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Katz and Council humbled, but unapologetic about $300k A22 settlement

So, if you go to portlandonline.com, you can access the video archives of City Council meetings. Click on "Portland City Council 12-1-04 9:30AM" and you get to see, as the first item on the agenda, the Council discussing the $300k settlement for protesters injured by police during the A22 Bush Protest and March 20 Iraq War Protest.

Linda Meng, the City Attorney, is the first person to speak, and she reiterates that her office is recommending that the City settle for that amount. She also says she hopes this is the "last such case" in which protesters are able to band together and sue the City as a group. She alludes to "litigation strategies" her office has been developing to avoid this situation again, but demurs from discussing them "at this juncture", the implication seeming to be that such talk would be better behind closed doors. (That was my personal impression anyway).

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