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Activist Record Label Showcase SATURDAY (12/4)

Global Seepej Records, an indy record label decicated to promoting musicans "who support and participate in the struggle for social, economic and environmental justice," hosts its 8th annual label showcase featuring SIX great bands Saturday at Porky's Pub in North Portland.
Please come out for a FREE show in support of 8-year old Northwest indy record label Global Seepej Records (GSR). GSR is decicated to promoting musicans "who support and participate in the struggle for social, economic and environmental justice." Featuring locals Bonobo Project and Bit Part as well as Seattle indy-rock acts At The Spine, The Plains, Solyoni and Colin Spring. The show will be rock to pop to metal t country to folk and back again! Check out the new (December) Portland Alliance for more on these great bands. Better yet, check out the websites below!

WHAT: A FREE SHOW featuring SIX Global Seepej Records (GSR) recording artists.
WHY: Because Global Seepej Records LOVES our second home- Portland (GSR was founded in Portland and operated there until 2001)!
WHEN: Saturday 12/4/04 9:30(sharp!)-1:30am (www.porkyspub.com)
WHERE: Porky's Pub 825 N. Lombard

Bonobo Project (www.bonoboproject.com)
"Bonobo Project brings guitar virtuosity, thundering drums, relentless bass, and
insane-riot vocals together into an energetic, mind-crushingly loud Total metal
Package." (Portland Mercury, December 2002)
"[A] whole package worth of fun and gluttony." (Portland Mercury December 2002).

At the Spine (www.globalseepej.org)
"At the Spine's great... debut... barely hints at their live power: The band exults
madly all over the room with a performance to banish all jadedness. This band is so strong and fresh that watching them, I can't help but imagine... " (The Stranger, Seattle, WA July 31-Aug 6th, 2003)
"At the Spine... sounds blissfully impervious to whatever fad (their) indie-rock peers are currently into. Even after a few listens, The Curriculum is Never Neutral (Global Seepej) keeps on revealing quirky new hooks, new layers." (Time Out NY, July 3-10, 2003).
"This is honestly one of the best records, front to back that I've heard all year."
(Punk Planet Magazine, Chicago, IL Issue 59, Jan/Feb 2004).

Colin Spring (www.murdersilence.com)
"Spring is one of the city's best songwriters and deserves the renown given similar figures like Rosie Thomas and Joel R.L. Phelps. He writes something like punk-rock sea shanties with a Pogues-like approach brilliantly combining Springsteen's Nebraska with Ziggy Stardust and his own brand of post-millennial working-class realism. Spring may be one of those obscure geniuses who skips a big-label recording deal and goes straight to a Guggenheim grant. His shows somehow have both the intimacy of a fireside sing-along and the epic sweep of a big show by a beloved, veteran artist." (The Stranger, Seattle, WA, July 2002)

The Plains (www.theplains.net)
"... edgy, sad, and downright sweet music... Each song on their debut disc defines a new position in the alt-country spectrum. These Plains are great." (The Stranger, Seattle)
"The Plains play lively pop, with minor twangs of punk and a fair amount of comedy thrown in for good measure. I recommend this to fans of The Pixies or to fans of REM's better albums." (Punk Planet, Chicago, IL, May 2003)
"One of the most vibrant new acts in the Seattle music scene these days is the
country, indie rock, punk outfit the Plains." (Seattle Gay News. Seattle, WA,
February 2003).

Solyoni (www.solyoni.com)
Not exactly a pop band and not quite a garage band, Solyoni sound like three
children locked in a fruit cellar, composing soundtracks for preschool level
educational videos starring a claymation box turtle and a break dancing slinky who loves R. Kelly. A blend of raw acoustics and lo-fi recording, this cacophony of sparse folk pop is like a drunken waltz that will leave you finger-painting things you would never hang on your mother's refrigerator.

Bit Part (www.gloablseepej.org)
Bit Part is a project led by the Portland based singer and songwriter Aaron
Goodrich. Goodrich was born in Alton, IL, just across the muddy Mississippi from St. Louis, Missouri. After completing a community college program in art in the St. Louis area and playing in music in various punk rock outfits, Goodrich moved to Portland, OR where he completed a degree at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. His songs combine a beautiful voice with poetic working class songwriting. He currently lives and works as tattoo artist in Portland.

homepage: homepage: http://www.globalseepej.org
phone: phone: 206.604.0328

This show was great! 18.Dec.2004 12:30

fan of good music

this show was great. can't wait for next years show and to see more of these bands.