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9.11 investigation

ALEX JONES two new free videos: 'Rise of Police State' &' Amer.Dictators' on BushKerry '04

both are previews for more extensive films

one preview is only several minutes long, the other one is 40 minutes for free. The latter longer free video summarizes several of his other videos particularly on Bohemian Grove--lots of novel footage of a community of abject fear around the Grove (left out of the other Bohemian Grove video); see sheer terror of the civilian population around Bohemian Grove (near Monte Rio, California), a huge palatial estate of 7,000+ acres of redwood trees where for 130+ years American and international business/gov't elites every year meet in total secluded secrecy, without media, and reinact worship rituals in front of a 40 foot stone owl god Moloch involving "fake" human sacrifice. Alex has the video, people. It's real, and it's been going on in the U.S. for years. Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove interlock. Definitely a worthwhile see.

---see Alex challenge Michael Moore to talk about something substantial concerning 9-11 like the NORAD standdown, challenged in public on what looks like the streets of New York. AND CITYGOERS GO WILD AND START APPLAUDING ALEX'S QUESTION. Michael Moore, totally flustered, says nothing (I kid you not), before ducking into his limo, with a 'safe' parting quip as he slams the door: "that would be unamerican." So it's "American" to go along with a police state, Michael Moore-with-your-new-haircut-and-suit-and-roll-over-and -die attitude, hmmm? I never liked you Michael Moore.

---see Alex Jones talking about being invited to speak after Nader, in Texas

---and much more for free.

MARTIAL LAW: 9-11: Rise of the Police State
Alex Jones' Newest Documentary

In the early years of the 21st century, terrorism was used by governments across the world as a pretext to scare their populations into submission. Life became a surveillance grid nightmare, with every individual's actions ruthlessly catalogued and recorded by the state. Watch the trailer online free.



American Dictators: Documenting the Staged Election of 2004 by Alex Jones (40 MINUTE EXCERPT--YET ANOTHER VIRTUALLY FREE FILM from Alex to show that he is far more concerned about the message than the money)

In a dictatorship there is no choice, the elections are controlled, the police are the military, fear equals control, speech is suppressed, the economy is looted, the people are slaves.

"We don't know the future but we've studied human history and regardless of who wins the November election in 2004 the new world order wins." --Alex Jones

Watch a 40 minute preview of the new film online at  http://www.prisonplanet.tv/articles/august2004/082804dictatorspreview.htm


[meanwhile, Mr. Cannes film festival winner cans up. I always thought his whole working class personae was just a film performance. And this is Michael Moore's next cowardly mask to hide behind. I wonder who he really thinks he is? I wonder what kind of credibility he can ever have, as if he ever had it?]

Mike's New Suit,
By Kurt Nimmo

In Bushzarro World, the Liberal, capital "L," Michael Moore gets a haircut, a shave, loses the baseball cap, dons a suit, and tells Jay Leno Dubya won the election fair and square.

Bushzarro World is here and now.

Asked by a stunned Leno about the new look, Moore said, "I thought I should look a little sharper for my IRS audit" and "If you can't beat them, you might as well look like them." As if to give the ABBers and Kerryites a glimmer of hope, Mike said there's another game in four years. And we'll come back and do the best we can."

(As for the IRS, consider this provision buried in a massive spending bill that would give Congress access to Americans' income-tax returns.)

Mike's smart, that's why he is a millionaire, and he knows Democrats carping about a stolen election are like babes in the wilderness, forever lost, seriously irrelevant. "At this point the number of irregularities brought to our attention is not going to change the outcome of the election," DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera told the Washington Post a few days after the election. "The simple fact of the matter is that Republicans received more votes than Democrats, and we're not contesting this election." Of course they're not "contesting" the election, why should they? Getting to the bottom of what really happened on November 2-the voting irregularities, manipulation, lost votes, voters intimidated, the Diebold voting machines owned by Republicans sans paper trails-none of this matters and, in fact, is a public relations problem for the Democrats, who don't want to look like they are feasting on sour grapes, who don't want to look like members of the tinfoil hat brigade, and who want to position themselves for 2008.

Of course, they'll lose that election, too.

Let's look at the ballistics here. Sure, there was probably vote manipulation, and maybe Kerry actually won by a few hundred thousand votes, but none of it matters because roughly half of Americans are seriously deluded, millions of people see goodness and strength in Dubya the Destroyer, simpletons in the Deliverance states and the evan Midwest see Bush as a regular Joe, somebody they'd be able to share a cup of java with at the local burger palace, a strong leader determined to protect them from Osama bin Kruger and his growing army of cutthroat Muslim minions (courtesy of the CIA), whereas Kerry is an east coast standoffish Liberal, capital "L," a billionaire, verbose and cerebral, from another galaxy, possibly another dimension, somebody who, if he bothered to visit Smallville at all, would arrive in a big black stretch limo. People identify with their president and Bush-carefully stage managed, shown whacking underbrush on his non-palatial estate in Crawford, Texas, communicating with mangled syntax in homespun dyslexic fashion, just like their neighbors-beats Kerry hands down. It matters not that Bush is all about giving the rich and multinational corporations everything they want, and in the process screwing the little people royally, because the simpletons and comfortably brainwashed, thanks to the Bush Ministry of Disinformation, see only the "compassionate conservative" illusion and Dubya the stern and protective father who dutifully "smokes out" bad guys in countries where there happens to be an awful lot of oil, if not a soul who had anything to do with 9/11 and killing Americans.

Mike Moore is a smart man, regardless of his naive belief Americans would actually put a neoliberal billionaire in the White House. His wisecrack about the IRS hits a bull's eye-those arrayed against Bush and the Strausscons can expect to be investigated, harassed, hunted down, and further marginalized, possibly even ostracized or even locked up in "protective custody."

I know this sounds awfully paranoid, but if you look at American history you will note such happened on a regular basis, from the Sedition Act of 1798, Abraham Lincoln's suspension of Habeas Corpus, the Palmer raids, to the Smith Act and COINTELPRO. Government always turns on its perceived enemies, especially after it has consolidated power.

Hitler and Stalin rounding up opponents and throwing them in gulags, or killing them outright, in the millions (Stalin was particularly effective at this) was not an aberration-in fact, it is standard operating procedure for government, regardless of ideological stripe. I'm not saying Bush will kill millions-well, maybe millions of Arabs and Iranians, eventually, but not Americans-but he will certainly go after those who oppose him (remember his admonition: "the rules have changed" ) and with vicious, Karl Rovian zeal now that he has his "mandate" from the simpletons and Fox News zombies. Listen to five minutes of hate radio and you get an idea of how much these people despise liberals, even wish to do them harm. If they can make Clinton's life miserable-and Clinton is not even liberal-think what they can do to your life. Count on Bush spending at least some of the "political capital" he earned on going after the opposition.

Think I'm exaggerating? Well, consider that 120,000 Americans were interned in concentration camps during World War II, thousands of "radicals" were rounded up without arrest or search warrants after World War I (some, including the anarchist Emma Goldman, were deported), during the Civil War antiwar activists (including newspaper editors, judges, and attorneys) were imprisoned without due process, beginning in the 1950s the FBI "used secret and systematic methods of fraud and force, far beyond mere surveillance, to sabotage constitutionally protected political activity" (designed, as J. Edgar Hoover put it, to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit and otherwise neutralize" civil rights, antiwar, environmental, and other political movements), and during the same time, as Mark Zepezauer notes, the CIA "trained special intelligence units in major cities to carry out 'black bag' jobs (break-ins, wiretaps, etc.) against US 'radicals,' " that is say anybody who disagreed with U.S. foreign policy.

Is there any reason to believe things will change now, especially considering our rulers tell us we are fighting a "war" against terrorism they promise will last a few generations? It is not an encouraging sign that Bush has nominated Alberto Gonzales to replace John Ashcroft as attorney general. Gonzales wrote a memo stating that laws prohibiting torture do "not apply to the President's detention and interrogation of enemy combatants," a memo so stark in abuse it "provoked concerns within the CIA about possible violation of the federal torture law [and] also raised concerns at the FBI," according to the Center for American Progress. Soon after 9/11, Gonzales said "the war against terrorism is a new kind of war" and "this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions." Is it possible, as attorney general, Gonzales will find your civil liberties "quaint" as well?

Michael Moore may go on Leno and make jokes about his wardrobe, crack jokes about the IRS, but the message he sends out is unambiguous and chilling: Get ready for the clampdown, the purge, a new era of high-tech COINTELPRO machinations, deportations-under Patriot II, you can be summarily deported-maybe even locally based mini-Gitmos, an activation of the FEMA camps, at minimum black lists and job losses. Mike wants you to know he is doing everything he can, short of renouncing his liberal philosophy, to stay on the good side of Bush and Crew. Of course, it won't work, and that's why he mentioned the IRS and what it portends. Mike knows how these guys operate, although he believes we can change things next time around, in 2008, he still believes there is democracy in America, however fleeting, however endangered.

As Chalmers Johnson said before the election, it may be a good time to emigrate. "If you have a little money, I'd prepare your escape route," said Johnson . "You might want to go up to Vancouver and buy yourself a condo."

Johnson and Moore have "a little money," so they can escape Bushzarro World with relative ease. But for many of us who have no money-or not enough to buy a condo, let alone rent an apartment in Vancouver, that is if the Canadians would allow us refuge-Johnson's urgent advisement is not only worthless, it is a slap in the face. Get out or prepare to be devoured, Johnson seems to be saying.

Mike believes his new suit, shave, haircut, and even-tempered, post-election jokes will save him, or at least deflect the inevitable. Like Chalmers Johnson, Michael Moore will eventually join the exodus-meanwhile, those of us of far lesser means will face the leviathan. I was right about Bush's lies (months before the invasion) and I was also right about Bush's "re-election." I believe I am right about what's down the road for those of us who have the crust and gall to call it as we see it and denounce our rulers as traitors and war criminals.

See you in the FEMA camp!



Title: COMPARE: Alex & Me: Michael Moore's Better Half; 'Dude, Where's the 9/11 Beef?'
Author: Fintan Dunne
Date: 2004.07.01 08:45
Description: Moore profits from 9/11--with 20/10 hindsight--after the event. Whereas, Jones predicted 9/11--on air in July, 2001; made a better movie: '9/11: Road to Tyranny'; and virtually gives it away. --- Moore's 'Fahrenheit 911' toys with the idea that 'they' Let It Happen On Purpose [LIHOP]. That's the lame version of reality for the popcorn-brained illiterate left. With backing from the HollyCorp establishment, Moore will now make a bundle. --- Jones' '9/11: 'Road To Tyranny' explains how 'they' MADE It Happen On Purpose [MIHOP]. This dangerous notion gets no establishment nod or wink. --- Moore plays to the labor union cliché: the 'Fat Cats versus the Workers' divide. It's blue collar, class-struggle nostalgia from the last century. For those who don't subscribe to knee-jerk politics, Jones offers a subtler film-noire vision, which will nag away at you and drag you face to face with the grim reality of geopolitical scheming. --- The Waco Massacre: Moore's buddy Wesley Clark was not far from Waco when terror became an overt tactic of the State. Maybe that's why Moore avoids such issues... And Jones is so focused on the message--not the money--that he let's you copy the movie to educate others. Even according to the New York Post, Michael Moore has ripped off Jones.



 link to www.archive.org


 link to www.archive.org

Great information 03.Dec.2004 06:14

what to do?

I just watched the 40 min. clip where Alex talks about Bohemian Grove and the elite who participate in this occultic ritual. He makes a convincing case. If what he proclaims is true the situation Americans and people of the world find themselves under is quite disturbing indeed. How does one fight such a deluded, powerful, interlocking evil?

They were cheering for Moore 03.Dec.2004 08:14

Samedy Sam

I watched the clip, and it appears the crowd was cheering for Moore, not Alex Jone's question. Alex Jones is in it for the same reason as Moore is, MONEY. Jones and Moore both have credible information and sources, but that does not negate their money motivation.

Exageration 03.Dec.2004 08:29

Samedy Sam

Jones is trying to discredit his competition. Jones is in the 911/truth industry and Moore is the only real competition for him. I like Alex more than I like Moore, but this is how it seems. Alex Jones has been known to exagerrate things and I dont think Moore actually said "that would be un-american" listne closely, I think alex is jumping to conclusions cause it makes a good story.

jones is dope 03.Dec.2004 10:14


I'm sure you've seen the video snip of him, back in 1998 where he challenges bush at a press conference about the federal reserve and CFR...classic deer in the headlights 9/11 look on Bush's face.

I think it's in one of his videos...can't remember which one.

Matrix of Evil is dope too. Cynthia mkinney, Ron Paul, his award and project censored speech, just an avalanche of drilling no holds barred TRUE texas style liberty.

Did I get enough adjectives in that one...;)

"Sam" 03.Dec.2004 10:58


wow! it's worth it to see a troll be forced into a situation to defend Michael Moore. Really droll. I'll have to remember how to do that in the future.... Thanks Sam! You're right! Moore is great!