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Chance to tell Tom Potter about Critical Mass this Monday (6Dec)

Tom Potter will be attending the BTA Annual Meeting. This is a great opportunity to rally together and tell Tom Potter that the police harassment at Critical Mass is must end.
Hey All,
Tom Potter will be attending, and speaking briefly, at the BTA Annual Meeting at Woodstock Wine & Deli / 4030 SE Woodstock.
This is a grrreat opportunity for CM advocates to come out and let our new mayor know that we insist on an end to police harassment at CM. So let's get a visible and vocal group down there to tell him.
I would encourage a few things: make signs, dress creatively, be polite, and RSVP to the address at the link below. I am going to make up a blanket letter explaining the situation and inviting Mr. Potter to ride with us. I'll make lots of copies so people can sign them to give to our Mayor-to-be.

Description of meeting on BTA website:

I'll be at the Pub at the End of the Universe (SE 28th & Gladstone) at 6PM, so we can organize a little, and get a group to ride down together.

Hope to see you there.
Excellent opportunity! 02.Dec.2004 16:21


With a brand new city council, now's our chance to start pushing for a new agenda. Potter has already shown a distinct difference in style from the outgoing mayor, and an openness to people from the community, by, for example, participating in bike rides around the city with community activists. Let's seize the moment, and challenge him to make good on his word to be a different, more humane and creative kind of leader.

That's right in my neighborhood! I'd definitely like to go. Is the group you're organizing going to meet at the pub 6pm next Monday? If so, what time is the meeting with Potter? Do we need more time than that to strategize on our presentations? Should we maybe meet the day before?

2 Paths for Potter 02.Dec.2004 16:32

citi zen

Obviously the police are going to be nice and polite if Potter rides critical mass. So there are 2 options:

1) Potter could stealthily attend the ride to act as a witness (though I have no doubts the cops will be keeping tabs on him and changing their behavior accordingly).

2) Potter could announce his participation, and when all goes well, announce that he'll do it again from time to time. He may not witness the harassment but such a tactic could still put an end to it.

the cork's the thing 02.Dec.2004 20:24


I agree with the prior posts. but i would like to see an enlightened discussion about corking. not running stoplights where cross traffic is already flowing, but just holding up the cross traffic until the mass is though.

civil engineers please stand up.

perhaps presenting MrPotter with some valid proof of the abuse will help make this a reality. either way, we should try and remain on the new cheese's good side.

fire! 06.Dec.2004 19:47


ah hell.. lets just set fire to his bike already!