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ActionSpeaks meeting notes

ActionSpeaks meeting notes
Meeting notes

I want to start off by thanking each and everyone of us! Our actions as individuals and as a group have made a difference not only on an Oregon scale but on the national scale. Our Latest success is that Keith Olbermann (1) has referenced The Oregonian in his blog. This comes as a direct result of a meeting that Clean Vote was able to set with Mike Arrietta-Walden the city public editor. In this meeting representatives of Clean Vote, Code Pink and ActionSpeaks Portland were graciously given almost 2 hours to present the massive amounts of factual information that had yet to be reported on by the Oregonian. On Saturday 4th the Oregonian apologized for misplacing our original 96 letters and printed a number of them. Then on Sunday Mike Arrietta-Walden wrote his column (2) that was picked up by Keith Olbermann. WAY TO GO PORTLAND!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday's informational march was a complete success and the weather was great! We estimate about around 125-150 people showed up with awesome signs and many smiles. We hand delivered over 1100 flyers to our fellow citizens waking them up to the truth that the election is not over, every vote needs to be counted!

1. the recount is on for the green party, they are making a formal request 12/7/04
they still need money! (3)

2. By ohio state law Kenneth Blackwell has 5 days to notify the counties after a formal request is made 12/12/04

3. The Lawsuit from the Cliff Arnebeck and the Alliance for Democracy alleging actual evidence of fraud in Florida has not been filed yet. (4)

4. A computer programmer signed and delivered a legal affidavit to Representative Conyers detailing that he created a vote-rigging prototype for a Florida Representative. (5,6)

5. rep. John Conyers to Hold Hearings on Ohio Vote Fraud this Wed. This is a follow up to the Dec 2nd 15 page letter sent from the House Judiciary committee to Kenneth Blackwell demanding answers (7)

6. New Mexico is still going to be recounted but we have no time lines. They have 2.45% of cast votes that did not vote for president or 18,997 undervotes. That's a huge percentage. Florida had 0.39% and Oregon had 0.79% and if your wondering Ohio had 1.68% or 96,580 undervotes. Grab the files from the secretary of states sites and do the math yourself... its fun. (8)

7. David Wu's office was visited today. He was the last of the local national politicians that was given a letter asking for action.

8. We need a senator to stand up along with the representatives that are already standing up for us.

1. Dr. Adams of Clean Vote has urged us all to write to our representatives asking them to enforce the international standard (the same standard the USA has used in other countries) that when exit polls, (which are normally accurate to within a half a percent), are different than actual results that the exit polls should be used to show the will of the people.

2. Chris Adams gave us pointers on how to be successful in writing letters to the editor. Short, to the point, hand written letters with spelling mistakes are the most effective.

3. Begin writing both of our senators. Ask them to not certify the vote. We will get sample letters soon.

4. 12/12/04 capitol51 march is still happening. Please visit their website for more information. ActionSpeaks is not leading this event. (9)

5. 12/13/04 Electors in Oregon meet and cast their votes at the state house. This is open to the public. At this time we don't have a date or time as to when that is happening.

1. 12/13/04 ActionSpeaks Portland Committee meeting after close of business day.

2. 12/14/04 7pm ActionSpeaks General Meeting at Friends Meeting House at
4312 S.E. Stark Street Portland, Oregon 97215 (503) 232-2822


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