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Cobb sues Blackwell in Federal Court over Ohio Recount

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb says Republican Secretary of State is stalling. Sues in Federal Court.
For immediate release: December 2, 2004
Contact: Blair Bobier, Media Director at 541.929.5755

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb today filed
counterclaims in the United States District Court for the Southern District
of Ohio against Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, asserting
that Blackwell is stalling the Ohio recount and abusing his authority.

The counterclaims have been alleged in pending litigation in
federal court which originated in Delaware County, Ohio, when that county's
board of elections asked a local state court judge to stop the recount in
Delaware County. The state court judge issued a temporary restraining order
attempting to prevent Cobb, Libertarian Michael Badnarik and their attorney's
from seeking a recount of the presidential ballots cast in that county.

On Tuesday, Cobb asked a federal court to take jurisdiction in
the case. The Kerry-Edwards campaign also moved to intervene in the case in
defense of Cobb and Badnarik's position.

The suit filed today by Cobb, Badnarik and the National Voting
Rights Institute alleges that Blackwell is abusing his discretionary
authority and is, in effect, stalling. The suit asks that the recount begin
immediately and be completed by the federally declared "safe harbor" date of
December 7 and by December 13, when the presidential electors are scheduled
to meet. The suit also demands that Blackwell not declare the results of
the election as official and final and that the presidential electors not be
certified until the recount has been completed.

The legal documents and related information are available on the
campaign website,  http://www.votecobb.org. Information about the Green
Party can be found at  http://www.gp.org.


homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org