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Eugene Rally for Peace!

Today's peace Rally in Eugene
The 'Students For Change' sponsored a rally today at the EMU on the UofO campus. Notwithstanding chilly December temperatures, there was a good turnout of perhaps a couple hundred people, mostly students. I was remembering back three years ago when I went to some of the UofO peace rallies where there were perhaps a dozen or so students. The increasing numbers is a really good sign. People are waking up!

When I first arrived upon the scene I saw a small cluster of waving american flags. Within the group was a woman holding a sign "Give Peace a Chance" so I thought they were patriotic dissenters. However, upon closer scrutiny I found that they were Pro-Bush, Pro-War, Pro-Republican, Anti-Peace, Anti-Eco, and Anti-Friendly folks. One woman's sign - decorated with a flower - read "Peace through Superior FirePower".

I walked over to their camp and asked a couple of the young men if they were ready to go and fight. They said that they would do their duty if they are called. I asked "why aren't you there now then". They hemmed and hawed until an older man butt in and told me that he already served and then started spewing the same old tiring rhetoric: "get a job", "thank me for your freedom"... When he asked me what I have done for this country, I told him that I do things everyday, adding that I have worked with homeless veterans. He paused for a moment but than came right back at me in a very angry provocative tone. He said that he was all for peace, and also a Christian. He is also very misguided.

It's funny when he told me to get a job (I told him that I had one) I asked him if he had one. He told me that he was retired and that he has made a lot of money in his life. But then later, he said something about losing a job after 9/11. He is likely blaming that on the "terrorists" and wants to wage revenge.

This was a peace rally so I do not want to devote all of my time discussing the few minutes that I spent in conversation with these pro-war folks, but I think that it is important to understand their motives. If we could sit down with some of these people, and talk with them about the real loss of jobs, etc. they may get clued in. The media has done a brilliant job of spinning a web of deception around them. I must say that it does amaze me that college kids could be that ignorant, and gullible. Must be the money.

Opening the rally was a duo, singing anti-war songs, followed by a couple of speakers. A few people were handing out information to the crowd, including a copy of the "Bill of Rights". Bubbles were floating through the air, a sight that I always delight in. But it also seemed symbolic of those folks who are living in a bubble, completely unaware of the truth and where we are heading. There was a table - the front of it graced by a poster size photo of a Gray Wolf - with petitions to protect this magnificent creature. Wolves are being reintroduced into Oregon but there are concerns about their health and safety. Comments about this issue can be emailed to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at  ODFW.comments@state.or.us. This weeks Eugene Weekly has a viewpoint on the subject. You can read more about it at:  http://www.eugeneweekly.com/2004/12/02/views.html#view1

After the speeches there was a March for Peace. The chants "What do we Want: Peace, When do we Want it: Now?, "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, George W Bush has Got to Go", and War: What is it good for; Absolutely Nothing! reverberated back to where I was in the long winding and growing assemblage of peacemakers. Shopkeepers on 13th Avenue came out to see what the ruckus was about, many of them smiling, peace signing and clapping.

It had been a long time since I marched. As I filled my lungs with cold air and spit back out mantras for peace I realized that this voice, this collective voice of dissent is an important component in our struggle for peace and unity. Many of us question what good rallies and marches are since they do not seem to be changing anything. But they do make a difference, for many reasons. They bring people together, creating community and unity, they provide an outlet for the angst and frustration that we carry inside of us, they help us to know that we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings. Protests create camaraderie.

And apparently, they do make a difference. From a recent e-mail that I received "Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada" the number one reason was this: "After the February 2003 antiwar protests, the New York Times described the global peace movement as the world's second superpower. Their actions didn't prevent the war, but protestors in nine countries have succeeded in pressuring their governments to pull their troops from Iraq and/or withdraw from the so-called coalition of the willing. Antiwar Americans owe it to the majority of the people on this planet who agree with them to stay and do what they can to end the suffering in Iraq and prevent future pre-emptive wars."

So, Rally on!

Supporting Peace 02.Dec.2004 23:00

Star Focus

Earlier today, I received an email from a correspondent that listed the campaign contributions of big corporations according to party affiliation. I don't know how accurate the information is but I do know that it is imperative to make every effort to support those who truly care about the future of the Planet. It's very hard to add much to what Peace Rebel has said because she presented both sides, but the basis of coexistence is respect and this means not imposing one's views on others. I am sure this is not the first time in history that evil has caused great suffering, but it is the first time in my lifetime that the perpetrators of inhumanity have masquerading so persuasively behind the delusion of morality and Christianity. The danger for those who cannot distinguish Luciferian tendencies in those who use everything in their means to deceive is great. Therefore, it is true that we must focus our energy on vitalizing what is sustainable and harmonious. This precludes war and infringements on liberty.

Meanwhile, here is the post:

Vote with your pocketbook this holiday season. With the holidays upon us, the following information will help us to be mindful of whom we patronize relative to their 2000 Election Cycle political donations, as reported by the Center for Responsive Politics:


* Price Club/Costco donated $225K, of which 99% went to democrats;

WalMart, $467K, 97% to republicans;
K-Mart, $524K, 86% to republicans;
Home Depot, $298K, 89% to republicans;
Target, $226K, 70% to republicans;
Circuit City Stores, $261K, 95% to republicans;

* Rite Aid, $517K, 60% to democrats;
* Magla Products (Stanley tools, Mr. Clean), $22K, 100% to democrats;

3M Co., $281K, 87% to republicans;
Hallmark Cards, $319K, 92% to republicans;
Amway, $391K, 100% republican;
Kohler Co. (plumbing fixtures), $283K, 100% republicans;

* Warnaco (undergarments), $55K, 73% to democrats;

B.F. Goodrich (tires), $215K, 97% to republicans;
Proctor & Gamble, $243K, 79% to republicans;

* Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, $153K, 99% to democrats;
* Estee Lauder, $448K, 95% to democrats;
* Guess ? Inc., $145K, 98% to democrats;
* Calvin Klein, $78K, 100% to democrats;
* Liz Claiborne, Inc., $34K, 97% to democrats;
* Levi Straus, $26K, 97% to democrats;
* Olan Mills, $175K, 99% to democrats.

Coors, $174K, 92% to republicans; (also Budweiser)

* Gallo Winery, $337K, 95% to democrats;

Brown-Forman Corp. (Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Bushmills, Korbel
wines - as well as Lennox China, Dansk, Gorham Silver), $644K, 80% to

* Southern Wine & Spirits, $213K, 73% to democrats;
* Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons (includes beverage business, plus considerable
media interests), $2M+, 67% democrats.

Pilgrim's Pride Corp. (chicken), $366K, 100% republican;
Outback Steakhouse, $641K, 95% republican;

* Sonic Corporation, $83K, 98% democrat;

Tricon Global Restaurants (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell), $133K, 87%
Brinker International (Maggiano's, Brinker Cafe, Chili's, On the Border,
Macaroni Grill, Crazymel's, Corner Baker, EatZis), $242K, 83% republican;

* Triarc Companies (Arby's, T.J. Cinnamon's, Pasta Connections), $112K,
96% democrats;

Waffle House, $279K, 100% republican;
McDonald's Corp., $197K, 86% republican;
Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, Bahama
Breeze), $121K, 89% republican;

* Hyatt Corporation, $187K, 80% to democrats;

Mariott International, $323K, 81% to republicans;
Holiday Inns, $38K, 71% to republicans.

Star Focus 03.Dec.2004 01:51

George Bender

"Vote with your pocketbook this holiday season."

Since both presidential candidates supported the war, how will you do that?

Everyone who voted for John Kerry voted for the war.

What your figures show is that both parties are supported by big corporations. We already knew that.

How to Shop in a Time of Crisis 03.Dec.2004 13:18

Ben Tripp

According to Gallup, 45% of Americans believe mankind was invented by God 10,000 years ago, 65% believe the jury is still out on evolution in general, and 48% believe that God invented childproof caps to punish old people for how they drive. It's enough to make a fellow emigrate, just in case stupid is contagious. But here I still am, brimful of good advice, which I will now dispense unless I get really irritated in the next half-hour. There is dangerous talk abroad in the land about boycotting corporations that subsidized the Bush campaign. Lists of companies that gave 90% of their campaign contributions to the Republican cause (90% of companies) are circulating around the Internet like swarms of enraged mayflies. The only real way to avoid spending money on these corporations is to live under a large, flat rock, subsisting on lizards.

Here are my strategies for 'buying blue' in a time when the Red Tide no longer means godless communism, but rather the thimble-witted sociopaths out to turn the clock back to 1630­ all 100 million of them.

1. Think queer. Queer means gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, undecided: shop at queer markets. Buy a house through a queer real estate agent ( http://www.findagayprofessional.com/, I kid you not), shop for gay products (I don't mean Francesco Smalto cologne, I mean things produced by openly queer-operated or queer-friendly companies Okay, Francesco Smalto cologne), hire gay people to do things. Even not gay things. You can be pretty sure the queer community is not participating in the Bush bonanza, so do as the bent do, consumer-wise. This is not an endorsement of plushies, by the way. Lord knows where they shop.

2. Ebay. So it's mostly stolen merchandise, who said life is fair? You can buy anything at all through Ebay, although avoid the unwrapped fish. I now shop only with online auctions, where I can get my ethnic costume (Brooks Brothers) for pennies on the dollar because somebody else wore it to a wedding. And if Brooks Brothers sent money to the Dark Lord, fine: I'm not buying it from them, I'm buying it from some guy in Omaha that got the wrong size. If Ebay sent money to the Republicans, I don't want to know.

3. Smoke Cuban cigars. Eat them, use them as a marinade. Nobody in Cuba sent money to Bush.

4. French products. See Cuba above. However do not, repeat do not, smoke French cigars. It's like setting fire to a mummified dachshund. Stick with the wine and cheese. Also Moebius comics. I love that guy. Not in a queer way.

5. Shop obscure, shop local. Go for the one brand of Armenian gasoline, the weird Belgian fruity beer (not meaning queer­ meaning with fruit in it), the hemp underwear, the moose jerky made in the next town. Strange foreign brands and small regional companies reduce your Bush contribution endorsement factor in two ways: first, they don't donate money to American campaigns because it's against the law and they don't care in any case, being Estonian; second, even if the local concern did contribute to Bush, we're talking peanuts compared to Wal-Mart. They won't be affecting national policy matters on $75.00.

6. Steal things from Wal-Mart. Now I'm not saying steal things from Wal-Mart, here. Of course not. I'm just saying you can enjoy products from any damn retailer in the entire country, regardless of how much money they contributed to the Great Satan, as long as you didn't pay for it. I'm not sure how you steal gas from Texaco. Mel Gibson could do it, back when he was Mad Max. Think it through and get back to me, because the Cinquecento is running on fumes. But I have ten cases of Cheetos I found behind a Kmart, if anybody wants to trade.

7. Stop buying things. I mean you have to buy gas, obviously, if only to set yourself on fire in front of the White House. And food, and pants. But consider boycotting just one category of consumables, and then gloat about how you're not participating fully in the consumer society. For example, decide you're not going to buy any more sweatshop-produced garments (the money they don't pay to those nimble-fingered kids goes to Republicans instead). That limits you to knitwear from Scotland. But when people ask you why you're wearing a kilt, you can tell them all about how some guy told you to drop out of one sector of the economy, and you chose bifurcated legwear. What I'm trying to say is, the less you buy, the less you're playing the game.

8. Smoke lots of marijuana. Cheeba is not part of the Republican economic machine. Also it will help you avoid vomiting after all those Cuban cigars and moose jerky.

Ben Tripp can be reached at  credel@earthlink.net.

His book, 'Square In The Nuts', has been held up at the printers by thugs but will be released as soon as hostage negotiations conclude.

See also www.cafeshops.com/tarantulabros.

J20 eug? 09.Dec.2004 14:56

Rio rio@riseup.net

Hey there,
This isn't directly on the topic of this article, but I though it might be a good place to get some response. I have been keeping tabs on the progress of the counter inaguration efforts from different sites including counter-inaugural.org, and the portland and other Indymedia sites. There have been planning meetings in portland and efforts to organize and plan actions for the inaguration day of January 20. I'm in Eugene OR and would like be involved in some planning meetings/working groups going on down here. I haven't heard much of anything along that lines going on already. I would either like to get involved with anything that is already started or help pioneer something. I was hoping on attending a planning meeting in Portland since it's the closest to my area but the last one and the upcomming one were on days I cannot make it to. I've been really tied up the last couple of weeks, but I am free of any obligation except working towards counter inauguration efforts. I am not too familiar with the Eugene area and local groups since I have just ended up here, and have been in and out of the city traveling constantly. Do anyone know the best way to get involved with something or help coordinate efforts. Or does anyone want to get together to start something?


good job 22.Dec.2004 04:24

armypunx armypunx_84@hotmail.com

good job everybody. i'm a soldier living in germany, im from eugene. just to let you know, most soldiers i've talked to do not support the war or bush. and to see people from my home rallying for peace warms my heart. keep up the good work and dont forget that you are born free.