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Forest lovers party Saturday night @ 7 pm, hearing Tuesday too!

Saturday, December 4th at 7:00 pm
"Don't Whine, Drink Wine" Seasonal Celebration

Hip Chicks Do Wine, 4510 SE 23rd Ave, Portland
Saturday, December 4th at 7:00 pm
"Don't Whine, Drink Wine" Seasonal Celebration

Hip Chicks Do Wine, 4510 SE 23rd Ave, Portland

In honor of the change in seasons, and for the pleasure of mingling among forest lovers, and to be cheery in the face of future challenges, please join us as we gather together to raise a glass to our year's successes and pledge our continued commitment to the forests in the time ahead. And because we can't gather without doing something useful, be prepared while there to write a short letter on behalf of one of our threatened areas. SOME LUCKY LETTER WRITER WILL WIN A PATAGONIA FLEECE!

There will be yummy food, wonderful music accompanying our merriment, and a no host wine bar. Ten percent of wine sales will go to Bark. Yahoo! It's a free event—but donations are always appreciated. This is an all ages event. Hip Chicks is located in a funky warehouse district, so see below for directions, or check out their website.

Just in case: phone number is 503-753-6374;  http://www.hipchicksdowine.com/home.php

Jeathena - electic bellydancer 7:00
Edge Walking Blind- 7:30-8:45--Uber Chill music with a message
Rich L - One of a kind piano man 9:00-10:00

From I-5 South:
-take the Ross Island Bridge (99E) exit
-cross the Ross Island Bridge at the east end of the bridge take the 99E exit
-go south on 99E to Holgate Blvd. Exit and head east on Holgate to 26th Ave.
-take a right on 26th Ave., head two blocks south to Schiller, turn right
-take right on 24th Ave., then left on Pardee, then right on 23rd Ave.

Hip Chicks do Wine is in the warehouse on the right with the big purple doors.

From I-5 North:
-take Exit #300B (Central Eastside) to 99E
-head south to Holgate Blvd. Exit
-then just continue on as in the above directions

Tuesday, December 7th at 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Attend Open House to Stop Logging in Molalla River Watershed

Annie's Cabin Open House: Tell BLM No Logging in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor!

Location: Molalla Public Library, 201 E. 5th Street, Mollala, OR. Carpools leave from Bark office at 5:30 pm (2613 NE MLK).

The Annie's Cabin Timber Sale is completely ill conceived. We have a chance to voice our opinion at this open house. It will offer a chance to meet with agency representatives and let them know what we think. It's critical that we get a carload or two to attend!


The Salem District of the Bureau of Land Management is planning to log 1,260 acres in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor. This is a lovely forest that is recovering from past mismanagement, and we need your help to stop this misguided project in its tracks. The area, which falls within the Molalla River/Table Rock Special Recreation Management Area, was designated to "provide specific recreation activity and experience opportunities." New logging roads, skid trails and thinned out forests will destroy this valuable recreation area—to say nothing of the impacts on the watershed. Once under the ownership of Weyerhauser, the land has since been tirelessly restored by members of the local conservation group, Molalla River Watch. Initial "scoping" comments on this project are due on Wednesday, 11/17. There will also be an open house on Dec 7, where you can give input. To view a map of the area, see  http://www.bark-out.org/tsdb/detail.php?sale=annie

Please send your comments to: Rudy Hefter, Acting Cascades Field Manager, BLM - Salem District, 1717 Fabry Road SE, Salem, Oregon 97306. To give verbal input or for more information, call Steve Dowlan at 503-315-5909.

Directions: To get to Molalla, take 205 South to 213 South, take 211 East (take a left at Safeway). This puts you on Main Street in Molalla. From the east side of Molalla, follow signs to Feyrer Park. Cross the river and turn right, following signs to Dickey Prairie. Continue south on Dickey Prairie Road about 4 miles past Dickey Prairie Store. Turn right onto the Molalla Forest Road and cross Glen Avon Bridge. Continue until you see signs for various trailheads. You can park and enter the area by foot or bike at Hardy Creek Trail head or other trailheads. Practically every one will take you to a proposed logging unit! Units are marked with flagging throughout the area.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org
phone: phone: 503-331-0374

Bike Friendly Directions?? 02.Dec.2004 14:48


Are there bike friendly directions?

Bike Friendly Directions.... 02.Dec.2004 15:13

Bark Person

Geeze I dunno, I'm not a SE dweller.

You could call the winery when they open later in the evenings (503-753-6374) or maybe someone who knows the area will post it here. Sorry!!

Biking Directions 03.Dec.2004 11:35

Bike Person

I'm going to assume you know the way to SE Hawthorne and 12th. Beyond that I can't guess where you're coming from, and you really should probably get a free bike map from CityBikes or by calling 503-988-5050 to get one mailed to you (out of the many free bike maps I think these are the best because they are detailed and fold up small)

From Hawthorne and 12th:
Take the diagonal street that leaves this intersection going SE, across Ladd's Addition. I think the street is named Ladd, and you'll have to pick it up again on the other side of the central circle (eight streets enter the circle, so as you go around take the fourth street you come to on the right to get back on your street.
Ladd hits Division along with 21st St. at a complicated intersection called Seven Corners. You have to kinda jag left and then immediately turn right to go S on 21st.
After two blocks, turn left on Clinton St.
Proceed up to 26th, and take a right on 26th.
You'll go south a ways, past Powell, Gladstone and Holgate From here you can follow their directions, which are:
Continue two blocks south past Holgate to Schiller, turn right
-take right on 24th Ave., then left on Pardee, then right on 23rd Ave.
Address is: 4510 SE 23rd Ave, Portland

Easy bike ride, few hills, at least from Hawthorne and 12th on... Have fun :)