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USS CAPE HORN is in Olympia

The port of Olympia is once again on the verge of shipping weapons to Iraq. The ship is here and is being loaded right now.
The USS cape horn arrived at the port of olympia early this morning. At
aprox. 12:30 the loading gate was lowered and by 1:30 loading of
military materials such but not limited to large transport trucks,
Hummvees,and Shipping containers with undisclosed materials, was under
way. We need to get people out there and FAST!! The last ship was in and
out of the port in aprox. 28 hours. A reminder that this is the Fifth
military shipment to leave from the port of Olymnpia this year. We need
to stop the shipments of materials that are used to kill and destroy the
the lives and homes of our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Lets get out there and do it once and for all. See you at the port, I
guess the format that we used last time ( state & plum @ 4, then to the
port) is appropriate, but any other ideas lets hear em. SPREAD THE WORD!!
What Is 02.Dec.2004 15:29

The Point?

The supplies are also what protect the unfortunate soldiers who have been sent there. The supplies are going to get there somehow, Olympia, Tacoma, Portland, etc. It is one thing to protest, quite another to get between a long shoreman and their paycheck. Be careful. Peace out.

What bros and sister in Iraq 02.Dec.2004 19:37


I guess some people consider Zarqawi(sp?)and his ilk
their brothers and sisters.

The Point is made, and I don't have a brother or sister there, either... 02.Dec.2004 22:20

Justice Evans

Thank you for understanding that blocking supplies will only hurt the soldiers who are there. I've grown very weary of the way in which many of us on the left seem to forget the whole big picture when "protesting." We all know that the war is bad and that our soldiers SHOULD NOT BE IN IRAQ. We all know that there are humans there, most of them just like us (though not probably our brothers and sisters) who are living innocently and being killed in the wake of war. We CANNOT forget, that while our soldiers should not be there, to prevent their reciept of supplies would be equally inhumane. As Obama said Election night, "Our troops need to recieve the proper equipment and supplies, if they're gonna be there in Iraq." Could he be more right?

No one who opposes this war AND has a coherent thought in their head supports Zarqawi (as you said, sp?), but he is not who is being killed while living innocently. Presumably, he is still alive, and the death of his neighbors only does more to create men like Zarquawi.

So yeah. Careful what you wish for. I think a good wish, simply, would be for this war to end, this presidency to end, this "need-it-now, God, Faith, and Consumerism" society of ours to end. How we do that is the tricky part. Can't keep yelling at them, and trying to block shipments of supplies won't work. Symbolism doesn't work on people anymore, not like it used to. Neither does violence. As they say, "violence begets violence."

So, that is the problem. WHAT DO WE DO?

blockades historically work 03.Dec.2004 00:13

air force brat

Please, back away from the television. The American troops are in Iraq for obviously spurious reasons. They are cannon fodderfor a cartel of cynical rich businessmen. In addition to blockading shipments of weapons, etc, to Iraq and other outposts of empire, we need to stay clear that the poor and testosterone-driven among us(women have some, too, some more than others)are not the enemy. But we must take action, and support others who do. Putting one's body between the gun and the victim is courageous and necessary. The government we pay taxes to is doing this kiling in our names. We have a responsibility to resist, and to keep letting the soldiers know that what they are doing is a lie, and they need to stop.

Good idea, Justice Evans 03.Dec.2004 15:15

a wisher

I agree with your idea that instead of opposing this war in a material way, we should wish that it would go away. Historically, people wishing that wars would go away has worked much better than doing any actions.
Seriously, folks, this is a way to not only show that we are opposed to the war, but to put our bodies where our mouths are, so to speak. Any blockade, even a temporary one, would not only show that you truly care, but would seriously interfere with multiple military operations. Study history. There are multiple examples of people, for example longshoreman, refusing to ship war-bound materials, and of this slowing and sometimes stopping a war. If nothing else, this action would show the rest of the world that many americans are okay people who are not okay with imperialist invasions.