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Miami Model copies?

Where can I get one?
Today along with the showing of the Miami Model there were copies available for purchase. I was wondering where I could get a copy because I didn't have any extra money to get one today at the showing. Thanks in advance for any help.
purchase a copy here 04.Dec.2004 21:03

ftaa miami video working group

here's a copy 05.Dec.2004 01:13


show EVERYONE this film!

go to videos from the resistance showings 05.Dec.2004 17:07


I'm sure you can get one there if you can till the next showing. Most of the top they are listed on the top of page.

download a copy 13.Apr.2005 01:55


here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/04/315399.shtml


here:  link to www.archive.org

The former being much higher quality.

ED2K Link for The Miami Model 11.Jun.2006 22:07


Here`s the ed2k link for the ones using emule/edonke 673Mb Xvid: ed2k://|file|[indymedia].[indypeer.org].the.miami.model.(2004).xvid.avi|706697394|15378A349780BE0F242082F45E851518|h=TKHNFSX265EF3MPMSTOWGVIIY3Y5Z5QK|/

Thanks for the documentary great work :)