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Tre Arrow Denied Bail Again

It was great to see Tre in court today [Friday, Dec. 3]. There were 13 supporters filling the whole front row and more. Tre was flashing peace signs and " I Love U" signals the whole time -- behind his back, so the judge couldn't see.

Sadly, the judge did not accept the surety and bond offered. The Crown argued, and the judge agreed, that it has to be someone in BC putting up $200k - $300k in cash or equity. Plus someone who can prove they can "control" Tre and be his "jailer in the community" 24 hours a day.

The bond and surety offered by James, Tre's father in Florida, and Mike here in BC were rejected by the judge. Tre was ordered detained, and he's back in maximum security at North Fraser Pretrial Centre.

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tre arrow
tre arrow