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Sunday's Anti-Inauguration Planning Meeting: what's on the table??

Some ideas for J20 Anti-Inauguration Day in preperation for the planning meeting THIS SUNDAY at noon at Liberty Hall.

See  http://j20pdx.net or  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/11/304417.shtml for more details!
This Sunday at Liberty Hall folks will be gathering to make plans for J20 anti-inauguration activities. Liberty Hall is at 311 N. Ivy ( 1 block south of Fremont, 2 blocks west of Vancouver Ave). The meeting is at 12 noon.

The meeting will be consensus based run, facilitated, and an agenda has already been drawn up.
Email contact__at__j20pdx.net for more details!

Here is a basic overview of the ideas suggested so far for J20:
1) Rally, march w/ permit
2) Protest, stree actions wo/permit
3) School & University walkouts / General Stike / don't go to work day
4) Push for autonomous actions around the city
5) Pre-planned mass civil disobedience
6) Day of workshops, nighttime festivities

Depending on energy and interests 1, 2, 3 or all 6 of these ideas could come to fruition (or something else entirely). We'll find out on Sunday so ya best be there if you care what happens!

HEY PORTLAND: What do you think about these ideas? Any others? What the best plan for the day? Post you thoughts here AND come on Sunday to help realize them!

Some food for thought:
1. Brainstrom of Protest Tactics
2. We NEED To Organize And Hit The Streets BEFORE Inauguration Day!!!!!
3. Things to DO while STRIKING Jan. 20th
4. J20 Call to Action
oh, lawd 02.Dec.2004 16:52

not again

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, not another "march and rally" (with a permit, yet). The presidential election has been stolen for a second time and we can't continue to march around town surrounded by Popos.
What about some CD actions that are very coordinated, and focused.
They could be highly visible. What about going to some locations besides downtown Portland? How about dispersed actions that take place all over town, including east county??
Maybe rolling actions that take place all day?
No business as usual.
If people did this it could make a really potent statement about how close to fascism we are in 2005.

don't wait 02.Dec.2004 17:42


(is it December 13th, could somebody check this?)
Why wait until January? I want Bush OUT OF OFFICE and SO DO YOU!
Let's plan an action, one that's simple, easy, creative and all of those things that would make it effective. Get your affinity groups together right now and make a plan (even two or three friends can have a big impact. You saw the Yes Men movie, right?).
Mobilize quickly and plan something creative.
Do it without spokes council meetings, if we have to, or have just one big meeting next week, and every affinity grp. has a rep. and then we discuss the bare outlines of a plan. Just enough of a plan to coordinate things minimally.
We shouldn't wait until January.
Our words and our freedoms (what few they are) have been stolen from us. Not once, not even twice, but many, many times by Bush and his administration.
There must be some strong action that we can take NOW!
If the whole country mobilizes against installing Bush this time around, maybe we can stop it, or at least get the word out on the re-count, the hacking of voting machines and other George Bush/Karl Rove/Dick Cheney election abuses.

I think 03.Dec.2004 12:46


these are good ideas to discuss, and I think you should be concious of undercover agents. I know it *still* sounds obsurd to a lot of people, but they've snooped in smaller issues than this and I don't doubt that they'de want someone(s) on the inside.
Just be carefull about how you use names, locations, etc. unless you know EVERYONE very well. Let autonomous actions be anonymous as well. Just use common sence (no need to use secret handshakes or anything- yet)


p.s. 03.Dec.2004 12:51


I would recomend 'shooting down' the idea of protests and marches only when you are sure that a majority of the population is willing to go farther of do something different. Up until then let people know there are options, for sure.