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Rod Coronado Indicted on Federal Conspiracy Charges


On December 2nd at 11:00am at the Evo A. DeConcini Federal Courthouse,
federal prosecutors will formally indict Chuk'shon Earth First! (CEF!)
activist Rod Coronado on conspiracy charges related to the local
environmental group's interference with the hunt for mountain lions in
Sabino Canyon last March. The indictment comes just seven days before
Coronado was to stand trial for three lesser misdemeanor charges filed
after his arrest in Sabino Canyon on March 26th. The new charge,
"Conspiracy to Impede or Injure an Officer" carries a maximum penalty
of six years in prison.
Rod Coronado
Rod Coronado
Last March when Arizona Game &Fish Department (AZGFD) and US Forest
Service officials attempted to remove four-to-five mountain lions from
Sabino Canyon, Coronado with Chuk'shon Earth First! organized a
campaign of interference that included nonviolent tactics such as the spreading
of false lion urine scent to lead AZGFD hunting hounds away from the real
lions. Coronado and a reporter from Esquire magazine were originally
charged with violating a federal closure and disabling a steel-cable
snare set by AZGFD to capture a lion.

Coronado believes the indictment is in response to his continued
organizing against AZGFD controversial policies such as the killing and
removal of lions from the Coronado National Forest and the trophy
hunting of sandhill cranes and desert bighorn sheep in southern Arizona. In
November, Coronado was part of a CEF! investigation team that exposed
AZGFD's annual trophy hunt for sandhill cranes south of Willcox, AZ.
"Its just an Orwellian attempt to intimidate me for criticizing and drawing
attention to AZGFD policies that cater to urban sprawl and trophy
hunters. If AZGFD continues controversial programs such as lion eradication,
trophy desert bighorn sheep and sandhill crane hunting, CEF! will continue to
document and expose those abuses of public lands and wildlife."

Unless taken into custody, Coronado will be available for interviews
following his arraignment. Video documentation of Chuk'shon Earth
First!'s efforts to protect mountain lions, black bears, Gunnison's prairie
dogs, mule deer, elk and sandhill cranes from the hunter's guns is available
upon request.

CONTACT: Rod Coronado 520.623.9184
PRESS RELEASE: December 2, 2004
email:  rod@resist.ca
go Rod! 03.Dec.2004 10:32


Rod Corando is an inspiration. A wonderful human being. See him speak any chance you get. It sure is important that he stay out of prison.

You Are My Hero Rod 03.Dec.2004 11:18

Solidarity Forever

I agree! Rod has been my number 1 hero for years! He is an amazing speaker! His stories have changed me and I support him to the fullest! I want to see that video documentation........

couln't agree more.. 03.Dec.2004 16:46


I also support and agree with Rod Coronados actions... he is very inspirational and one of the few who puts his beliefs into action. We could all learn from him...

Thank you for featuring this Indymedia! 07.Dec.2004 14:14


It is Important to keep informed on how we can support revolutionaries like Rod.

Thank you.

nice read 07.Dec.2004 14:50


Orwell is right.

F%&* Rod! 07.Dec.2004 20:40

not really!

Rod ain't all that. Its not REALLY that hard to do what he is doing. Hundreds of us do it.
I think Rod would agree. Simply do it, no college degree required.

Hey Rod!! They might be able to take you down..BUT THEY CAN'T TAKE US ALL DOWN! All of
you that admire Rod and talk about him being your hero....action speaks louder than words!

See you in the woods....

no cougars in illinois, but one shot there anyway. 07.Dec.2004 20:59


NEW BOSTON, ILLINOIS - Plenty of cats have roamed through Kenny Tharp's neighborhood, but none quite like the one he found Saturday afternoon.

He found a dead 98-pound cougar under a pine tree near his backyard. He lives just off of Highway 17 near New Boston.

"It's pretty shocking really," Tharp said with a smile."We've been calling everybody and nobody believes it, it's been a steady stream of traffic coming in. Nobody believes it till they see it."

Tony Petreikis of the Illinois Conservation Police had never seen one in the 10 years he's been with the department. "In the state of Illinois, I've not had any confirmed sightings, or obviously killed cougars, so this is a first," he said.

"We don't know if there are other ones, it's very possible, but it's possible there's not," he added.

Tharp says he isn't concerned. He's ready to display his trophy, even though he can only take credit for finding it.

"I'd like to know guy who shot it, he's probably going to come after me and he's gonna have to book me to get it," he laughed.

Petreikis says it is legal to hunt this particular kind of cougar in the state of Illinois. He says he's received several reports of sightings over the past 10 years. But most of the time people were mistaking golden retreivers for cougars.

Little Update 08.Dec.2004 12:45


Everything has been postponed in Rod's case for 2 weeks and he in not in jail at this time. I hope to know more soon!

bravo 15.Dec.2004 21:28

Steven Chapman

Simply the absurdity of our public servants trying to keep large carnivors off of public lands to which they have an historical claim is itself newsworthy. One would think the Forest Service would not want a full policy debate on the issues, or do they?