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Leonard Peltier Statement On Graham Extradition Hearing


Today, the U.S. government will seek John Graham's extradition to stand trial in South Dakota for the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. I urge all of you to closely monitor the proceedings and ensure that Canadian authorities thoroughly examine all the evidence presented by the U.S. government in this case.
Never forget the role of U.S. law enforcement officials in incidents that
took place in the 1970s on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) tirelessly tried to prejudice the fair
trial rights of American Indian Movement leaders charged with serious
crimes during that turbulent period and knowingly presented false
evidence to illegally obtain my extraction from Canada in December

You may be thinking "That was then, this is now." Yes, many things
have changed since the 1970s, but one thing has not changed, I assure
you: Indians in the U.S. continue to struggle against the most dangerous,
well-funded, strongest military and political organization in the world. I
know the behavior of the FBI and other government officials has not
changed. I fear that Graham will not receive a fair hearing in Canada or
a fair trial in the U.S., anymore than I did.

To the Canadian officials I say, justice cannot be achieved if a full
investigation into the FBI's role in Annie Mae's death is not included in
the inquiry. Annie Mae's death was the direct result of the FBI's
activities on Pine Ridge. The FBI told Anna Mae that they would see her
dead within a year if she did not cooperate with them, used their puppets
to spread rumors that Annie Mae was an informant when she refused to
cooperate, and mishandled the investigation of her death. Your
investigation must consider the fact that the FBI's pathologist listed the
cause of her death as exposure, despite the obvious bullet hole in her
head, and Annie Mae's quick burial before a positive identification could
be made.

Your investigation also must include examination of FBI Special Agent
David Price who was very familiar with Annie Mae's appearance and
saw her body after it was first recovered, yet failed to identify her.
I believe he attempted to cover up her murder. When this was no longer
possible, due to the findings of an independent pathologist, the FBI
issued a false press release implying that some of her own people
murdered Annie Mae because they believed she was an informant.
Look for and find the truth. In so doing, remember that officials of the
U.S. violated your sovereignty in 1976 by deceiving your courts and
using you to wrongfully convict an innocent man. Remember. And be
vigilant. The First Nations of the U.S. and Canada want justice for Anna
Mae, but also do not want an injustice done in her name.

Contact: Barry Bachrach, Esquire; Bowditch & Dewey, 311 Main
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free our political prisoners 07.Dec.2004 18:34


we need to make a policy of freeing our political prisoners such as leonard peltier and mumia-abu-jamal. it there no way to exhange yet devised. it seems to me that throughout history the two sides exchanged prisoners. over twenty years is too long to allow the state liers to imprison innocent poeple. viva socialism.