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Alan Graf's Press Conference Speech rebutted

Alan Graf's speech, copied to Indymedia, is full of misrepresentations. The plain fact is that the suit failed miserably to accomplish anything of real or lasting value.

The plaintiffs, with the exception of Lloyd Marbet, were satisifed with a cash payment and no changes in the Police Department policies and practices, nor were the guilty parties punished in any way. The litigants settled by using the tax payer's money and calling it done. Tax payer money isn't the problem; police brutality and poor decision making is the problem. This suit in no way effects either of the two. In fact, it simply reinforces the City position that it can buy its way out of any problem, and that criminal actions by City employees can be ignored.

Comment: No, the real problem we have is that people would rather whine than act creatively and intelligently, and sling mud and pick nits with the people who are already doing so. Have a little vision! Let me offer you a very realistic scenario how this judgment can be very useful: [ more comments ]

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