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Books To Oregon Prisoners Grand Opening

The Grand Opening of a new community-oriented education project, Books to Oregon Prisoners (BtOP), will be happening on Saturday Dec 11th at the newly re-opened Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore, at 330 N. Killingsworth. At the grand opening, from Noon till 4pm, members of the community can come in and order books to send to their friends and family members incarcerated in Oregon state prisons. Community members will also have the opportunity to become BtOP volunteers for the day and answer request letters and assemble packages. This grand opening marks the beginning of a partnership between the Afrocentric and community-oriented Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore, and this new prisoner support project.
There will be regular BTOP mailing parties based out of Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore. Until now, the only way to send books to people incarcerated in Oregon state prisons was by ordering them online through Amazon.com or Powells.com. For many working class people, this option is out of the picture.

BtOP has solicited donations of brand new books from book publishers and distributors, and for a $5 suggested donation, anyone can select two books from our catalog and we will send them to an incarcerated friend or family member. Anyone can come into Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore during regular hours to browse the catalog and place an order.

The Grand Opening of Reflections features an art show by former Black Panther Billy X, on Saturday December 4th at 6 pm. Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore is located at 330 N Killingsworth.

The Books To Oregon Prisoners Mailing Party / Grand Opening happens Saturday, December 11th noon till 4pm. For more information email  bookstooregonprisoners@gmail.com or call Reflections Bookstore at 503-288-9003.
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heres the BTOP logo

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here, try this one:

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heres the flyer, too- copy and distribute!

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prisoner advocate

we need more of these groups! join us:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bookstoprisoners