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Canada, Pink Elephants?

Bush said being the neighbor of the United States is like living next to an elephant
During his trip to Ontario and Halifax, George W. Bush said living next to the US was like being next to an elephant. How true! Even INSIDE the United States, having Bush in the White House is exactly like having a giant mammal dump 80 pounds of shit on your head every day.

But Bush couldn't stop there. He had to ask Canada to support his useless boondoggle missile defense program. Which couldn't hit Texas if it was fired from Tulsa.

And Bush blathered on about the great relationship between Canada and U.S. Does he even comprehend that relations are at an all time low? Of course he does, he is just a cynical lying scum. But what do the American press have to say about his trip? NOT A SINGLE WORD about the thousands of Canadians who massed to protest Bush, the War Criminal.



Hey, instead of shovelling ourselves out from under Bush-Cheney's mess every day, maybe we ought to import some Canadian elephants who know how to party instead!


Get up and ROCK against fascists, today! It's fun. It's creative. It's essential.