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election fraud

White House-linked operation paid for "vote switching"

A very long, detailed and very damning article. This fourth article focuses primarily on past elections, that lead back to the White House and the Florida governor.
Texas to Florida: White House-linked clandestine operation paid for "vote switching" software

By Wayne Madsen Online Journal Contributing Writer

December 6, 2004--The manipulation of computer voting machines in the recent presidential election and the funding of programmers who were involved in the operation are tied to an intricate web of shady off-shore financial trusts and companies, shady espionage operatives, Republican Party politicians close to the Bush family, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contract vehicles.

An exhaustive investigation has turned up a link between current Florida Republican Representative Tom Feeney, a customized Windows-based program to suppress Democratic votes on touch screen voting machines, a Florida computer services company with whom Feeney worked as a general counsel and registered lobbyist while he was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, and top level officials of the Bush administration.

According to a notarized affidavit signed by Clint Curtis, while he was employed by the NASA Kennedy Space Center contractor, Yang Enterprises, Inc., during 2000, Feeney solicited him to write a program to "control the vote." At the time, Curtis was of the opinion that the program was to be used for preventing fraud in the in the 2002 election in Palm Beach County, Florida. His mind was changed, however, when the true intentions of Feeney became clear: the computer program was going to be used to suppress the Democratic vote in counties with large Democratic registrations.

Full article at  http://www.onlinejournal.com/Special_Reports/120604Madsen/120604madsen.html (Yes, that URL is correct.)

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And, in case you missed it: House Judiciary Dems Announce Public Hearings. Hearings to Begin Dec 8. - and - a thorough and well sourced letter was sent by the U.S. House Judiciary Committee Democrats demanding explanations from Ohio Sec. of State J. Kenneth Blackwell concerning numerous voting irregularities, mistabulation errors, voting-machine malfunctions, misallocations and reported voter suppression.

The detailed 15-page letter can be read here in PDF format:  http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/ohblackwellltr12204.pdf