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VICTORY!!!!! Forever 21 Drops Fur for Good!

Last month, PETA2 asked many people to take action against Forever 21 by writing to demand that the store stop selling clothing made of fur. The response from activists was overwhelming, and Forever 21 contacted us shortly after we called for a boycott of the chain to start negotiation talks. Following the day of action on Fur-Free Friday, we received a letter signed by Forever 21 Senior Vice President Lawrence H. Meyer stating that the company will remove all fur from its stores and will never sell it again.
Forever 21 WAS Selling Bunny Fur
Forever 21 WAS Selling Bunny Fur
Forever 21's commitment not to contribute in the future to cruelty to animals used and abused in the fur industry is the latest victory for animals in the fashion world. With this decision, Forever 21 joins retailers such as Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and countless others that refuse to sell fur. Compassionate consumers who might otherwise decide not to patronize Forever 21 can rest assured that fur will never again be sold in its stores. We encourage you to let all your family and friends know about this exciting news and to write and call Forever 21 today to thank the company for taking a stand against cruelty to animals:

Don Chang, CEO
Forever 21, Inc.
2001 S. Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90058
Right onnnnnn 03.Dec.2004 22:08


I was at Gap last week, looking for a hat, and I saw this nice fuzzy one, and I was like "hmm, how much is it?" So I looked inside, and before I even found the price my eyes found the little info-tag and it said "100% rabbit fur" or something like that. Ewwwwww! Poor bunnies! Needless to say I dropped it back in the shelf and left the store in a hurry! I now have an equally nice black *fleece* hat, at least I know they don't kill the sheep to get the wool....if this is even wool, it's probably poly/cotton for all I know....

Beware the fuzzy Gap hats!