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Tre Arrow Supporters: May the Circle be Unbroken

Tre Arrow's bail hearing is Friday, December 3rd at 10 am at BC Supreme Court in downtown Vancouver. Tre's friends and supporters say although he's locked up, he's still a vital part of the community. Folks are determined to raise the funds to bail him out.
Tre Arrow Supporters Statement
May the Circle Be Unbroken

Vancouver, Dec. 3 -- We're here to demonstrate that Tre Arrow is a member of a world-wide community dedicated to protecting the environment, promoting peace, feeding the hungry, and ending animal suffering. Tre has friends and supporters across Canada and the US and around the world. This week, people came all the way from Halifax, Victoria, and Portland, Oregon to visit Tre and offer help. Tre is in jail, but he remains connected to this huge circle of people who care about him and support his life's work.

Tre belongs out here with us, protecting wild places and helping to create a sustainable future. Tre is an incredibly effective activist, and the peaceful actions he or;ganized succeeded in protecting old-growth watersheds in Oregon. Five years ago, Tre ran for US Congress and won 15,000 votes. Tre has risked his life in tree-sits, faced guns and chainsaws, and his actions have always been completely non-violent.

Tre is a remarkable person who makes a deep impression on everyone he meets because of his vibrant energy and his passion for all living things. Even in maximum security, Tre refuses to compromise his principles, and he continues to inspire us all.

Any of us would welcome Tre into our homes. A number of people here would post their life savings to bail him out of jail. The judge has set the bond higher than we expected, but we will raise whatever amount is needed. People are sending contributions to the Tre Arrow legal defense fund, and we're planning benefit shows here in Vancouver to help him with his extradition case. We hope he'll get his wish: to stay here in Canada.

Tre is our friend. We love him, and we stand by him. He belongs out here, with us.

Contact Information:

On the Internet
History, updates, and Tre's own words:

By mail
Tre Arrow
(Michael Scarpitti)
CS# 05850722
North Fraser Pretrial Centre
1451 Kingsway Ave.
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 1S2 Canada
To save the trees, Tre respectfully asks that you use scrap, post-consumer, or tree-free paper and envelopes when writing to him.

Book a visit
Call at least one day in advance
(604) 468-3566

Legal Defense
Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 229,
Roberts Creek, BC
V0N 2W0 Canada
Cheques in any currency can be made out to Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund

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