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Eugene protest pics from WRH

pictures of (Dec. 2?) Eugene/UofO rally

homepage: homepage: http://whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/Oregon2004/

So 03.Dec.2004 00:47


is the point?

is it doing anything but making us feel temporarily better? 03.Dec.2004 01:14

the margins

seriously...is it?

Yes 03.Dec.2004 01:34

George Bender

Public protest always does good, because it makes people stop, think and ask questions. If protest is not visible to the community, people stay asleep. Also good are letters to the editor, etc.

If you think some other approach is more powerful, by all means do it, but don't criticize people who are trying to make a difference. That is not helpful.

to the margins 03.Dec.2004 08:37

rally on

I do think protests accomplish something. Many true revolutions have begun from street rallies and protests. Consider the huge street protests that saved Chavez in Venezuela after the US sponsored coup.

I wish I had heard of this rally. I live in the area and could have made if it had been better publicized.

But, I do agree that rallies aren't enough. They are one tactic, and an important one. But they can't be the only tactic we use.

Margins, what did you do to make things better today? Let us know what works better than rallies, and we can try that, too.

Maybe the point... 03.Dec.2004 10:47


...would be easier to understand if there some words to go with the pictures. The words could explain the who, what, where, when, why, and how that the pictures don't.

What did I do towards change? 03.Dec.2004 11:08

the margins

Maybe I made a few folks think about their actions. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that we've protested and protested and where are we now? Do the people that see these protests think to themselves "wow, these people are really putting it on the line for their cause, maybe I should go see what its about" or do they say "Geezus, there go those hippies again!." just a thought.
Thanx for the replies, i'm trying to come to terms with my own frustration around this issue.

'how many miles must we march' 03.Dec.2004 12:20

peace rebel girl

i agree that even a little bit of commentary o go with the photos would lend something to this post, since they do not stand enough on their own.

in regard to the question of whether or not marches make a difference i addressed that same concern of mine in my post on this rally. Rather than repeat it, and to give a flavor of those in attendance i'll simply redirect you to the post:



It's interesting.... 03.Dec.2004 19:08

echo echo@riseup.net

It's interesting how the debates go on and on and on.
"Don't protest, it accomplishes nothing."
"Don't vote, it accomplishes nothing."
"Don't pick up a gun and a bottle full of petrol and throw it at police and corporate buildings, it accomplishes nothing."

Geez, i almost feel like doing absolutely nothing....what's the point?

Ah, here's the point; the point is, "Hey you, anti protest person, you're right, PROTEST ALONE ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING." (aren't you excited you're right?!!)

"Hey you, anti-voting person, you're right, VOTING ALONE ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING!"

"Hey you, anti-armed revolution person, you're right, ARMED ATTEMPTS ALONE ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING!" (don't get me started on the difference between violence and property damnage again.)

So, it all accomplishes nothing....ALONE!!

Each tactic is not alone.... every tactic, every strategy, works inherently with other struggles....i'm afraid though, that it is a phenomenon we are unable to witness with any scope. Only in retrospect do the strategies take on a cohesive pattern. But is it a pattern? Or is it just dumb luck.

The story of where we come from is out there (really!!). Who are we? Where have we come from? We're fucking americans, allright? And our history is seething with revolution, protest, violence, and dissent. Maybe this is what people need to be reminded of, evidentally, it isn't quite understood.

Armed defense, protest, electoral politics (or representative); they all play a part in social change and human evolution.....anything less would be un-fucking-civilized!