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Stop using Jesus as a Poster Child for your political beliefs

Biblical evidence proving Jesus aint no prince of peace.
It seems that way to often people use Jesus as a "Prince of Peace".

The reasons I have seen for this idea are this:
1. Justifying leftist politics with that "Old time religion"
2. Doing what the Right does by hiring Jesus as their celebrity endorsement
(Thats all of the justifications i could think of now>

In Matthew 10:34 it says:
"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

So maybe the sword is peace, hitting back to that (overly used) "1984" speak: War is Peace
bible...grow up 02.Dec.2004 19:55


The bible is a piece crap fabricated by the powers that were strangling people when it was written. It is the most wishy-washy something for every occasion piece of garbage ever thust upon the idiot men of world. Unshackle yourself and come into the free being of mankind of, by and for mankind. Until humanity rejects the crap in that and all other religious books we are doomed to repeat a history of war and repression at the hands of ANY money grabbing jerk that happens to come along and claims he "talks to god" (little g there on purpose).

WAKE UP! There is nobody coming to save us from ourselves. I know it's tough to consider that we are responsible for all of our own faults and goodness but it is true. Until we take the responsibility for the pain and suffering of our brothers and help to make this world better for our sake there will be only eternal suffering.

the real miracle 02.Dec.2004 20:19

prince of peas

The real miracle of xmas is that Jesus was born a white guy in a land of brownish people.

thanks, nobody 02.Dec.2004 20:28


that's JUST what Jesus said.

and 10:35 02.Dec.2004 20:37


Mathew 10:35 "For I have come to set son against father, and daughter against mother and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law." Well, if the father wages offensive wars and generaly treats our neighbors as we would not have our neighbors treating us, as our fatherss have, then turning against them is the Christian's duty. So hold your anti-war signs as Christians should. As 10:37, continues Jesus' theam, "Whoever loves father and mother more than me is unworhty of me."

reasonable christians 02.Dec.2004 20:50

mau ossagent@hotmail.com

People have a right to follow any "old time religion" they choose. I understand your sentiments, but as a former christian, i can understand the reasonable christians who actually believed that loving ones neighbor and goodwill and all that was supposed to override old testament laws on homosexuality and "eye for an eye", and are angry that the old fashioned powers that be, the owners and the bosses and the war mongerers that are continuing to, and are retuning into a new 21st century art, the hijacking of yet another religion. the reality is that christians make up a very large percentage of this nation, and it would be ludicrous to divide them from the progressive movement rather than try to integrate them. and i think that is what many of the people you refer to are trying to do.

sorry for the extreme run-on sentences there.

"Reasonable Christians" 02.Dec.2004 21:55

is an

...Oxymoron. A "reasonable christian" would have to admit that the new testament is a fairy tale written by the church - not eyewitnesses - in the first and second centuries. Give it up, it's just another form of social control based on fear (i.e., your soul will burn in hell if you don't act in ways someone wants you to). Fuck that.

My Two Cents 03.Dec.2004 00:00


In my fifty-two...I've read the Bible twice...and I have gained much insight and inspriation...as far as christans go...I'd just like to find some!!

Here is another quote that hits too close to home 03.Dec.2004 00:06


Matthew 12:30 "He that is not with me is against me..."

Think mr. bush said something like that once or twice. I wonder if that's where he got it from. What a damnable thing to say.

... 03.Dec.2004 00:46


Trying to "integrate" religious people into a movement with a secular purpose (the alleviation of human suffering), you can either rely on secular or religious arguments. The problem with relying on religious arguments is ... well, it's a tautology: the problem with relying on religious arguments is then you're in the middle of a religious argument. You're stuck arguing with some NUTCASE about NUTTY BULLSHIT on his own turf, and there's absolutely no reason he should buy your version of his nutty bullshit rather than the one he grew up with. You can argue that your version is more authentic, or it's what Jesus really meant, or, like, WHATEVER, who cares, whatever you say there'll be some other nutty bullshit response. Once you're in the land of a religious argument there's no special reason to think you're going to win the argument. ON RELIGIOUS GROUNDS, maybe they're "right." Who knows. WHO GIVES A SHIT. That's not the point. The point is, ON HUMANISTIC GROUNDS THEY'RE FUCKING WRONG WRONG WRONG. That's the point. If they're not willing to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to breathe, it shouldn't be our job to stick our heads up there with them. If they won't leave their insanity at home, we don't have to make nice and pretend we don't think they're insane. We've been trying that, and we're tired of it. Playtime's over kids. There's no tooth fairy. Daddy made it up. It's bullshit.

Bush the religious leader 03.Dec.2004 12:09


Jesus was not the only religious leader in our history. Just the most hated. As for Bush quoting scripture, he is very religious, just not Christ-like.

That's Just Part Of The Problem 03.Dec.2004 12:23

Mistletoe Angel

I agree with so much that's already been said, but there is another problem happening.

Hollywood and some liberal media outlets have been creating this impression that all the beltway and the red states are "Jesusland" and everywhere, from Rolling Stone to Willamette week, you see these cartoons that depict Bush and Jesus shaking hands and smiling.

In other words, the media is just the problem too.

They're actually helping the Republicans succeed in painting those outside "Jesusland" as heretics, heathens, non-believers. Lepers if you will. And I'm just disgusted with how those like Dan Savage are actually fueling the fire of the religious right conquest by making those who didn't vote for Bush put us in a metonymy and paint us universally as atheists, or Jesus-haters.

This is saddening also. I have read much of the Bible and believe in Jesus myself and love Him, for I have read enough of the Good Bock to understand the hypocrisy of this administration.

But, good God, let's not let even the media on our side speak for us all in thisheathen light.

Noah Eaton

fine, church man, 03.Dec.2004 17:15


Yeah, well LISTEN UP!

Those of us who ARE "heathens" are DAMN TIRED of making rhetorical concessions to THEOCRATS in the hope that MAYBE NEXT YEAR we'll get a better fuckin' theocrat in office. Maybe there's more of y'all than there are of us, in this stupid country anyway, but YOU'RE STILL WRONG, YOU'RE STILL CRAZY, and WE'RE DONE PRETENDING YOU'RE NOT.

To Mistletoe Angel 03.Dec.2004 18:22

Pravda or Consequences

"...for I have read enough of the Good Bock."

I have drunk enough of the Good Bock (beer) to know that the goal of life is either your head or your heart.

Christianity epitomizes "us vs. them". The left has always tried to work with the right on issues like abortion and the Christians have never budged believing that they are morally right in condemning the rest of us.

The interesting thing is that Revelations will happen and it will be the Christians who will fulfill that prophesy by instigating world upheaval in their "love".

Let's Read the whole Bible not just One Line 30.Jun.2005 10:58

Robert Yoder

What Christ was pointing out was that by having faith in Him as our Lord and Savior, you would have to lead a Christ like life and leave the old ways behind....in other words not everyone that is in your life will support you change in attitudes, beliefs, and life style when you become a Christian. Christ knew that we, as Christians, would be attacked by the world as we through example and speech spoke out against worldly ways. He knew being God what lie ahead. He came into this world to give Christians peace, but it is a peace that people that live in the world and for worldly pleasures can not understand. It is the peace that comes in complete faith that our Father in Heaven loves us with unconditional love.
Due to this love, He sent His Son into this world to take on our sins, so that we can enter heaven, though we don't deserve it due to our sins and inability to live a truly Christ like life..yes Christians sin in fact we sin daily and due to this sin we love our God even more...knowing that He is willing to overlook this sin, if we are truly repentatent of it, and allow us to join him in Heaven through faith in Jesus Christ. As a Christian what makes me sad is to know that there are sister and brothers out there that reject God's most precious gift to us being Grace and will spend enterity in Hell, which is a place you are seperated from God's love...even if you reject God now you are still in the precence of his love for Jesus wants you to repent and accept him as you savior before it is too late, but once you leave this world you will know your mistake, but what saddens me is that it will be to late for you at that point in time.
Even if you are now bold in your unbelief and proud to reject Christ as your savior, God the Father and Creator, and the Holy Spirit which who wil give you the strenghten to be a Christian, if you only would invite Him in....there will be a day when you not be so bold, but the reality of what you rejected being perfect love will torment you for a eternity....