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Military Resistance To the War

An increasing number of soldiers are resisting the military and the war.
Sorry for the summary explanation, but that's all we have time for. First, there are a number of legal challenges now to the "back door draft" which extends soldiers enlistment terms without their consent. A Washington guardsman connected to an Oregon National Gaurd Unit filed a challenge on Tuesday. A link to a KGW story is  http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_120104_news_guardsman_sues.16137b8.html. There is also a class actions suit being filed on behalf of soldiers affected by this policy that are already in Iraq by the Center for Constitutional Rights (www.ccr-ny.org).

Second, 'fraggings,' where a soldier assassinates his/her superiors, usually with a grenade, have apparently returned. Currently, the news media is discsusing one case being prosecuted; Sgt. Hassan Akbar is being charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder and could face the death penalty if convicted. This case is being publicized, no doubt there are others. Here is a link to a cnn story:


Third, less "scandalous" resistance continues on a regular basis. Currently, the Lewis and Clark Military Counseling Project is handling a constientious objection claim, a disability discharge claim, and three AWOL cases. Resistance continues to build among returning vets as well (www.ivaw.org).

Fourth, Lawyers Against the War, has iniated a request in Canada for Bush and the administration to be charged with war crimes. Several soldiers will be testifying as to war crimes they witnessed and/or participated in. For more information see the announcement below.

Re: In the Matter of the Information filed in the Provincial Court of British Columbia Vancouver Registry under registry # 128960-1

Against George Walker Bush pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada

An information was accepted for filing today by the Provincial Court of British Columbia Vancouver Registry under registry # 128960-1 charging George Walker Bush with counselling, aiding and abetting the commission of torture by persons know and unknown being members of US Armed Forces against persons known and unknown being detainees at the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prisons. The Attorney General' consent, within 8 days, is necessary before any process can issue.
Lawyers Against the War
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