought everything was going to go down the shit whole. People can be amazing!!!! You have brought my spirits up!!!!
Thank You!!!!!!

Amazing stamina 07.Dec.2004 21:03


This is quite an upper in a sad time. Thanx! What amazing stamina and determination was required. We all benefit.

congratulations 08.Dec.2004 05:33


congratulations! what beautiful news!

Great Job! 08.Dec.2004 08:37


Excellent news!! Great job and many thanks to all who participated in this important effort.

Y'ALL ROCK!!! 08.Dec.2004 09:24


just want to send much love and appreciation to everyone that helped out with this area and the tree sit! This is such a beautiful area and it gives me hope to know that it won't be cut (anytime soon anyways) thanks to whoever sat in the tree for 100 days(!!) what dedication!! Keep the treesit going if you can to another area that is in danger of being cut.

great work! 08.Dec.2004 10:39

john doe

It brings tears to my eyes to hear this; I am so happy! thanks to all who helped save the forest, and remember the fight never ends! keep up the great work!
Ferns and Salal,

free beer 08.Dec.2004 12:16

Joe Bud

Are ancient forests really more important than FREE BEER? We all need free beer to get through this crazy world, do we really need ancient forests, I say no. Give me a nice warm house and a cold pint before a wet, scary and cold ancient forest any day.

Joe Bud

A member of the FREE BEER PARTY

Tree sitting works 08.Dec.2004 13:03


the forest defenders have proven again that tree sitting really does work, you all kick ass.

love and kisses

XO 08.Dec.2004 15:11


Thank yous!

thanks and Great work! 08.Dec.2004 16:33


Thank you from Montana, for defending the ancient forest of my native state and our public land. I deeply appreciate your effective work and will be making the calls, applying the pressure and paying attention to the future issues so that we can keep things going the right direction for our forests, no matter what!
Peace, love and unity, to all who helped, and to the shaggy old trees I can't wait to see.

tanks a yacht 08.Dec.2004 21:46

that guy

hey great news!!! i remeber this last summer when i made a brief visit to eugene and the only person who was bottomlining this sit was having difficulties getting peeps to come out. well i guess that changes. and to the one who bottom lined great work you! thanks personally from me and the trees! you now who you are. and were you the one up for 100? robably. i guess that sometimes we dont need a policy to save aforest!
good work outside the "system"

Do you need anything? 09.Dec.2004 10:05

fadethepolice jamesjsheridan at hotmail.com

Great work!!!!!
I am moving to the Eugene area after the Phil Lesh show on the 18th of December. I am from back east and have not seen
much old growth western forest. I would really like to visit. Let me know if there is anything I can bring up to you,
or if you need garbage hauled away. I have 4 x 4.


Love you! Ewoks. 12.Dec.2004 02:46

Nyle Yellow Sun Alantin Bahana absolutlyworthless@hotmail.com

Missin' ya'all up there!