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Tre Arrow Denied Bail Again

The judge has set the bar extremely high, but supporters are determined to match whatever amount is required.
It was great to see Tre in court today. There were 13 supporters filling the whole front row and more. Tre was flashing peace signs and " I Love U" signals the whole time -- behind his back, so the judge couldn't see.

Sadly, the judge did not accept the surety and bond offered. The Crown argued, and the judge agreed, that it has to be someone in BC putting up $200k - $300k in cash or equity. Plus someone who can prove they can "control" Tre and be his "jailer in the community" 24 hours a day.

The bond and surety offered by James, Tre's father in Florida, and Mike here in BC were rejected by the judge. Tre was ordered detained, and he's back in maximum security at North Fraser Pretrial Centre.

Extradition hearings are next on the agenda, and a date of Jan 4th at 10 am was arranged to set a date for that. Tre can attend that mini-hearing or not, whichever he chooses. Lawyer Tim Russell says the extradition hearing is likely to happen four or five months later, and there are many avenues for appeal and so on, so Tre probably will still be in Canada for 2005.

Bail reviews and hearings can be scheduled at any time; as long as there's a new plan on the table, the judge will look at it. The Crown lawyer is really harsh, though - she's repeating all these unsubstantiated allegations as if they are fact, and the judge accepts it.

We'll continue working to get the story out in alternative media.

Tre Arrow Support Circle Speaks Out

Vancouver, Dec. 3 -- We're here to demonstrate that Tre Arrow is a member of a world-wide community dedicated to protecting the environment, promoting peace, feeding the hungry, and ending animal suffering. Tre has friends and supporters across Canada and the US and around the world. This week, people came all the way from Halifax, Victoria, and Portland, Oregon to visit Tre and offer help. Tre is in jail, but he remains connected to this huge circle of people who care about him and support his life's work.

Tre belongs out here with us, protecting wild places and helping to create a sustainable future. Tre is an incredibly effective activist, and the peaceful actions he or;ganized succeeded in protecting old-growth watersheds in Oregon. Five years ago, Tre ran for US Congress and won 15,000 votes. Tre has risked his life in tree-sits, faced guns and chainsaws, and his actions have always been completely non-violent.

Tre is a remarkable person who makes a deep impression on everyone he meets because of his vibrant energy and his passion for all living things. Even in maximum security, Tre refuses to compromise his principles, and he continues to inspire us all.

Any of us would welcome Tre into our homes. A number of people here would post their life savings to bail him out of jail. The judge has set the bond higher than we expected, but we will raise whatever amount is needed. People are sending contributions to the Tre Arrow legal defense fund, and we're planning benefit shows here in Vancouver to help him with his extradition case. We hope he'll get his wish: to stay here in Canada.

Tre is our friend. We love him, and we stand by him. He belongs out here, with us.

Canadian Press story:
American awaiting extradition to U.S. denied bail for second time

VANCOUVER (CP) - An environmentalist due to face a hearing on extradition to the United States Jan. 4 was denied bail in B.C. Supreme Court on Friday.

Tre Arrow, 30, is wanted in Oregon on charges he set fire to logging and cement trucks in 2001.

Arrow's lawyer, Tim Russell, suggested bail conditions but Justice Patrick Dohm turned them down.

"This plan is not acceptable," Dohm said.

Bail considerations generally involve posting of bail, an approved residence and other conditions. Details cannot be published due to a publication ban expected to remain throughout extradition proceedings.

It's the second time, Dohm has rejected bail proposals from Arrow's lawyers.

Earlier this year, Dohm suggested bail should be in the $200,000-$300,000 range.

A handful of supporters filled the court's front row.

"Tre belongs out here with us protecting wild places and helping to create a sustainable future," supporters said in a prepared statement. "Even in maximum security, Tre refuses to compromise his principles."

They said the judge has set bail higher than expected but they pledged to raise it.

In September, Arrow was sentenced to two days in jail after pleading guilty to shoplifting and giving a false name to police.

Arrow, who legally changed his name from Michael Scarpitti, was arrested in Victoria by a store security officer on March 13 while trying to steal a pair of bolt cutters from a Canadian Tire store.

He struggled briefly with the officer who held him until police arrived.

Officers, however, became suspicious about his identity. Checks utlimately revealed he was on the FBI's most wanted list as an alleged domestic terrorist.

Arrow is currently seeking refugee status in Canada.

The FBI claims he is associated with the Earth Liberation Front, which has claimed responsibility for dozens of acts of destruction over the past few years.

The charges carry combined penalties of up to 80 years in prison.*

*(Note: The prosecutor in the case actually said Tre could face a mandatory sentence of life in prison.)

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

Contact information 05.Dec.2004 18:25

Jane Doe

Contact Information:

On the Internet
History, updates, and Tre's own words:

By mail
Tre Arrow
(Michael Scarpitti)
CS# 05850722
North Fraser Pretrial Centre
1451 Kingsway Ave.
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 1S2 Canada
To save the trees, Tre respectfully asks that you use scrap, post-consumer, or tree-free paper and envelopes when writing to him.

Book a visit
Call at least one day in advance
(604) 468-3566

Legal Defense
Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 229,
Roberts Creek, BC
V0N 2W0 Canada
Cheques in any currency can be made out to Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund

Earth First! Vancouver


Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

Repsoting a 5 1/2 minute video featuring Tre Arrow on the ledge at the Portland Oregon USFS building in the summer of 2000. He is speaking to a large crowd that had gathered to witness him coming down after livng on a one foot wide ledge for 11 days.
Personally, I have faith in his innocence, and believe that the many corporate resource extraction industries are guilty of far more serious and heinous crimes than those alledged aainst him. Tre is a a brother to us all and a sincere and eloquent advocate for our planet. He stepped up, way up, to the plate and galvanized opposition to the Eagle Creek timber sale. Bravo, Tre Arrow!


56K Stream

Tre likes to get letters!! 06.Dec.2004 15:54


A couple of his friends from here in PDX visited him right before the hearing. He sends his best wishes to all he knows down here. He was up to 133 pounds and doing the best one can for being in jail---max. security. Please take the time to write him a letter---your thoughts and letters literally keep him going. Even if you don't know him, send him some kind thoughts. By the way, the shoplifting charges have already been resolved---the press likes to neglect that. Bye

Hang in their Brother Tre 07.Dec.2004 13:11

Cort Greene

To my dear Brother Tre

I am sorry that you find yourself where you are at right now because in the long run I know of your love of Nature and human beings.

Sometimes we get ahead of the movement and don't understand why more people can't see but even though I wish you had taken another path, I can understand why you did what you did.

I always stood up for you against the gossip-monger's and those that portray themselves as the movement in Portland and I know you did the same for me.

We live in the era of "Permament Revolution" and the beast we live in will not last and their ecomony based on the "vulture culture" will come down. The ELF is not the way to go and only the international working class can change the status quo and we are coming.

Hang in their my brother

Remember our love for you
Comradely Cort

Get It Straight 07.Dec.2004 16:32

Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

Just what exactly does this mean? "even though I wish you had taken another path." Tre ain't been convicted of anything, and if this statement reads like I think it does, we are still all innocent until proven guilty, in this country and in reality.
Perhaps I am misinterpeting this statement. If so, my apologies. But,I believe we must all stand behind, not only the innocence of Tre Arrow, but the process which presupposes innocence and demands evidence of wrongdoing provided to a jury of ones peers.
We can all have our own opinions about Tre, and what they are worth depends a great deal how close we were to him when he was in Portland. From my perspective, what he has been accused of is diametrically in opposition to the Tre I knew, to his values of non violence and standing up straight in front of the beast bent on extracting every ounce of resources from this planet for profit.
Standing up straight means standing, not only casting a long shadow, but having the courage of ones convictions, implementing strategies and tactics in harmony with those values.

And, of course, standing up tall for each other..............

Tre sets it straight 07.Dec.2004 19:18

Jane Doe

For the record -
Tre is adamant that these charges are trumped up. He's repeatedly said he did not participate in the action. He insists he has no connection to the ELF.

We (EF Vancouver) would support Tre regardless.

Birds Still Singin' to Get Charges Dropped. How cheap! 07.Dec.2004 21:15

Marcia Denison

I was looking through the Oregon District Court record today and see where Ashcroft's goons coerced 2 prisoners again last March into signing statements against Tre in exchange for having charges dropped. [Da, sure, man, like where do i sign at?]
It says Tre has already been sentance and is to pay monthly restitution. They are having a plea bargain without him. How very "bazaar"!!
They say the trucks in question were involved in illegal interstate smuggling of logs from federal forest land. Seems the logging company should be arrested and charged then. They not only admit thier crime but are using it to persuade the judge that an innocent man is guilty. What in the world are they all smoking, testosterone extract on dried pig droppings?
There is no evidence, no case. Tre is innocent and being held without reasonable bail under false arrest. A person is presumed innocent until proven guilty dispite slanderous lies and accusations under deress. They must drop all charges and release him immediately!!!!!!!!!