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HAITI: Why I was sacked: A former Levisīzone worker tells her story

Louissane still has a vivid picture in her mind of the infernal production line where she worked for almost ten months in the free trade zone located on the Dominican-Haitian border.

"The minimum wage was 432 gourdes (10.50 Euros/12 Dollars) a week. We had to work on production lines of 14 people. If we managed to finish 10,000 items, we could earn 900 gourdes (22 Euros/26 Dollars). But I never managed. It was impossible. At best, 6,000 or 7,000 items, no more."

Louissane witnessed threats of physical violence and verbal abuse on a daily basis "We were often pushed around while we were working. Some women were approached by men who wanted to 'have a chat' with them. They were threatened with dismissal if they didn't allow themselves to be taken advantage of."

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