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there will be a civil war in iraq during the next few years
What is the possibility of a civil war in Iraq if this election is held in January 05? Have you heard any of our wonderful journalist talk about this, no---well I'll be damned! Bush wants the election in January because it shows he has won. Liberals who have been saying since Bush went into Iraq that he can not win this war; will watch in horror as Bush cuts and runs leaving the Iraqi people in a mess. He will blame the Iraqis for screwing everything up, that what this shithead does, blame others for his fuck ups. Here is the final turn in this race, the Shia have 60% of the vote and they want the election now, but will wait until January. The Sunni can't get out of their houses to campaign or to vote and only have about 20% of the population and know they are going to lose big time. The Kurds are having a wonderful time in the north, they are building, creating a society and will not let the Shia tell them what to do, ever. This my friends is called an old Irish stew and it will boil over and burn everybody in the area. 2005 in going to be a wonderful year.

Sunnis warn of civil war over timing of election

THE largest Sunni party in Iraq gave warning yesterday of civil war unless the January 30 elections are delayed to allow it to compete on equal terms.

From Stephen Farrell in Baghdad

12/02/04 "The Times" -- The Iraqi Islamic Party said that the once-powerful Sunni minority could turn against fellow Iraqis if they are left with little stake in a future National Assembly dominated by Shias and Kurds. The warning came as Sheikh Ghazi al-Yawer, the Sunni interim president, admitted that calls for a postponement were causing a growing rift between the communities, although he played down the threat of violence.

But Yousef Ghadban, technical director of the Iraqi Islamic Party, which recently withdrew from the government in protest at the US-led assault on Fallujah, said that internecine violence was a very real prospect unless electoral commissioners delayed the poll for six months.

He said that death threats against candidates and continuing violence in the Sunni Triangle had made it impossible for his and other Sunni parties to match the Shias' and Kurds' progress in registering and canvassing supporters. He said: "Many experts have warned of a civil war after the elections, and certainly this could happen in Iraq."

they were warned repeatedly, and in no uncertain terms... 02.Dec.2004 15:30

this thing here

given the current situation in iraq, it is entirely plausible to assume the possibility of a civil war in iraq. afterall, this possibility was pointed out to the bush admin. months before the war even began. and likewise, so was the insurgency. and likewise, so was the total lack of WMD's.

so far, that's 2 out of 3 for those against the war, and 0 and 2 for the bush admin...

given their record so far, it is also absolutely just to blame no one on earth but the bush admin. for a possible civil war in iraq...

Its going on now 02.Dec.2004 16:33


civilians are killing iraqis in uniform. Good enough definition for civil war for me.

Iraqi Kurds... 02.Dec.2004 17:15

are Sunnis...


the kurds 03.Dec.2004 04:23

next up

I don?t get it. The war in Iraq is still going on? I?m sorry if I?m new, but did you not see our president when he landed on the aircraft carrier and declared mission accompllished?

Am I missing something here, because I haven?t seen anything on Iraq in the news, I thought the war was over? I know we?re still looking for bin laden, but I thought Saddam was his brother and by getting him, we pretty much defeated Al-qaeda and stopped him from nuking vermont.

Didn?t we hand the country over to their new president Allawi, I mean he came here and gave a really moving speech on freedom that touched my soul.

The war is over, my father is friends with the president and he told me so.

I know the war on terror isn?t over, it?s going to last forever, in fact, have you seen the terrorists in Canada, calling our president a war criminal...If I were Bush, I would carpet bomb montreal just like we did baghdad.

My dad said that?s no good, because we have to get rid of the terrorists here first. I should know, my father explained that the boogey man lives in my closet and never to open it.

So have you made your christmas list to santa yet? I have, he?s bringing me a huge package of yellow ribbons made in china.