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Iowa Youth Pastor Touted by Bush Accused of Sex Abuse

More evidence of the actual face value of evangelical morals so beloved by Our Leader. The corporate news as usual is not reporting this item with the backstory (as usual)
Iowa Youth Pastor Touted by Bush Accused of Sex Abuse

Mike Hintz, youth pastor at First Assembly of God Church in Clive, Iowa, has

been arrested and accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16 year-old

female parishioner. Hintz and his wife, Sharla, Republicans and parents of

four, were showcased by Bush on his visit to Iowa October 5, 2004, while

campaigning during the recent presidential campaign. Church official said

they had heard rumors of possible abuse a few months before.

From the Des Moines Register 10/05/04:
Bush described the experience of a Clive family - Mike and Sharla Hintz and their children, ages 4 to 8 - to illustrate the benefits of the legislation he signed.

"Under all the tax relief we've passed, they saved about $2,800 last year. With this extra money, they bought a wood-burning stove to reduce their home heating costs," the president said.

"They also made home repairs and improvements. They took the family on a vacation to Minnesota. Next year when you get your check, you may want to come to Texas," he told them. "Without the tax bill I'm signing . . . the Hintzes would have paid $1,200 more in federal taxes next year." The credit would have fallen to $700.
Mike Hintz, youth pastor at First Assembly of God Church and a Republican, said afterward that he agreed with Bush: "Anytime you bring tax relief to taxpayers, they'll use it in a way that benefits the economy as a whole."
Recycling will save us all 07.Dec.2004 19:48

some jerk

Yeah, I read Atrios too.

... 08.Dec.2004 09:19


surely she can consent, can she? i dunno if this was one of these "you're helping god love you!" type things though...

More info needed 08.Dec.2004 09:41


The fact that he had sex with a sixteen-year-old doesn't mean that much, it's really the circumstances. Did she consent becuase she wanted to have sex with the priest, or was it a power thing (like if you disobey a messenger of God, you will go to Hell, and right now a messenger of God is saying you should have sex with him)?

incorrect info. 08.Dec.2004 19:40

L Dub

please fellas if your going to kick a man while he is down at least check out the facts. Nowhere is it reported or even mentioned that this man had sex with this 17 year old.