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Twenty Years Later: Do Not Forget Bhopal

Just after midnight on December 3rd, 1984 Union Carbide's pesticide factory released a dense, white cloud of poison gas into the city of Bhopal and surrounding impoverished neighborhoods. As a cruel result of the gas, people were unable to control their bowels as they ran and choking, pregnant women aborted on the spot. People directly involved in the burial and cremation of the dead estimated that 8,000 died over the course of the first three days following the disaster. Roughly a half a million people were exposed to the gas, who then flooded the hospital. Two decades later, in total, 20,000 people have had their lives transformed into agony and shortened as a direct result of gas poisoning and 120,000 suffer debilitating and chronic ailments to this day. Future generations of Bhopal residents are not free of Carbide's touch either. Cases of birth defects and mental disabilities are widespread among the children of the gas victims.

In January of 2004, I flew to Mumbai, India for the World Social Forum (WSF). I had heard about the previous WSFs held in Porto Alegre, Brazil and made up my mind to go and cover it on the Portland Independent Media Center. WSF 2004 was held in India and not Brazil, as the previous three were. I first read the story of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy on the Corporate Watch website (corpwatch.org). Since I was planning on traveling in India for several weeks after the WSF, I made up my mind that I would seek out people working on Bhopal issues at WSF and see Bhopal for myself.

[ Internatonal Campaign for Justice in Bhopal | The Bhopal Medical Appeal and Sambhavna Trust ]

Dow Statement a Hoax; "Historic aid package for Bhopal victims" a lie
Today on BBC World Television, a fake Dow spokesperson announced fake plans to take full responsibility for the very real Bhopal tragedy of December 3, 1984. Dow Chemical emphatically denies this announcement. Although seemingly humanistic in nature, the fake plans were invented by irresponsible hucksters with no regard for the truth.

As Dow has repeatedly noted, Dow cannot and will not take responsibility for the accident. ("What we cannot and will not do... is accept responsibility for the Bhopal accident." - CEO Michael Parker, 2002.) The Dow position has not changed, despite public pressure.

[ DowEthics.com ]

BHOPAL TRAGEDY CONTINUES - Corporate Eco-Terrorists Unpunished!
BHOPAL TRAGEDY CONTINUES - Corporate Eco-Terrorists Unpunished!