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KBOO Morning News Story List 12/2/04

We're trying to start posting the list of stories that we run each morning to raise awareness of KBOO news, to permit indymedia readers a quick view into stories that they might have missed; and to promote feedback to KBOO by the activist community about stories we missed!
Today, Chris Andreae edited the news

Heeeerrrre we go:
1. Draft policy would keep Boy Scouts out of Portland
Public schools.
2. Political art marks fifth anniversary of WTO
protest week.
3. CPRO: Oregon budget.
4. Justice department to fight Hanford initiative in
5. ROTC teens accused of plotting assault on school
"in a couple of years"
6. Salvation army bell ringer faces theft, robbery
7.Pentagon sending more troops to Iraq,
8. Three soldiers face hearing over Iraqi general's
9. ACLU challenges FBI on antiterror tactics.
10.(musical interlude)
11.FSRN: Ohio recount.
12.Rocket fuel found in lettuce, organic milk.
13.FSRN: Sweeping reforms to the UN.
14.Marwan Barghouti decides to run.
15.Hamas calls on supporters to boycott Palestinian
16.Mutilated body not that of Margaret Hassan
17.FSRN: Uribe to run again.
18.Activists skipping out on restaurant bills.
19.Ukrainians rush to withdraw savings amid fears of
20.FSRN: West Papua independence day violence.
21.FSRN: Cuba frees two more disidents.
22.Cereal grain sells for $800 on ebay.

And now for some poetry:

A protester from the Ukraine
Who suffered from post-voting pain,
Wondered aloud,
"Is it me or this crowd
That's been co-opted by Bush's brain?"

Chris Andreae

To log complaints or compliments about the KBOO morning news, contact Kathleen Stephenson at  amnews@kboo.org, or call 503-231-8032. We want to know if we're getting you the news you need! If you've got well-documented story - especially a local one- we want to run it!

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