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Prophecy Dec. 2 : Time to throw a brick

I think its time to go to court and talk to a judge...

On throwing bricks, burned out SUVs, and other such things

After about a month of volcanic eruptions I have found that I have nothing more to say, and that can only mean one thing - time to throw a brick.

Now previously I told people the story of how I was a pre-teen terrorist. When I was twelve I first saw how the poor were being crushed and terrorized to keep them from storming the vaults, and it was the most horrible thing, and I decided right then and there that my life would become a living sacrifice devoted to righting this wrong. And so I became a pre-teen terrorist, and spent much time plotting my future career and experimenting in my mind with various acts of terrorism, such terrorism being the refuge of the weak and the powerless when facing overwhelming oppression. And then when I was fifteen, I decided that perhaps I might try saying a prayer for those starved babies and ask for help in conquering the oppressor, and let me tell you never let anyone convince you that prayer does not work, because it does, if you say the right prayer in the right way, and its something you can both agree upon.

So then the message that I bring is that God exists, and that God is just like a violent anarchist. I called my website 'A Witness to YAHWEH' for a reason. I could have called my website 'A Witness to Bambi' but that would not have been truth telling. I could have chose the term 'God', but that term is meaningless, and thus people fill in the blanks. No, I choose the term 'YAHWEH', the term usually translated 'Lord' when used by those old Jewish prophets, for a reason for you see, as those Jewish prophets insisted, our God is like a violent anarchist. If anyone wanted to know something about the nature of God, I would suggest to them that they watch those outraged and highly enraged protestors, you know, the ones that throw bricks and burn SUVs and other such things, because that would enlighten you, and also help you to understand what must come to pass. There is no other God. Just as there is THE moon and THE stars, there is THE God. There is not some other moon, or some different stars, nor is there any other God, and things just are the way they are. I thought I would emphasize this point just in case someone wants to give me static about 'some other God' when such a concept does not make sense.

But then this sort of matter is something that would have to be settled in court, before a judge, since I can testify and someone else can dispute, and such things could go on and on and on forever, until the matter is settled in court and a verdict is handed down, which would settle the matter once and for all.

What I have learned is that 'Vengeance is mine,' saith God, 'I will throw bricks.' As you know I believe that being a violent anarchist is a bad strategy, and there are better ways to reach our goals, in particular when you consider that the oppressors have you badly outgunned and they run all the prisons. With that being said, it is still good that we have such things around as 'the Black Bloc' and other such violent anarchists, because you see pre-teen terrorists and violent anarchists are the children of God, because, you see, YAHWEH is God. Therefore if someone were to ask me about the nature of the God I have been speaking about I could always point towards such groups as the Black Bloc, and say, 'your God is like a violent anarchist,' and thus have a point of comparison to use in connecting with other people and helping them to understand.

So then the way this works is as follows. As long as I have something to say, I say it, and then, when, as now, I have said everything I need to say, it is time for a sabbatical, while I wait for those flying bricks and burnt out SUVs. In the meantime no one will be hearing from me in the interim. You do your thing, and then you step aside, and allow a violent anarchist to start throwing some of the biggest bricks you ever saw, and those are some really big bricks. Yes I imagine that in the times to come people will look back with nostalgia on the good old days, when all they had to worry about was some smashed windows or a few burned out SUVs.

While I do not understand everything I can see the possibilities, and two possibilities come immediately to mind. The first is that it might be time to judge 'the ruling class' or whatever you want to call those people, in which case the most enormous flying brick is coming, one that will send the planet rocking and reeling from the impact, because, you see, that is one hell of a flying brick. However I believe that what is more likely to happen is that this really massive brick will probably be delayed, and instead we can expect Israel to get nailed by the first flying brick. If this happens it means that you get a little more time, a few more chances, before you get nailed by that massive brick, and while I do not know for sure, the latter option is the one I anticipate, while the former remains a possibility, given the fury which people seem to know nothing about but with which I am all to familiar myself.

As everyone knows, you cannot just go to court whenever you want, but rather you have to wait for the docket to be cleared for your case, and then you receive your summons and so on, all of which makes the present time unlike any other time, and thus the perfect time to expect court judgments and flying bricks.

Before I go, I thought I would attend to a little unfinished business, place a few more items before the judge, as well as finish up some unfinished business with the folks over in the religious right.

Justice for 'the ruling elite'

The planet faces a stark choice. Either than planet can service the luxurious needs of a tiny aristocratic cabal of elites, or it can attend to the needs of neglected humanity. Either a handful of families in a country like Columbia can own over three quarters of all the land and wealth, leaving the rest of the country in dire poverty, or we can have a world where the needs of humanity come before the super weirdo stack stacking greed of this cabal of sociopaths known as 'the ruling class'. We can have poverty and lots of crime and violence in the streets, as well as cops that are psychologically damaged by exposure to such extreme violence, which they then identify as the depraved nature of the human race, rather than the depraved nature of elites, thus causing them to support elites and attack the people (which is why that happens in case you were wondering) or we can have true justice and thus have peace instead of violence on earth all the time.

Now it was obvious to me that these elites are the great destroyers of the human dream, and that nothing, no dream, no ideal, no moral vision can ever grow from any seed planted under the present circumstances, where injustice and sadistic cruelty must prevail to protect the vaults, where the crime and violence that results are used as pretexts for such things as more cops on the streets to protect the elites while supposedly 'fighting crime' or more military spending to 'fight the terrorists' who are the product of the cruelty and violence of elites as they fill the earth with oppression to protect their precious vaults, and thus the heads of the people are addled with one stupid lie after another, as the dreams of humanity are constantly crushed and the good are left in hopeless despair generation after generation.

It is obviously that the 'ruling class', the so called 'aristocracy', the 'creme de la creme', the 'upper class' or any other flattering moniker that these little cabal likes to be referred to by name, is actually the most monstrous and morally corrupt sorry example of the debasement into which humanity can fall. It is obvious that they are violent predators, parasites on the human body, bleeding humanity white and sucking the marrow out of the bones of the planet, and they rule only because of their wickedness and the terror they inspire.

Which leads me to ask the following question. How long do you suppose it would take some one like myself to spark a global uprising against you people once you have been defanged and declawed? Not long. You see you are the most hated people on earth, and the entire earth moans and groans to heaven for deliverance from your crushing oppression. The day of your fall will be a day of singing and rejoicing, a humiliating day of disgrace for you that will never be forgotten, as the smoke of your burning rises up to high heaven, rising up forever and ever.

But as I said, talk is cheap. Let us go to court and talk to a judge.

Justice for Wall Street

Consider the following parable. Once there was a small country with a large banana patch. Like most countries they had a King. Until one day Washington came and overthrew that King and installed a new King, who promptly, after 'restoring democracy' to that nation, signed away those banana patches to Wall Street, whereupon such banana patches became protected by that most sacred of legal principles, the laws governing and cherishing 'private property'. For this reason one could never expect any justice from any judge on the face of the planet, despite the obvious long list of crimes and the long history of criminality and injustice that characterizes the last century, since you really do have to respect 'private property'. One of the reasons that Washington had to get rid of the first King is that if you were to ask the people of that nation if they were willing to give that banana patch to Wall Street, they would have said no, naturally, and they have never stopped complaining about the injustice of losing that banana patch, which is why they need a government that signs away banana patches, so as to make the loss of the afore mentioned banana patch 'legal.'

Now to continue with our parable, let us suppose that someone bought what everyone knows are hot goods. If we assume that someone could find a judge, and if we further assume that the judge was just and therefore ruled that the stolen banana patch be returned to its rightful owner, do you suppose that the purchaser of such hot goods could somehow argue before that judge that they deserved 'compensation' when their hot goods which they purchased, knowing full well that they were purchasing something stolen from someone else, were returned to the rightful owners?

The long history of criminality and theft of that Wall Street stock market would require more than one single person to write up the complete indictment, but fortunately the planet is full of people will long memories of injustice and crime, and so in the future, when justice comes, I am sure I will receive all the help required to draw up such a long and lengthy indictment for the coming prosecution of those 'investors' on Wall Street, who, in addition to coughing up for that 7 or 8 trillion dollar bar tab of theirs, will of course, be coughing up for a hell of a lot more than that...Given how Al Capone said that he would rather bootleg than buy stocks, since, as he put it, those Wall Street gangsters were all a bunch of crooks, it remains to be seen if 'investors' will have a dime left once their long history of criminality has been addressed and justice dispensed.

But then as I said, talk is cheap. Let us go talk to the judge and get a ruling.

The religious right and Israel

Let us consider another parable. Once there were some people who lived on some land, until one day, in what we are told was a divine miracle of God, they were violently evicted from their land, and then in one of the great legal decisions of history, the United Nations declared the existence of a new country where they once lived. Furthermore, they never received a dime from those United Nations, and the most they have ever been offered is a few shacks, and even then it turns out that those shacks were a few shacks to many, so they were offered a few less shacks, assuming that someone did not come a knock some of their shacks down, leaving them with even fewer shacks than what might have been the case.

Now according to some, this was all a divine miracle of God, and it has allowed the religious right to avoid going in the trash can of history and raised billions of dollars by promoting some superstitions about how miraculous this all was, a sure sign of the coming rapture.

It is pretty obvious that this gross act of indecency was no divine miracle, but then as I said, I could argue with the religious right until I am hoarse, and they will continue to be cruel, to deny justice, for to even to admit that injustice exists would destroy the superstitious myth, which means that more and more cruelty is called for, and this could go on and on and on forever. So let's go to court, and ask a judge for a ruling and just get this matter settled once and for all.

And while we are in court we could ask the judge to pass a verdict on my Bible Commentaries versus that other nonsense about the 'infallible' Bible, and get that issue settled, and any other issues and disputes can be settled at the same time, when the judge rules.

Saving the 'Religious Right'

There is just one more piece of unfinished business I need to attend to, before I go on sabbatical. Now let us sit down and have a talk, then shall we...

A brief review of my history with the religious right

Since 1996 I have been working on the task of 'saving the people taken captive by the religious right.' Here it is 8 years later and I am still working on that task. Little did I know at the time just how terribly complex and difficult that task would prove to be, but I remain confident that in the end persistence will pay dividends. And despite the fact that I often do not understand other people or I misjudge what I see or misunderstand what is going on, nevertheless I still have a peculiar type of understanding all my own which informs me that the time to start collecting those dividends is now at hand.

Now, where should I begin? Perhaps it would be good to start with a brief over view of the situation as it now exists, and then I can move on from there.

First of all, I have a certain notoriety with the folks on what we could call 'the religious right', although how wide spread my reputation is I am not certain. Has everyone at least heard of me, or just lots of people, that is the question I roll around in my mind, but at the end of it all, it really doesn't matter, for if there are still some of you who have not yet heard of my notorious reputation, I am sure you will be hearing from me real soon now, thus giving me complete notoriety, if I have not achieved that yet. After all, 8 years is a long time, especially with all the water that has passed under the bridge since this all began.

While there is much that I could discuss, I feel that perhaps it would be best just to focus on a few key elements of the unfolding story. Now as you might recall, after my first four years of effort I go into a lot of trouble for losing my temper, and also for attempting to force the situation to hurry up. This was that notorious Easter Event back in the year 2000. The people who live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan would remember that terrible day, when the heavens roared with great fury. Everywhere you went in the city in the days that followed you saw people wide eyed with terror, some with faces filled with horror. As I said, the people who live in Saskatoon would have some memory of that terrible morning, the Monday morning after Easter Sunday in the year 2000, when I caught hell and got stopped dead in my tracks. I was just so angry and so frustrated, and I went over the top. That was the end result of that first four years.

Now after being put on ice for about 6 months, you might recall how I went back to work again, this time setting up a website, where I quietly began to work on my 'Bible analysis' pages, once again because I was hot on the trail of you folks over there in the religious right. And then in January of 2001, after you people refused to listen to me and voted for George Bush and the Republicans, you might recall how I started to post on the net about how all that roaring had started up again, and then I began to tell what I called 'prophecies' for a few months, up until the end of April of 2001, on Earth Day, April 22nd, when after those first few months of prophecy, I earned my wing. You might recall how I pestered some of you people on Friday, April 20th, with emails about that wing business. Then on the Tuesday after that, which would have been the 24thof April, NASA unintentionally broadcast live footage of one of those glowing craft via the cameras of the Space Shuttle. There was one small leak about that NASA video tape that came out at the beginning of June, 2001, about 5 weeks later, where some officials from NASA asked to see a video tape shot by an amateur and the report of this leak makes the comment that "officials at NASA are said to have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission." Because this event would have been embarrassing to the White House, being linked as it was to that Protest Wing at the Summit of the Americas on April 22nd, the decision was made to hide the existence of the tape from the public, and nothing has been seen of it since that time. For this reason, on Wednesday the main computer, the back up, and the stand by computer systems on the Space Station failed, a failure of a system with triple redundancy which is statistically improbable, and therefore, as far as I am concerned is related to the decision to hide that extremely important video tape shot by NASA on Tuesday. According to the story at the time, "Technicians worked through the night to restore control over the orbiting platform after losing contact with its payload computer system, a backup and a standby on Wednesday." And in another story we were told, "you can rest assured that everybody that knows anything about a computer is now at Johnson Space Center in Houston, and we're all working hard on it," said space station flight director Mark Ferring....scientists struggled to try to put the fault right..."The situation is strange to us at this point, and we are trying to sort that out, yet it doesn't appear to be causing any huge problems on board the station," a Nasa operations manager, Milt Heflin, said." It is interesting to me to note that NASA was having a bad week after having shot that video of that glowing space craft and then the decision was made to protect George Bush from public embarrassment by hiding this vitally important video tape from the public.

The same procedure is once again being followed after, just a few days back, I was put under some kind of audio surveillance by American intelligence, possibly in cooperation with CSIS, the Canadian Intelligence Agency, a story I have told previously and which I need not repeat in detail here, since it is reported on my website, but in any case, this audio tape of that furious roaring, directed towards the Pentagon, and having to do with threatening the destruction of those troops in Iraq, once again a vital piece of tape, is once again being hidden from the public. IN both these cases vital information is being withheld from the public about events of truly major significance to all of humanity, in particular as it relates to their place in the universe and other such grand questions, and all this just to protect some paltry politician. An interesting practice to take note of and contemplate...

A brief sketch of the background to the above events

The following is a repeat of some history I have covered before, and if this is redundant, skip to the next section...

I do have some notoriety with the folks in the religious right, and it is for reasons such as this. All that you see unfolding here is just a continuation of something that began long ago.

When I was twelve I heard a voice coming out of nowhere which said, 'the telephone is going to ring, your grandfather is dead.' About a minute later this happened. After I was praying about starving babies, I was approached by a bright luminous object in Banff national Park in 1974. This would be one of the same type of craft which NASA so generously offered to film in April of 2001, as mentioned above. I was fifteen at the time. First it was 'wrapped in a cloud' (animations -> Jasper.ram - real media or Jasper.mpg - windows media or view an animated gif if you do not have media playing software. The object then returned surrounded by a giant rainbow halo. You can see a drawing that I made of the object in the 1975 issue of Canadian UFO report, by clicking here --> cufor page 3 gif file - 46K .


I have taken people out to see these flying craft, (myself and some friends of mine were 'dive bombed' by one of these craft a few years ago - lake.ram - real media or, lake.avi - windows media. As if all this is not enough I also have a 'poltergeist' story to tell as my friend's house got haunted by one of those 'devils', as I call them (see A Devil story) and you can follow a link on my newspaper page to read testimony from RCM Police officers who also saw them.

A few months after the events at Banff, I received my driver's licence and the number on it was

'0 9 0 6 6 6 0 6'


And of course when you are dragging around some '6 6 6' you get a bit of notoriety among the folks in the religious right for that reason as well...

Answering the religious right

You might notice a bit of a pattern emerging here. I tell people my story, they don't believe me, then NASA helps out a bit by filming one of these craft, which is nifty, because given how they did not plan to film the object, and given how embarrassing that object would have been to Bush, given that whole business of the protest at the Summit of the Americas, you can see how we eliminate that bad problem of whether or not such a tape was fraudulent, since the source of this particular piece of video tape is impeccable. Now if I tell people that weird story about that 'devil' haunting a house, I can also show them that '6 6 6', which also does suggest that the story I was telling about Banff was true, with NASA helping out with the telling of that tale as well, although only certain very privileged and powerful people were allowed to know the truth, keeping it hidden from everyone else, but still, at least it gave me someone to talk to about these things, even if it was just those people. I tell people that YAHWEH told me to save the religious right, no one believes me, and then on Easter 2000 the whole city of Saskatoon has a good reason to believe me. I tell people YAHWEH was roaring with anger when George Bush came into office in 2001, no one believes me, next thing you know I get a wing. I tell those people to stay out of Afghanistan and not to invade Iraq, and next thing you know I get an audio tape with a particularly nasty threatening message, which once again only powerful people are privileged to know about, but once again at least I have someone to talk about on these matters, even if it is just those people.

Now having made note of this pattern, we can see that I am also busy right now, and it makes one wonder what I will be getting next, does it not? With that in mind it makes me want to ask just what you religious right folks think you are accomplishing by piling up one act of stubborn resistance after another, because things do have a way of going my way, even if it does take some time, and as you would notice, I am very persistent, and there is a reason for that, because I know where I am going, even if I have never known how I was going to get there or just how long it was going to take.

I know that it must be the case that you folks over there in the 'religious right', many of you in any case, must be 'God's people' or it would never have been possible to deceive you and terrify you and thus enslave you to the religious right. And enslaved you are, which is why I have been so busy, and which is why I am now preparing to launch Spiritual War Fare by declaring full scale war against the leaders of the rebellion, the leaders of the religious right, with the express aim of shattering all their decades of work, and burning it all to the ground. With that having been said, and with you, the people of the religious right as the object being fought over, you can understand how they might become rather angered and decide to fight back. With that in mind, I provide you with the following canned answers to what I would anticipate to be the most likely objections and criticisms.

He's evil


The starved baby counter on my website is approaching sixty million. That is how many babies I have had to put up with having starve to death while all this extra work was being done, most of it to establish to you people once and for all that you were wrong, and that you should have listened to me and you should have listened to God, and done what is right in the first place. Those are harsh words, but nevertheless it is true, and it is something to keep in mind if you are ever thinking to yourself that your sins are a mere small trifling matter, or that somehow that meaningless mumbling that passes for a sermon in the religious right is somehow acceptable and not a really big problem or some kind of terrible sin.

You might also recall how stubborn and rebellious your ancestors were, which explains how you wound up in this place, and if you have any doubts about whether or not that might be the truth, well you consider your own stubbornness and then understand why your ancestors were sent packing and then all these evils things surrounded them, while prayers went unanswered. Well not all prayers, since my prayers were heard, as I explained before, but that was only because I was praying for the right sort of things and it was something that we could both agree upon, so I got my answer.

Now having said that, I ask you to consider the following story. Once there was a man who built himself a very large barn, and in it he hoarded a very large amount of grain. You see he was just that rich, and meanwhile, in the country side around him, people were starved out like the ones you see in the photograph above, and you can multiply that by sixty million to cover the time span of these last few years, since you people decided to vote Bush in 2000, even though I told you not to do that... Is it not cruel for that man to be hoarding all that grain in his barn, while the country side starves to death all around him? Now that was awful, and there was a king in the land, but the King rather than stopping that man from hoarding all that grain, sent out warriors to threaten those hungry mobs so they wouldn't raid the barn. There were also preachers in that land, for are there not always ministers, but they never made a big stink about that scandalous barn, or the scandalous murders and threats that were used to protect that barn, but nevertheless always found something to mumble about on a Sunday, since people around there did like to get religion and go to church. Furthermore, when that King told lies about how he was sending out the troops to fight terror, or fight the war against drugs and various other cover stories he told, those ministers kept quiet about that whole business, so as to help the King, and they also made sure that everyone in church supported the King, even though once in a blue moon a prophet might show up to try to straighten them out, something they were sure and certain to fiercely resist (making the charge that the prophet was pure evil).

You can compare this story to the evil attitude of your religious right ministers, who don't have a problem with that barn hoarding problem, indeed they tell everyone that God blessed the man with the barn, which is why his barn was so full, and then they encourage you to set the goal of having such a barn yourself, since apparently, your ministers want to send you right straight to hell. Furthermore, a lot of your more successful ministers have such a barn themselves, and don't want anyone raiding their barn, which explains why they admire barn builders, being such barn builders themselves, which explains why they keep telling you to support the King, since the task of the King is to protect the barn, and so we can see that since your ministers are hell bound and determined to go to hell themselves apparently they would like to take as many of you with them as possible on the theory that otherwise hell would be a lonely place to be, and they would miss your company down in hell.

He is sending you to hell

Now as you know I preach what is right, and what I preach would pretty much agree with what you have already read in such places as a gospel or a Jewish prophet in your Bible. If you are paying attention, then you will know that your religious right minister is always finding novel and creative new ways to screw up and twist and distort and finally turn those same Bible verses of yours upside down, thus making that man with the barn into the hero, while of necessity, either ignoring the starved out mass of people in the countryside, or finding some way to blame them for what happened to them, even though it is obvious that there is only one earth, and that means that if that one earth is not shared, someone will have to do without, so that someone else can build a barn, something that will eventually have to be explained to God Almighty, as you have been warned about before.

I could exhaust myself discussing this matter here, but I don't feel like it, and instead I will just say that if you won't listen to me, then it is probably true that you would not listen even if someone came back from the dead just to tell you that one severe warning message, in which case I suppose I should not get myself tied up in knots over the matter, but instead I should just let you go straight to hell with your minister, since you won't listen to any warning, even the warning given to you on this matter if it was given to you by someone who came back from the dead, who one would assume would out rank your minister for that very reason..

Which leaves me to wonder just how you were planning to go to hell, since there is no really easy to do something like that, given how going to hell is by definition impossible. Were you perhaps planning to stick in one toe, and check the heat, and then if its not to bad, work on putting in two feet? Perhaps you could get used to hell a little at a time, by taking warmer and warmer baths, until you work your way up to boiling water, thus proving that hell really is something you can get used to given enough time. Or maybe you might want to get up on a diving board and do a triple gainer or a swan dive into the pits of hell, just like people dive right into cold water to quickly get over the shock of the splash. Then again it is probably the case that you will have to be grabbed kicking and screaming and just thrown right into hell, since going to hell voluntarily is by definition impossible, thus meaning that you will of course have to be forced down into hell, since no one ever could just volunteer to go to hell.

He's the Anti-Christ

Now never let it be said that a Dragon does not think ahead and make plans for the future. And so naturally, given how Dragon's make plans, I am going to be given some static and have some problems, especially when I say things like what I just said, and there really is no answer that any one can give in response to what I just said that could possibly serve as a justification, and therefore it will become necessary to start throwing some muck and just hope that something sticks.

Now you might recall the day you 'got saved' when some frocked up terrorist in a pulpit tried inducing guilt in you and then attempted to inspire terrorism in your heart, in the hopes of creating a compliant shell shocked zombie sheep, something called the Stockholm Syndrome, where by the victim of a terrorist assault begins to identify with the terrorist, and even help the terrorist and join with the terrorist, in the hope of being saved from any more terrorism. As you would recall what are referred to as 'evangelists' in the religious right are terrorists, as you would recall if you remember their terrorist sermons that they deliver non stop in what are called 'salvation' or 'revival' services.

All this it is said is being done for Jesus, who is apparently the most brutal terrorist of them all, and someone therefore you want to identify with, and get on the good side of so he won't terrorize you forever in the flaming pits of hell.

Now speaking for myself, I don't worry about coals of hell or swan dives or how I am going to jump into hell, and how I am going to put up with hell once I get there, for you see I am a good person who loves truth and justice, and so that thought never crosses my mind. Your ministers can never stop thinking about hell, or making sermons about hell, since it is obviously on their minds a lot, the reason being pretty clear, since they never do what is right.

You might have noticed how it turns out to be the case that what I was preaching pretty much agrees with that Jesus of yours, while your minister is so creative and crafty in finding all sorts of novel and new ways to talk people out of just doing what that Jesus of yours said so they can support the extreme right wing instead. Now if it should be the case that your minister ever decides to stop contradicting Jesus on these matters I have brought to your attention, and just admit that this Jesus was left wing, and not a religious right figure at all, well in that case we could say that your minister was 'Pro-Jesus' instead of being so obstinately 'Anti-Jesus' like he is right now. However if it turns out to be true that Jesus really does like people who build big barns and hoard the earth's resources to themselves leaving others to do without, yes, if Jesus really is a nasty and thoughtless cruel brute like that, if Jesus is evil in otherwords, and not good at all, well in that case I suppose it would be true that I would be the "Anti-Christ', guilty as charged, and given what a devil Jesus was, I would be proud to be called 'Anti-Christ' and would be the first one to claim the honor of that glorious title.

He is a liar

Now it is pretty easy to call me a liar, given how every time I get something from my God, it gets hidden from the people, thus making it extra hard to prove myself to anyone except the world's most privileged and powerful people, which I suppose, is at least something, since at least I got to prove myself to someone, even if it wasn't you. However I do still have a few small scraps of proof left over from the constant attacks made upon me in just this way, and I guess that when it comes time for you to be judged, and the decision made whether or not to throw you into hell for being bad, they will have to consider your argument in your own defense which states that although I had evidence, it was always kept hidden, lamps being slammed under barrels every single time, and therefore you have an excuse since no one let you see all that stuff, thus giving you a reason to do what is cruel and unjust, and saving you from hell. On the other hand, I would suppose that given how you were allowed to see at least some of my evidence, even if so far not all my evidence, and you were still being so damnable stubborn, it must be assumed that one or two more pieces of evidence would not make the difference, since you would probably not listen even if someone who rose from the dead came back to tell you that message, which would be a remarkable example of stubborn defiance, but given how your ancestors got banished to a place full of evil like this one, perhaps not totally unexpected.

Now we know that according to Adolph, if you are going to lie to the people you should always tell a GREAT BIG LIE, since the people, being gullible and trusting souls, do not believe that anyone could ever tell a great big lie, and thus they will believe what you said. So then, when it comes to being a liar, you should never go for the gold, when you can go for the jackpot.

Now any reasonable person would know that if God told Jack not to do evil and then God told Jack to do evil, what we have here is a contradiction. Unless a minister is allowed to deal with that problem, in which case what we have is a fine example of the inerrancy and infallible nature of the Word of that God. It turns out, according to some preacher, that you can pound a round peg into a square hole provided that you are full of a ghost, in which case such nonsense we are told suddenly makes perfect sense.

Now I am a good person, and I defend the weak and the helpless, as you know, which is a good thing to be doing, and I am sure that at the very least we can agree on that, unless you are a devil, in which case I suppose that would cause you some problems because then you would be out of a job. We know that devils cause nothing but trouble for good people, that being apparently part of the job description of being a devil, so that devils can make even good people look really bad, or at least they can try to make good people bad, by sticking them with the label of a devil, as I showed you happened to me in the past, devils apparently being the type to always plan ahead. Given this fact one can understand that one could not expect to crack open something like a Bible and not expect to find that a devil decided to take up some of that book writing and book editing itself, since as I pointed out to you before, devils always like to plan ahead.

And for this reason the Bible, as you would know, is contradictory, since it is hard to get a devil and an angel to agree about anything. If a minister is hard at work making excuses for that devil well that can only mean that for some naughty reason that minister likes devils, since apparently that minister likes what those devils wrote so much as to not be able to endure being parted from those contradictory devil writings. Thus we find ministers always hard at work trying to pound some round peg belonging to some devil into some square hole belonging to God. This is not surprising at all, since devils like to plan ahead, and that means that devils knew there would be ministers and thus they supplied the required round pegs ahead of time so that ministers would have round pegs since apparently they are not much interested in square pegs preferring the round ones instead.

Now having said all this I will just point out to you that I have posted some of my examinations of that round peg and square hole problem in the form of a zip file. bible commentary zip. Use the right side mouse button and from the pop up menu choose 'save target as' or 'save link as' depending on your browser version to save the file to your drive. Those of you who are not interested in learning anything from a devil might want to consult what I have written, and assuming you are an honest person, you can then say, 'that is the truth', and then just throw that contradictory round peg away, instead of trying to harmonize that round peg into that square hole, and maybe find a new minister while you are at it, one who actually tells the truth instead of telling lies about the Bible all the time, thus taking the name of God in vain and uttering endless blasphemies, for no other reason than that devils always plan ahead and thus provided round pegs because they knew there would always be ministers around who would require such round pegs..

The hidden prophecies

Now some of you might know that ministers also like to hide things, just like devils do, an interesting thing to note and consider. Perhaps some of you like to snuff out candles and blow out lamps yourselves, thus doing the work of a devil while claiming to work for God, which is also what devils tell people, so you would have that in common.

After April 22nd, 2001, I released something I called the Earth Day Prophecies. You might recall that I told you people that if those prophecies failed, I would never hear the end of the matter, getting my nose rubbed into it real good, but if I was a success, well then those prophecies would be buried in the bottomless pit, never to be seen again.

Now some of you might be asking, 'what Earth Day prophecies' and the reason you would be asking is because, alas, they went down into the bottomless pit (for a time, but they will return later to haunt everyone). Yes I did a remarkable job, and it makes you wonder how well I am about to do right now, back on the job as I am and predicting flying bricks.

If you have a copy of those hidden prophecies you might want to go and lift up the barrel just long enough to bring out that lamp, just to confirm that the lamp remains under the barrel and no one ran off with the damn thing, thus ruining everything.

You might recall that in those hidden prophecies I told you that one day I would be back to tell prophecies again, only this time, instead of giving my prophecies to you, for 'safe keeping' so that you could hide them, snuffing out wicks and hiding lamps under barrels, I told you that the second time I would do it all in public, and that time I told you about before is now.

And so you find me picking up on the themes in that former prophecy. For example, you might recall how I said that the people in that flat building, with many wings, where just one wing of the building would be damaged by the aerial attack bombing, the people in the surviving wings would be singled out by YAHWEH for extra special punishment, and that YAHWEH would be back for those people later. Well, they have already received a down payment on that prophecy over at the Pentagon, and full payment remains due. So YAHWEH will destroy their troops in Iraq, and YAHWEH will destroy everything, their aircraft carriers, their air craft, their bombers and their jets, their support vessels. YAHWEH will destroy everything.

He is a homo

Now you might recall that during my previous episode as a prophet of YAHWEH, back when Bush first got into office, just before that whole wing business and the space shuttle business and so on, I posted the following warning to the religious right churches.

"I will restore the fortunes of Sodom and I shall restore yours at the same time. When you bring them comfort you will bear your shame and feel disgraced for what you have done. After your sister Sodom becomes what she was of old, then you yourself will be restored likewise. Did you not speak contemptuously of your sister Sodom in the days of your arrogant pride, before your own wickedness was exposed? Even know you are finding out what it is like to be despised by all your neighbours. Now you must bear the consequences of your lewd and abominable conduct. I shall treat you as you deserve for you have violated the terms of your covenant. You will remember your past conduct and feel ashamed and humiliated so that you will never open your mouth again. This is the Word of Yahweh God." (Ezekiel chapter 16 verse 53)

Now as you naughty religious right churches might recall, I warned you that you would wind up fulfilling prophecy, but darned if you did not go right ahead and fulfill prophecy in any case. Because you see, the way that this prophecy business works is that you are told a prophecy not so that you can fulfill it, but rather so that you can avoid fulfilling it, since nothing is carved in stone in this world, and thus you could avoid doing so if that was your personal choice.

Now given how very extra naughty you have been, especially over the last year or so with that big stink you were making about 'gay marriage', I am left to wonder if you would like to pile the heap of sins a little higher, if it is not high enough yet, by then being stubborn about fulfilling the rest of your prophecy.

Now you will notice that the prophecy states that you will be getting restored. It does not say anything about how you were going to be raptured away in your holiness, at which time the homos, such as myself, would burn in hell as they so richly deserved. No rather what is states is that first the homo gets restored, and then it is at that time that you get restored. But first you would have to behave quite arrogantly and speak contemptuously, like you just did last year, and then you would have all your own wickedness exposed, as you are experiencing now, for as it was said, never judge, and never condemn, well, unless you were planning to be judged and condemned yourself, in which case one must suppose, just go for it.

Therefore I bring this matter to your attention, since I would suppose that your ministers, hard luck cases that they are, might want to speak contemptuously some more, since apparently ministers can never sin often enough being the most consistent and worst sinners in town, but for your part, I think you have been bad enough already, and thus maybe you should just give it a break and start doing your prophecy the right way, thus sparing yourself from taking the inevitable trip down into hell with your minister.

He doesn't preach Jesus

Now I can predict that your minister will start yacking away about how I don't name drop the name of 'Jesus' all the time, thus proving that I am not offering people Jesus, like your name dropping ministers do, since your ministers are going to be rather hard up for charges they can lay against me in the days to come, so I do not discount for a moment the possible effects of their creativity and their great diligence.

Now in answer to that I will say that I am rather busy being a Christian, you know dragging a cross around, to bother with all that name dropping of the name of Jesus, since the best way to glorify a cross is to throw one over your shoulder and drag it around all over the place.

Now you might recall that a cross is an instrument of torture used by the powerful ruling elites of Rome as a instrument to inflict terror and death on anyone who challenged their power and wealth. So naturally if you are going to defend the cause of the weak and helpless and save them from the clutches of the powerful people who are crushing and grinding the poor, naturally you will need to carry a cross everywhere you go, since you can never forget that if you are challenging the powers that they will of course really want to nail you good for that one. When you do that naturally people will think of Jesus, what with the cross being dragged around and all, and thus they will name drop the name of Jesus themselves, making all that name dropping unnecessary and thus I don't feel the need to bother.

None of this agrees with prophecy

There are two ways to look at prophecy. According to the way I do things, nothing is carved in stone, the future is fluid and ever changing, and what happens depends on what people do and the choices that they make.

The second way to look at prophecy is the way your prophets do it, which is to be fatalistic, and assume that the future of the country is predicted with astonishing accuracy by the great prophet Micah, and nothing in the world can ever change that stunning prophecy. Therefore there is nothing that can be done except to give out that call so characteristic of the fatalistic prophet, which is 'everyone to the life boats.' Yes, wherever you find a fatalistic prophet, you will find that rapture dogma, since when the future is fixed and cannot be changed, what is the point in trying to change anything or help the world. Indeed, if the world became a better place, instead of going to hell in a hand basket, well that ruin prophecy, which is why you find ministers adamantly opposed to the Salt treaties on arms controls, for fear that the world might not blow itself sky high, thus fulfilling the armageddon prophecy. So then we can see that no only do fatalistic prophets not try to make the world a better place, they actually do everything they can to make damn sure the world stays bad, or even gets worse and worse all the time, thus making sure that prophecy does get fulfilled and bringing on the coming of the Lord and so on.

This causes no end of trouble, and once again being a fatalistic prophet makes a minister into a type of anti-Jesus, for as you know, it was said, for example, 'Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the Children of God' and it is pretty hard to be a peace maker when you are stirring up trouble in the Middle East and opposed to every peace settlement so that the Middle East can stay really violent and thus bring on the end of the world as we know it. We were also told to 'pound our spears into pruning hooks.' Now a pruning hook is an agricultural device, and has to do with feeding people, so you can understand that we should work to use that half a trillion dollar military budget to feed the poor, unless we want to end the world, in which case that would be the last thing we would want to do. And all wars are wars of looting and plunder, whereby the rich people of one country plot to sack and loot the rich people of some other country, and given how loathsome such conduct is, getting rid of war is a noble idea. Furthermore, there are billions of super poor and desperate people in the world while all the wealth is hoarded in big barns by a small elite, and the only way to prevent those hoards from rising up and storming the barn is to keep a military power on hand to crush and grind the poor, another really bad idea, and not something you would want to support if you wanted to stay out of hell, unless you are a minister or prophet, in which case you would have to support that so that the world can stay violent enough to destroy itself in the end, while becoming full of terrorism, crime, and violence in the meantime, so that this can prove to people how much sin there is and thus how much they need to accept Jesus into their hearts so that they can reserve a seat for themselves on the life boat..

As I said, all these bad things are being done to 'fulfill prophecy' which gives prophecy a really bad name, which explains why if you tell people you were 'a prophet of YAHWEH' they give you a lot of static, because everyone knows how evil it is to be a prophet of YAHWEH, which is why I found myself accused of evil deeds over and over again, when, really, it was just your ministers and prophets of who were guilty of those evil deeds thus smearing the name and reputation of not only the old prophets of YAHWEH, but the name of God as well in the process.

Yes, all this was being done to 'fulfill prophecy' by not fulfilling prophecy, making sure never to beat a spear into a pruning hook, never to be a peace maker, never to fight for justice and make the world a better place. And there are so many other prophecies that never get fulfilled so that prophecy can be fulfilled, a truly strange situation that does not make sense, and I point this out to you in case you were wondering how you go about picking a prophet, thus confusing yourself and staying confused, blinding yourself and staying blind (for God has covered the heads of your prophets, and blinded the eyes of your seers, so to them the whole message of those prophets has become just words sealed in a scroll.)

As another example of what I mean, as you now I am campaigning for populism and PEOPLE POWER, in particular the establishment of an alternative voting system, controlled entirely by the people, without so much as being touched by the elites, so that populism can have a channel through which it can flow, instead of being like a huge wall of water backed up behind a dam like it is right now. You might recall how the prophet Isaiah stated that when the time of restoration came, that Kings would become our slaves and the riches of the nations would begin to flow through our hands. Now if you can think of a better way to fulfill a prophecy and make a King into our slave rather than our master like it is right now, if you have a plan that is superior to the idea I have proposed, let me hear it. So far I have heard nothing better, and so at the present time my idea remains the only valid option thus making it the right choice, thus fulfilling that very important prophecy which we would not want to set aside for fear that prophecy would not be fulfilled. Well unless you are a devil, in which case you would be looking for some tricky way to see to it that prophecy is not fulfilled, while of course being dishonest and tricky about, so as to make it seem like prophecy was being fulfilled when actually it wasn't being fulfilled, thus making a King a King and keeping slaves enslaved, and if you are such a devil, well then I suppose I should just leave you to your work.

Previously I mentioned Micah and the superstition that holds that such prophets were busy predicting such things as the cold war and the invasion of Russia and commit China into the Oil Fields of the Middle East and so on, thus showing how these ancient Jewish prophets were as up to date as the latest newspapers (although such cold war prophecies seem a little dated at the present, although they continue to be peddled, even after it turns out that it was the United States and Britain who seemed best to fit that Gog and Magog prophecy, not Russia and China, but never under estimate the stubbornness of dogma or the flexibility of those prophets).

If one were to study Micah, one would find out that rather than looking in to some crystal ball, and fatalistically predicting the future, he was busy with such things as land reform, for you see, a tiny oligarchy had gobbled up all the land and the wealth in the country, making Israel at the time much like such places as Columbia or El Salvador or countless other countries are today. Now you might notice that Micah also damns the religion of his day, and the false prophets and bad ministers of his time, who, much like it is at your church, do not bother much with that land reform problem Micah was working on, which would make them remarkably similar to your ministers and prophets today, when you stop to think about it. Furthermore, those religious people just hated Micah's land reform policy, and told him to stop preaching about that, but instead to preach a nice message about all the great blessings that religious people get from God as their reward for being religious. Just as Washington sends money to the murderous military of Columbia to crush the rising rebellion and prevent the masses of poor from storming the vaults of the oligarchy, consisting of a handful of families who own everything in the country, so the Kings in Micah's time were crushing the people and breaking their bones, constantly doing evil, just like Washington. After damning the corruption of religion in his time, he then makes note of the fact that the military is useful only for violence against the poor or for plundering the country next door, and makes his famous sermon about pounding that military machine into a harvester. Given the great similarities between the situation in Micah's day, and the situation before me at this present time, it seemed good to me to quote this interesting prophecy, just as an example of what a real prophet of YAHWEH is, and how they go about their business, just in case you didn't know, having gone to church one to many times and listened to one to many sermons. The quotation is from Micah chapter 2...

Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil upon their beds! When the morning dawns, they perform it, because it is in the power of their hands to do so. They covet fields, and seize them; and houses, and take them away; they oppress a man and his house, and rob a man of his inheritance. Therefore thus says YAHWEH: Behold, against this evil family I am devising evil, from which you cannot remove your necks; and you shall not walk haughtily, for it will be an evil time. In that day they shall take up a taunt song against you, and wail with bitter (pretended) lamentation, and say, "We are utterly ruined; he changes the portion of my people; how he removes my riches from me! Among our captors he divides our fields." Therefore you will have none to cast the line by lot in the assembly of YAHWEH. (What he means here is that after the land reform they will be left with not a square acre of land).

(Here the religious people give him hell for preaching land reform) ... "Do not preach" ?thus they preach?"one should not preach of such things; disgrace will not overtake us." (Here they damn the prophet, saying that he should not say such things at church, that he is no prophet, that people get blessed for being religious not cursed by some prophet).... Should this be said in the house of God? Has God truly run out of patience? Are the works of this prophet the works of God? Are not the words of God blessings for all the righteous? If a man should go about and utter wind and lies, saying, "I will preach to you of wine and strong drink," he would be the preacher for this people! And I said: Hear, you heads, you rulers of my people! Is it not for you to know justice?? you who hate the good and love the evil, who tear the skin from off my people, and their flesh from off their bones; who eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them, and break their bones in pieces, and chop them up like meat in a kettle, like flesh in a caldron. Then they will cry to YAHWEH, but God will not answer them; God will hide God's face from them at that time, because they have made their deeds evil. Therefore it shall be night to you, without vision, and darkness to you, without divination. The sun shall go down upon the prophets, and the day shall be black over them; the seers shall be disgraced, and the diviners put to shame; they shall all cover their lips, for there is no answer from God. But as for me, I am filled with power, with the Spirit of YAHWEH, and with justice and might, to declare to them their transgression and their sin.

Hear this, you leaders, who abhor justice and pervert everything that is right, who build your nation with blood and found your cities with wrong. Its heads give judgment for a bribe, its priests teach for hire, its prophets divine for money; yet they lean upon YAHWEH and say, "Is not YAHWEH in the midst of us? No evil shall come upon us." Therefore because of you your religious temple shall be plowed as a field; it shall become a heap of ruins.

It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the house of YAHWEH shall be established as the highest of the mountains, and shall be raised up above the hills; and peoples shall flow to it...For out of Eden shall go forth the law...for he will judge even strong nations and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more

Repentance and penance

Now do I really have to tell you people how to repent? First you stop doing evil, and learn to do good. Do not send another DIME to the religious right, for both the Helped and the Helper will stumble and both will fall together. You pay attention to everything I have told you, and you start doing those things instead. Do not be like your ancestors long ago, to whom the former prophets said, 'turn from those evil and wicked ways and practices' but they refused to listen. And where are your ancestors now? Did they live? Are they not buried in graves? So therefore God punished your ancestors as their deeds and their conduct deserved, and as YAHWEH was determined to do.

Spread the word

So then spread the word. We are going to court, to get these matters settled by a judge. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell the friend of a friend of a friend. Pass it on. I know I have some notoriety with the religious right, so pass it on. You might say, 'the time for that troublesome and noxious prophet to finally stumble and fall off the mountain top has finally at long last come...finally we shall be rid of him and his Holy One.' Yes, you might say that, depending on how stubborn you people really are, although really, you have taken nothing but a beating and suffered loss after loss at my hands, but hey, if you are up to a few more losses then by all means, I will leave you to your work.. Pass it on. Tell a friend to tell the friend of a friend of a friend...

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Rise up rise up
Oh rise and show your power
Rise up rise up
Everybody dance into the sun
Rise up rise up
It's time for celebration
Rise up rise up
The spirits time has come

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One last thing I forgot...the Lyrics to the song 'Rise Up' by the Parachute Club...

Rise up rise up
Oh rise and show your power
Rise up rise up
Were dancing into the sun
Rise up rise up
It's time for celebration
Rise up rise up
Spirits time has come

We want lovin' we want laughter again
We want heartbeat
We want madness to end
We want dancin'
We wanna run in the streets
We want freedom to live in this peace
We want power
We want to make it ok
Want to be singin' at the end of the day
Children to breathe a new life
We want freedom to love who we please

Rise up rise up
Oh rise and show your power
Rise up rise up
Everybody dance into the sun
Rise up rise up
It's time for celebration
Rise up rise up
The spirits time has come

Talkin' 'bout the right time to be workin' for peace
Wantin' all the tension in the world to ease
This tightrope's gotta learn how to bend
We're makin' new plans
Gonna start it again

Rise up rise up
Oh rise and show your power
Rise up rise up
Everybody dance into the sun
Rise up rise up
It's time for celebration
Rise up rise up
The spirits time has come

Rise up now

It's time, it's time, it's time

Rise up rise up
Oh rise and show your power
Rise up rise up
But dance into the sun
Rise up rise up
It's time for a celebration
Rise up rise up
Everbody's time has come
Spirits time has come
Spirits time has come

Rise up rise up
Oh rise and show your power
Rise up rise up
All dance into the sun
Rise up rise up
It's time for a celebration
Rise up rise up
Everbody's time has come
Spirits time has come
Spirits time has come
Rise up rise up
Oh rise and show your power...

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it's my birthday