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House Judiciary Dems to Announce Hearings on Voter Irregularities!

** A BRAD BLOG EXCLUSIVE! **  http://www.bradblog.com/
A source inside the House Judiciary Committee has informed The BRAD BLOG that Democratic members of the committee will be announcing public hearings in Washington to begin next Wednesday [Dec. 8] on Voting Irregularities in Election 2004.

Scheduling is currently under way and the hearings are "99% certain" according to the source, who hopes the official announcement will be made tomorrow.

The hearings will be held by the Democratic members only at this time since all Republican members of the committee have refused to take part in the investigation so far.

The House Democrats hope to hear testimony from a number of witnesses concerning the thousands of reported cases of mistabulated votes, voter suppression and other concerns about electronic voting on Nov. 2nd.

Witnesses being scheduled to testify include Attny. Cliff Arnebeck, who is leading a group of attorneys filing litigation in Ohio to have the election results set aside, Bill Fitrakis, reporter and editor of the Columbus Free Press whose continuing detailed reports cataloging voter suppression and other related matters on the ground in Ohio have set the standard for what real investigative journalism looks like, and possibly Jesse Jackson who has been outspoken of late on all of these matters.

As well, the House Judiciary committee Democrats have today sent a detailed letter [PDF] to Ohio Sec. of State (and Co-Chair of Ohio's Bush/Cheney Re-Elect Committee), J. Kenneth Blackwell, requesting his assistance in responding to some 15 pages of documented allegations and concerns that the committee has compiled to date in regards to Ohio's election.

VERY LATE UPDATE: If you get the chance, read that PDF letter to Blackwell!
It's loaded with terrific investigative information and tough questions for the Ohio Sec. of State/Co-Chair Bush-Cheney Re-Elect Committee. Will try to pull out some specifics in a fresh post tomorrow. But read it if you haven't yet! And pass it on!

- Blogged by Brad on 12/2/04 @ 7:02 pm PT
slow official "confirmation" in the works 03.Dec.2004 12:43


thanks to Brad and whoever posted this! That 15 pages will help get the word out that its very very real.

My only question is how far with the corrupt Dems in charge of the Dem. party allow "democracy" to actually go?

Note to anon 03.Dec.2004 14:05

A. Citizen

You might be interested to nose around at  http://www.dailykos.com/

Others are probably asking same or similar questions as you. Seems to be a lot of intelligent discussion there. (I don't post there, and didn't even know it existed before the election myself.)

Tangentally, I wish someone would post something on this:

I live in Asia and it's 5AM. I'm going to bed!